Toy Story - Dark Knight Trailer

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Even I’m starting to get tired of all these little mash up fake trailers, but when I saw this one I was giggling out loud and just had to share it with you guys. Special thanks to Nicholas for giving me the heads up:

Doug Nagy Performing Live At The Comedy Store Friday, October 17, 2008

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International Friends, if you are in the Los Angeles area this upcoming October 17, 2008 - I would like to invite you to a show.
I would be honored of any of you would be able to attend and am pleased to make this announcement. Here are the details:
The show starts at 8:30pm. There [...]

Warner Brothers Message To Fans About Harry Potter Delay

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This morning, the PR people over at Warner Brothers sent us this video message to their fans who have expressed concern and some outrage regarding the delaying of the Harry Potter release. Once again, WB shows that they care and listen to their fans. See the video message below:

The Wrath Of Letterman

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People often ask me who my comedic influences and heroes are. David Letterman has always been high on the list. He does stand up night after night with amazing consistency and uses his wit like a golden rapier. Last evening he traded that rapier for a golden axe, and used it with [...]

Forgetting Names

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Doing the live show here on The Movie Blog is great, but sometimes it’s hard to always be able to pull people’s names off the top of my head and I get frustrated about it. Uncut viewer GeneSiskelsGhost put together this little video to further illustrate the point. It’s pretty funny.
The [...]

Pacino And DeNiro Do Letterman Top 10 List

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To commemorate the coming train wreck known as “Righteous Kill”, here is Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino doing the daily Letterman Top 10 list:

Craziest Fight Scene Ever

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Tony Jaa is the man. We all know this. But man, this FOUR MINUTE, ONE TAKE, NO EDITS, NO WIRES, NO SPECIAL EFFECTS fight scene is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen. It’s from “The Protector”. Thanks to the venerable Chuck Norris for the heads up on this. [...]

For Those Of You Who Hate How Batman Talks

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Thanks to Kristina for the heads up on this. Hot damn, this guy doesn’t SOUND like Ledger… but wow he looks like a dead on Ledger Joker

Hellboy On Inside The Actors Studio

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This is nothing more than a silly little gag… but I thought it was funny

The Movie Blog Uncut - THE MOVIE

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Long time Movie Blog reader Phil Gee sent me this video this morning and I’m just amazed at the job he did. Looks like he’s producing a “The Movie Blog - THE MOVIE” and he’s just released his trailer.
Seriously, if you love or hate the podcast, you’ll be amazed at the job Phil does [...]

The Real Reason Bill Murray Didn’t Do Charlie’s Angels 2

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I still feel stupid about it, but the first Charlie’s Angels movie actually caught me by surprise. I enjoyed it, I thought it was fun, lighthearted and Crispin Glover rocked in it. Now, everyone knows that the sequel completely sucked, so it’s for the best that Bill Murray wasn’t there to reprise his [...]

Greatest Picture Ever

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Yes, I’m a loser and a geek… and as such, this picture replaces any need I’d ever have for Viagra. God bless the internet. (thanks to Jarred for sending this to me)

No Mr. Wahlberg, We Will Not Forget

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In an interview this week Mark Wahlberg was asked if he’d consider joining The Funky Bunch for a reunion. He basically said “fuck no”, and that he’d just like to forget that era ever happened. Sorry Mr. Wahlberg… we like ya…. but we will not forget!

Superhero Movies We Don’t Want To See

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Some superhero concept movies that I personally don’t think would be very popular with the fans

This one seems frightening believable since Burton doesn’t seem to know how to make a film without Depp

I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a Robin movie… just not this one

You know… I may not mind this one too much

There are actually [...]

If Doug Nagy Had Directed Back To The Future

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Perhaps Doug missed his true calling

So What Do New Yorkers Really Think Of M. Night and The Happening?

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Dear lord this is funny. Thanks to all you guys who emailed this to me today.

Possible Bourne Spin-Off?

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Just caught this trailer.
The Waldo Ultimatum - Watch more free videos

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior - Worst DVD Ever

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This is some good stuff

Brainstorming Indy 4

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Found this on LosersOfTheYear.Net Just had to share. Even though disappointed, I still had fun with Indy 4… but this cartoon is pretty spot on

Indy, Rocky, Rambo - How About Dusting Off Some Other Old Action Heroes?

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With a 64 year old Indiana Jones coming back and kicking all sorts of box office ass after a nearly 20 year lay off from the hat and whip… with a 61 year old Rambo combating genocide in jungle warfare resulting in glorious bloody victory… with a 59 year old Rocky Balboa coming out of [...]