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This is nothing more than a silly little gag… but I thought it was funny

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  1. Burak



  2. Cinexcellence

    Wow. You hadn’t seen this yet, John?

  3. Steve L.

    Lol, there’s a bunch of ‘em. The best were the ones with Hellboy and Chuck.

  4. handle

    Nah. I liked the one with Hellboy and the Ghost Hunters.

  5. Bill

    Did you ever review Hellboy II?

  6. Gareth

    yea he did its on the right under the Recent Reviews section

  7. Kristina

    I love Hellboy:)

  8. 790

    Hellboy kicks ass!!

  9. Gutpunch

    Sadly for me Hellboy 2 blew ass.

  10. bigsampson

    i didnt really care for both of them…..mainly because i thought there should have been more there for some reason

  11. mikey

    people dont give lipton enough credit for how funny he is and how much a good sport he is.

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