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This morning, the PR people over at Warner Brothers sent us this video message to their fans who have expressed concern and some outrage regarding the delaying of the Harry Potter release. Once again, WB shows that they care and listen to their fans. See the video message below:

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  1. Steven Carroll

    Not really funny.

  2. Phil Gee

    This might as well be real:)

  3. Kristina

    I honestly agree with this video. I was bummed about the date change, but truly, what good is it going to serve to have a bunch of people whine about it online? All the people that are still whining will still be there opening day, so really, WB can sit back and laugh.

  4. SX0T




    that was histerical and insanely funny


    is it real? did they seriously say that? john, who is that guy?

    omfg that has to be the funniest video ever but…damn id be shocked if i find out WB really said that


    FUCK YOU WB!!!

    EAT SHIT!!!

    i like universal better!!!!! have fun fucking up DC movies for the next 20 years you fuckwads!!

    oh and PS: GOOD LUCK WITH JLA!!!!!!!!

  7. hizmat

    not funny



    you DO know haz-mat stands for something right?

    like an acronim almost?

    and whats not funny?

  9. tom.


    it is real. the WB logo in the background pretty much confirms it.

  10. David Lay

    Yep its real, and that really is their PR director. I met him once when we were riding our unicorns together through the lost city of Atlantis.

  11. Nixon

    OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND it’s so true though !!!

  12. Gordon Shumway

    HIZMAT? some cloning is happening here.

    But @ HAZMAT_PWNS_ALL I dont believe any video starting with flying all over the screen is real, who would think that!

    Its fairly true what this vid says.


    i guess….im still pissed that harry potter was moved back…and if you idnt read the you know the ending so thats another great thanx we can give to WB…right after we thank them for the horrible JLA movie comming anytime soon..or not…

  14. rafa1215

    Oh man oh man I can’t stop laughing. All you muggles are stewing mad - haha. Wait. How do I know what a muggle was?

  15. Karma

    Haha! Good one!

  16. Obi-wan kubrick

    You should of posted a spoiler warning even though it is old news anyways. I am convinced it got held back so they could be like The Dark Knight and re-film scenes in IMAX.

  17. Ross10877

    Idiot. Put “Spoiler Alert” or some thing on the front page. Are you kidding me? Is it that hard not to assume everyone has read the books?

  18. ServerKing

    Yes that wasnt kool for someone who didnt read the books :-(

  19. giren


    Just kidding. I don’t give a F for Potter.

  20. Russian Penis Squeezer

    Thanks for the spoiler warning.

  21. Gutpunch

    Do you people actually think that is a real spoiler?

    Funny vid.



    ….unfortunately for us my friend…it is. i read the book. this guys a major douche

  23. aaron

    lol too funny

  24. gulsch92

    funny but true ;)

  25. Dan

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