So What Do New Yorkers Really Think Of M. Night and The Happening?

Dear lord this is funny. Thanks to all you guys who emailed this to me today.

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  1. nixon

    ummm ? whats that !?

  2. Jay

    M. Night’s ego is big as his penis.

  3. krazie835

    I wonder why Mark Wahlberg’s name isn’t on the poster. I’m sure more people would be interested in seeing his Penis.

  4. Phil Gee

    Ha ha, ‘rated R’.

  5. Kristina

    It’s a Shamhammer movie, so we know a twist is coming, but judging from the first review of this film that’s floating around online, this movie has what could be the most RIDICULOUS plot twist in the history of filmmaking. I mean, I read it and burst out laughing.



    so yeah theres a twist ending but- whats it about!?

    The Happening-..okay?

    yeah- WHATS hapening?

    maybe if they tell us what the fucks happening people might watch it. ( i havent read the book- if there is a book about this)

  7. leeloo

    i bet the twist is its afraid of water.

  8. Kristina

    I don’t want to spoil it for people, but trust me…the twist sounds hilarious. And this isn’t a comedy. So that’s a bad thing.

  9. Terry Letourneau

    I can see the headline for the reviews. ‘The Happening….Isn’t’.

  10. grendel25


    That is frikin hilarious!

    I’ll add to the projected review headlines. “I wish the Happening never happened.” or “What Happens is you get a crap movie.”

  11. Bobsyeruncle

    And everybody sang “Shama-lama-ding-dong”!

  12. Mattiac

    That is funny!

  13. 790

    Ah come on Kristina…..

    Just throw up some spoiler warnings.

    Aoooo ooO oooo oooooooo
    On the road to Shambala.

  14. Kristina


    Spoilers are invisotexted, so if you guys want to read it w/o getting spoiled, be my guest, just don’t go flashing spoilers around here w/o warning people. Don’t wanna be blamed for a riot:)

  15. nautica

    @ bobsyeruncle
    shama-lama-ding-dong! hahaha that’s hilarious dude!!

  16. 790

    Thanks Kristina!!!!

  17. 790

    Thanks again Kristina, wow that was what I thought.

  18. Kristina

    You’re welcome.

  19. Tom

    “Hi. My name is ‘Night.’ Think that’s pretentious? Well, how about the fact that I insert myself in all my movies. Pretty cool, huh? Like other famous directors in the genre…what’s his name? Oh Alfred Hitchcock. Yeah, he was alright. Hey, listen, my new movie is called The Happening. It’s about fairies that live in a pool and can’t be killed. And there’s this kid and his shrink, too, and they all live in this insulated village in Pennsylvania. And there’s a twist. I’m not going to tell you what it is, but BITCHES SEE DEAD PEOPLE!!!! go phillies.”

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