The Wrath Of Letterman

People often ask me who my comedic influences and heroes are. David Letterman has always been high on the list. He does stand up night after night with amazing consistency and uses his wit like a golden rapier. Last evening he traded that rapier for a golden axe, and used it with just as much skill.

This has nothing to do with the movies, but is probably the best Oscar worthy burn of the year. For those of you that do not know, John McCain ditched his appearance on Letterman last night. Dave was none to happy and spent the entire program hurling grade A zings at the mans torso. If you like to see bullshit called out - check this out.

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  1. Ransom

    I recorded this last night because I knew McCain was going to be on and I’m so happy I did. Going to watch the whole show later but I saw this on YouTube today and I couldn’t stop laughing. Dave is a legend. He rips McCain a new one but does so with class. Dave will always be the greatest.

  2. doug nagy

    I knew hell was going to come when he spent so much time at the beginning praising McCain.

  3. Ransom

    Haha the whole “American Hero” bit was a great lead in…The sad (or great?) part of it all is that most of what he was saying about McCain was right on the money. The fact that McCain is “suspending” his campaign and flying to the rescue of the American economy is ridiculous. Obviously he does not have faith in his VP pick to campaign in his place.
    On a side not I thought that Dave’s interview of Obama was great and Obama seems to really be in touch with what’s important to the American people. Go Obama.

  4. doug nagy

    Let it also be said that Letterman has had McCain on the show many times. The word on the street is that Letterman leans Republican as well. He just calls bullshit better than anyone.

  5. Mr. Chris

    That was classic. McCain’s really reminding me of Poochy the Rapping Dog, with his newly developed proactiveness, VP eye candy, and “I must go now, America needs me” attitude. Winning the presidency is all about who can handle their bullshit better, and McCain isn’t wiping his boots at the door.

  6. Mose

    I don’t know what Letterman’s all upset about. McCain ditching him will now provide Dave with at least a month’s worth of jokes. Remember years ago when he bitched for weeks about not being able to get Streisand tickets?

    Much ado about nothing.

  7. Robert Forest

    thanks for posting this or I wouldn’t have ever gotten to see it. …and that would have been a real shame!

    Kudos Mr. Nagy

  8. Freeman

    I’m probably going to get a lot of shit for this, buuuut…I’ll say it anyway. I don’t find Letterman that funny; I favor Jay Leno. I also can’t stand Paul Shaffer.

  9. padthai

    honest to goodness, i never got the appeal of Letterman. He’s not that funny to me. His show has these dumb skits like “stupid dog tricks” or dropping stuff off buildings, things that I never found funny or interesting. More like a waste of time and boring. I was never into his interviews either. He seems like a old grouchy guy who has no skill with interviewing people or seeming nice to person. He doesn’t seem like a friendly person that I would like to hang with.

  10. tobor68

    it’s moments like these that make me miss cable and love the internet at the same time.

  11. Zuke

    I’ve liked Letterman since the early 80’s when he was still kinda cult-status at 12:30am on NBC… but I found this burn pretty low-brow, especially since I’ve always thought McCain and Dave were friends - he’s been on the show like 12 times, after all. If he was trying to hurt his friend’s chances of getting elected, then mission accomplished. Maybe McCain will come on in a few weeks and Dave will redeem himself and treat McCain will more respect.

    Still wish he’d get rid of that twerp Paul Schaffer and keep the rest of the band.

  12. Kristina

    Sucka got served!

  13. entertainmenttodayandbeyond

    That was CLASSIC! I simply can’t begin to understand anyone who who vote for a McCain/ Palin ticket! He’s so out of touch, and she’s stunningly scary and inexperienced!

  14. Doug Nagy

    @ ZUKE

    McCain and Dave may have been friends, but he responded appropriately.

    Liars don’t deserve respect, they deserve to be called out.

  15. HDpunk

    conan is by far funnier than both letterman & leno….

  16. padthai

    there’s nothing funny about Conan

  17. padthai

    terrible host and interviewer


    Right, in the middle of a monster economic crisis he ditched a funny talk show to go instead to a serious news interview.

    Yeah, what a jerk.

    Oh, and perhaps if “the world” is so fired up about Obama, he should go run for King of the United Nations or whatever. He’s not getting my vote.


  19. Amish_Bill

    I’m so sick of Letterman. He used to be one of my favorite comedians but within the past 10 years or so he’s gotten gradually worse. He’s simply unwatchable. “The wrath of Letterman”??? It wasn’t even funny.

    I wonder if Letterman and others would be so up in arms if this was Obama.

  20. David Lay

    Letterman is the least funny Late Night host (and that includes Craig Ferguson). I echo the sentiments of the people above… What a tool.

  21. Righty

    So McCain cancels to fulfill his Congressional duty in times of economic crisis and we rip him?

  22. Mikey

    That was CLASSIC! I simply can’t begin to understand anyone who who vote for a McCain/ Palin ticket! He’s so out of touch, and she’s stunningly scary and inexperienced!

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Yeah cause Obamas 145 days in Washington before running for President is so much better. At least it would take McCains death to put her into office. Not a bunch of people who are scarred to vote against Obama for fear of being called racist. Eloquent speaking does not equal experience. I think you might be out of touch with reality. Enjoy your higher taxes and higher gas prices.

  23. Necron_99

    >> Yeah cause Obamas 145 days in Washington before running for President is so much better.

    Come on now! Don’t belittle his accomplishments! He was also a “community organizer”

    Letterman’s head is so far up the Democrats’ asses that he can’t even see straight. He stopped being funny 15 years ago.


    Well i never watched him 15 years ago, I thought he was never funny to begin with. He’s a real jerk and asshole, I hate his interviews and his comedy.

  25. Necron_99

    >> He’s a real jerk and asshole, I hate his interviews and his comedy.

    Yea, Letterman comes across like he’s a droll, mean, bitter, and nasty dick in everyday life.

    The sort of person you’d hate to have to chat with if you were stuck next to him on a plane

    At least with Leno you could chat about classic cars.

  26. Darek-T

    While i didn’t realy laugh at any of the stuff he said, all the “jokes” were all acurate in my opinion, I’ve never seen Lettermen b4 but i am now interested in checking out what he has to say.

  27. leeloo

    lol. busted!

  28. Joe

    This month’s Rolling Stone has a great Letterman interview.

  29. NATE-O

    He isn’t getting on McCain because he dissed him…its more that McCain said America’s in trouble…I’m going to stop my campaign….Dave was right on the money as a presidential nominee he should have had his running mate continue the campaign and take his place on Letterman…I mean if he gets elected is he gonna take his focus off of one issue to handle another…a leader needs to be able to handle more than one task and have trust in his VP to take up the mantle when he cant and McCain proved he couldn’t do just that

  30. Obi-wan kubrick

    It must be an age thing because I could care less about Letterman. I think he is funny but I will never sit down and watch his show. I will watch Leno instead and he sucks. Just something about the guy. Conan is light-years ahead of both of them anyway.

  31. Obi-wan kubrick

    I will not vote for McCain but it was unfair for Letterman to make fun of the guy for having makeup applied to be on TV. Letterman has makeup applied to him tool. FACT: Don’t make fun of someone for doing something that you do Letterman.

  32. miles

    i am no republican fan, but IMO:

    mccain has much bigger fish to fry then a talk show. it is not unheard of for people to cancel on short notice. most hosts don’t mention it on air when someone cancels. they put on someone else or extend bits or air bits that they already have written that were meant for a different show.

    personally, i do not think that it was particualrily laudable. comes of more like bush league to me.

  33. Arioch

    Gee I wonder if Doug doesn’t like McCain

  34. Austin

    Gee I wonder if Doug doesn’t like McCain

    Given that Doug (and John) are both Canadians from the Southern region of Ontario, I think it’s fair to assume that they wouldn’t vote (assuming they could) for anyone to the right of Nader or Mikey Moore. It’s also fair to assume that they don’t feel like outcasts in LA’s political atmosphere.

  35. BrDanzig

    I like Letterman but this was just downright pissy. Add the fact that he brought on Olbermann who wants to have Obama’s baby made it look even worse. Why is Letterman surprised that he cancels an entertainment show but will go on the news? Um its a news network maybe? There are important things going on perhaps? I wish Obama had done the same thing. For guy who portrays himself as a leader there is no better time than right now. McCain was smart and Obama dropped the ball on this one. Then again he doesn’t need to because I will be shocked if a Republican won this election with the way things are.

  36. 790 supports Ron Paul

    Ether way we loose.
    Anybody really believe it will get better with ether one of these crooks ?
    Its time for Revolution.
    Even Abraham Lincoln stated that the US should have one every 75 years to weed out the corruption and bring in a fresh system.
    These bums are bought and paid for, and they don’t give a shit about the middle class, in fact both want to take away more of are civil libertys, and freedoms…

    Letterman would make a better president.

  37. doug nagy

    Lincoln Rules!

  38. Ransom

    The only thing wrong with the Republicans is the hate and judgement they bestow on other human beings and that they want to take away basic human rights from people as well as murder innocent people in a war that nobody wanted. Other than that I guess they’re ok.

  39. Jon

    I come here for movie buzz, not political talk.

  40. Darren J Seeley

    I personally don’t care who swings to the left or the right; I thought Dave was in the right to be a little upset, and calling out McCain. While I strongly agree with Vic from SC above,I also have to point out the trump card:

    McCain cancelled Letterman, said he had to go to Washington

    That’s understandable. But…instead of taping Letterman, McCain’s nose was being powdered in front of Katie Curic on a live Sat feed. That interview was only a few blocks away.

    I can understand the wrath of Letterman. He’s had McCain on before. All McCain had to do was say “I’ll show up, but I can’t stay long, Katie Couric wants to talk to me too, and then I’ve got to get on a plane…blah blah blah”. At the very least he could have done is cancel the Coric interview or have her and CBS follow him and talk to him in the plane. The way it sounds and looks is like a backstab.

    and please, I am for the McCain/Palin ticket and in addition, if Letterman was too, the sting hurts all the more.

    Overall, left or right, politicians will always be targets for comedians, talk show hosts and SNL. Especially those politicians running for office of the President and Vice President, and when those people get elected to those offices.

    As for my personal views. Mikey and Necron up there said it well.

  41. Carrie

    @ Nate-o:

    well said.

  42. gkwilley

    Hmmm….and here I thought this was a movie website. Hey they had an Obama ad on last night, do you want to post that too?

  43. Doug Nagy

    It is, we also on occasion post stuff that is flat out awesome.

    I love Letterman and threw this up.

    Regardless of your political affiliation you have to appreciate Dave’s black belt skills in burnage.

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