The Movie Blog’s 10 Best Animated Films Of All Time

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Making any sort of “Top 10″ list is always a tricky and dangerous thing. As I always say, all film is subjective, and that means no one on the planet will 100% agree with my list (and believe it or not, you’ll have a hard time finding people who 100% agree with your list [...]

15 Funniest Movie Scenes That I Can Remember Today

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In celebration of April Fools we thought we would celebrate with a list of our most beloved ha ha moments in film. I may be missing some fantastic scenes, and for this very reason I would ask you to share and discuss your favorites in the comments section!
1) Borat - Wrestling In Hotel
When I [...]

Top 10 Most Surprising Films of 2007

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You know that awesome feeling you get when you put on a jacket or a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a while… then you go out and at some point you stick your hands in the pockets and to your surprise you discover there’s a $20 bill in there that you totally forgot [...]

The 10 Worst Films Of 2007

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(THERE ARE NEWER STORIES BELOW. WE’RE JUST KEEPING THIS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR TODAY) It’s getting to be that time of the year again… time for us to start talking about the best and in this case, the worst movies of 2007. This year gave us some truly awful films [...]

The 50 Smartest People In Hollywood

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Trying to come up with a measuring stick for “who is smartest” is like trying to objectively define “who is better looking”. You can’t really objectively do it… but you can give your opinion and demonstrate why you believe it. The other day, Entertainment Weekly put out their list of the [...]

TMB’s 15 Movie Sites We Think You’d Like

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As many of you know, we here at The Movie Blog have gone through a roller coaster of a November (which ended amazingly), but through the turmoil it made me appreciate just how tough it can be to run a good movie site… so the other day I was going through all my bookmarks and [...]

20 Most Anticipated Movies Of The Next Year

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I came across a VERY surprising list on Yahoo News (Yahoo changed their list to read “next year” instead of 2008)today that was basically the results of a study done of what movie goers most anticipated films of 2008 are. The #1 film really isn’t surprising at all… Indiana Jones 4. That’s a [...]

TMB’s Favorite Actress Lead Movies

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In light of the Warner Bros. controversy yesterday, where it was alleged Warner Bros president of production Jeff Robinov privately said he would no longer consider, or even read, scripts that have women as the main characters (something which predictably WB has denied, and I don’t believe them, but that’s neither here nor there), a [...]

TMB’s 4 Rules Before Making A Remake

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There are some terrific films that have been made over the years that were actually remakes. Films like Scarface, The Fly, Lord of the Rings and Ocean’s Eleven are just a couple of examples that prove that remakes CAN work if done right…. just like any other movie project.
I’m one of those people who [...]

Top 10 Movies That Ruined Your Childhood Memories

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Lemy pointed me to this neat list over at this morning. The title of their list is “Top 10 Movies That Ruined Our Childhood Memories”. It’s basically a look at the 10 movies that took your sweet childhood memories and raped them in the bathing suit areas. Here’s the list:

10. Inspector [...]

John’s Worst 10 Films Of 2007 Mid-Year Report

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Hey there guys. Well, the other day I put up my mid year report for what I personally think are the 10 best films of the year so far here at the mid way point of 2007. A bunch of people suggested that I put up a list for the WORST 10 films [...]

John’s Top 10 Films Of 2007 Mid-Year Report

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Well, we’ve reached the half way point of 2007 and I thought it would be fun for weekend discussion to throw together my list of the top 10 films so far this year. Remember, all lists are subjective, and that’s the fun of them. So here you go:

It’s almost not fair to [...]

The 8 Things I’m Sick Of Seeing In Movies

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Cliches… Formulas… whatever terminology you like to call them by, there are certain repeated patterns in films that we’ve all seen a thousands times. Some of those Formulas are fine. For example, the mom who loves her kids… that’s not a stretch and we expect it in normal life, so we [...]

All Time Worst To Best Comic Adapted Movies

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This one is going to stir a lot of discussion. The good folks over at Rotten Tomatoes have put up their list of the 94 Worst to Best rated comic adapted movies of all time. Some of the stuff on this list won’t surprise you at all… some will floor you. Here’s [...]

Top 10 Torture Scenes

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Ya I know I know I know I know… torture is bad. I’m not debating that nor am I encouraging the use thereof. But come on… ya gotta admit that when a particualry well done torture scene is pulled off well on screen… it can really make you squirm in your seat, and [...]

John’s Top 10 Best Comedies of All Time

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Films are all subjective… there really is no denying that. But what’s even MORE subjective is humor. One joke may make a group of people roll on the floor in hysterics for hours… while other don’t even crack a grin at it. So imagine how much diversity of opinion on Comedy movies [...]

John’s Top 10 Best Kurt Russell Performances

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Hey there boys and girls. Well, with all the Kurt Russell talk going on around here over the last couple of days, it’s got me to thinking about some of my favorite Russell movies, so I thought “why not do a post about it”.

So here for your consideration is my personal list of the [...]

25 Most Shameless Paycheck Grabbing Roles in History

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We’ve all seen it before. Some big name, and usually talented actor who for some reason that totally baffles us, appears in a stupid stinker of a movie which leaves us wondering “why on earth would they agree to be in THAT movie???”. Happens all the time, too often actually.

Well, the folks over at [...]

John’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2007

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Ok, let me say this right up front READ THIS BEFORE READING THE LIST!!! This is my list of the films I’m geeking out about the most for 2007. This is NOT my list of what I think are going to be the best films of the year. It’s just what [...]

The Movie Blog’s 10 Best Films of 2006

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Well here we are, the annual list of the ten best films of 2006. These list are always hard to do because no matter what you put, there are going to be 1,000,000,000 people calling you an idiot for your list. But hey, it certainly gets the conversation going!
So without any further introduction, [...]