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Reflecting On “Friends” Failure In The Movies

As the old saying goes, there are always exceptions to every rule. The rules we’re talking about here is the absolute inability of TV stars to successfully make the transition to movie stars. Yes, there are the odd success stories like Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Johnny Depp and even Rhona Mitra seems to be on her way (she’s not there quite yet), but for the most part these represent mere drops in an ocean of small screen to big screen flops and failures.

Some people believe that the more popular a TV performer is, the better the chance that they could successfully transition to movies. But in reality the opposite seems to be more true. In some recent film production classes I took, the instructor made a great observation about this by saying:

“The general public isn’t likely to pay money to go see a celebrity (go to see a movie they’re in) that they’re accustomed to seeing for free on TV each week”

On top of that, people in general don’t deal very well with change, and if they love a certain TV celebrity, they don’t normally want to see that actor playing a different character from the one they love. This obviously isn’t true for everyone, but the principle is still there.

There is also the issue of TV acting being very different (not harder, better or worse) from acting in film. They are two different styles. Yes they are obviously similar, but it’s like in baseball where batters are better at hitting either left handed pitchers or right handed pitchers. It’s the same game, they’re doing the same thing… but it’s different. Think about it… if you flip on the TV late at night and see something you’ve never seen before on the screen, you instantly know if you’re watching a movie or a TV episode (Unless it’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force).

The most striking example of this “rule” is the cast from one of the most popular sitcoms in television history… “Friends”. The show lasted 10 seasons and was still extremely popular when it went off air. The 6 leads of the show were household names and conventional wisdom dictated that they would all be very successful in any move to the big screen they made. Well… that didn’t really work out did it?

So let’s take some time to reflect on the film legacy of former “Friends” stars shall we?


Just as there are exceptions to the “no TV stars make it in the film industry” rule, there are also some exceptions to the “All the Friends stars movies have failed” rule too and it’s only fair that we acknowledge those exceptions (although as you’ll see, most of these exceptions don’t even really count):

Friends-Nine-Yards.jpg THE WHOLE NINE YARDS
This is easily the very best movie to have a former friends star as a lead. Yeah Matthew Perry basically played his exact same character from Friends in this film… but for this movie that’s exactly what he needed to do. Acting this way along side of Bruce Willis made for a terrific on screen chemistry. The movie was flat out hilarious and introduced me to one of my most powerful celeb crushes… Amanda Peet. Too bad the sequel sucked so badly.
Friends-Scream.jpg SCREAM
To be honest I never really liked this one and have never understood the following it has. However, there is no denying this film was a success and has a very loyal following. I hesitate to put this one in here because Courtney Cox isn’t really the “lead” of the movie, but her role is a big and significant one so I’ll say it qualifies.

Ummm… really that’s about it. Of all 6 former “Friends” stars, those two are the only movies that could fit here. I’m sure some people would like to point out Office Space or perhaps Analyze This and also thrown Bruce Almighty in there too… but although Friends stars were IN those movies, they were only secondary supporting characters and that doesn’t really count. I also don’t count doing a voice in an animated film wither, so please don’t mention Madagascar (sweet heavens how I LOATH that movie).

So what are we left with? The surprising (or not so surprising) reality is that out of the 6 Friends stars, not many of them have even been given more than a couple of opportunities to lead a project. The smell of big screen failure seems to march ahead of them into any casting meeting. And sadly, when they have been given a shot… it usually ends up an epic failure. Don’t believe me? How about some of these classics (seriously, the following list looks like it was pulled right out of a Wallmart $2 bargain bin):


Friends-Ed.jpg ED
Who can forget the instant cinematic masterpiece where Matt LeBlanc (Joey on Friends) plays opposite a baseball playing monkey. No… I’m serious. I’ll repeat those three words again to let the aweomeness sink in a little deeper. BASEBALL… PLAYING… MONKEY. I hope LeBlanc didn’t just fire his agent after being talked into doing this… I hope he dragged his ass into the parking lot and beat the hell out of him too.
Friends-Mari.jpg MARCI X
I hope whatever movie executive gave the official green light to this movie took a trip to some third world nation and caught syphilis. What the hell was Lisa Kudrow thinking?!?!?! Exactly what part of “A Jewish American princess falls in love with a bad boy gangsta rapper played by Damon Wayans” sounds like a good idea to you?
Friends-Lucky.jpg LUCKY NUMBERS
Another absolute shit bomb from Lisa Kudrow. At least with this project you could understand the appeal since John Travolta was still a pretty hot name in 2000 (although his career had already started its decline again by then). Still, one read of the script should have sent her, and everyone else involved with this film running.
Freinds-3000.jpg 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND
Man, the first 15 minutes of this flick had me thinking I was watching one of the greatest guy movies of all time. Then it went straight downhill for the rest of it. I hesitate to put this one on the list because technically Courtney Cox isn’t one of the “leads”, but her role is the third most prominent one in the film. To bad.
Friends-Fools.jpg FOOLS RUSH IN
Ok, I at least can understand why Matthew Perry gave this one a shot. The studio was very behind this film giving it a big marketing push, Selma Hayek was a hot name (and hot other things as well) and in theory it at least sounded interesting. However the movie turned out horribly, and even though Friends was insanely popular at the time, the movie failed to even crack $30 million. No one cared.
Words simply fail me. I watched this 10 years ago once to appease a woman I was with. I no longer speak with that woman.
Friends-Picture.jpg PICTURE PERFECT
Really the first (of many to come) film where I realized that Jennifer Aniston was pretty much always going to be Rachel in every movie role she ever took. A standard RomCom snooze fest without the courtesy of giving us anything to laugh at in the film (other than at the film itself). Times must have been pretty rough for Kevin Bacon to appear in this thing.
Friends-Pallbearer.jpg THE PALLBEARER
Seems like in a 2 year span the studios were taking chances on every Friends cast member, and even the funny looking David Schwimmer was no exception. Hey, don’t get me wrong… offer me a movie with Gwynethh Paltrow and I’d take it too. But come on… anyone could have told that this film was going to be terrible. Oh… and even though Friends was huge at the time… the flick made LESS than $6 million. Nice.
Friends-Polly.jpg ALONG CAME POLLY
Wow… SHOCKING! Another RomCom from Jennifer Aniston! This time she’s paired up with with Ben Stiller and even that doesn’t work. There were times that this whole mess just felt like a rip off movie version of Dharma and Greg if you follow me.
Friends-Serving.jpg SERVING SARA
I’ll give this to Matthew Perry… when he signs up to appear in a RomCom as the same old guy he always is… he at least manages to appear with some of the hottest women in the business. This movie was almost worth the 90 dreadfully painful minutes just to see Elizabeth Hurley. Well… at least when she wasn’t speaking that is.
Friends-Tango.jpg THREE TO TANGO
Wow, i don’t even know where to begin with how bad this movie was. Ok, if you’re going to have a love triangle type of comedy, this isn’t a bad cast for it. But nothing worked in this film. Well ok… there was this one scene where Neve Campbell is talking about a lesbian experience she had in college while soaking in a bath tub that’s pretty memorable… but that’s for the wrong reasons.

Oh there are others, but I think we’ve tortured ourselves enough at this point don’t you agree?

One of the interesting things to notice is that even though these people are all “names”… today you really don’t see them getting many (if any) roles at all aside from Jennifer Aniston. So Matt LeBlanc hasn’t had a lot of failures… but that’s because no one wants to give him any more chances… and who can blame them?

However, I don’t think the lack of big screen success for the former Friends cast is necessarily a negative reflection on them as actors, but rather more of a case of what I was saying at the beginning of this post. TV stars have an almost impossible time transitioning to the big screen successfully. It does happen sometimes, but not often.

I also think that in the specific example of the Friends cast, the general audiences’ reluctance to accept these performers in any other role is actually a testament to just how good they all were on that show and how great the chemistry was between them, so please don’t take this post as a “bash” on the Friends crew… just as an observation, good or bad.

So what are some of your favorite Friends cast movies? Do you even have any at all?

Tom and Katie Set To Tango?

Tom Kate Narrowweb  300X428,0It looks like Mr. and Mrs. Cruise may be starring in a saucy remake of Last Tango in Paris. We get wind of this news thanks to the WEBMASTER at FILM JUNK.

Gotta love those British tabloids… they keep cooking up some seriously amazing rumours. This week there’s a report from NOW Magazine that says Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are looking to star in a movie together that is “cutting edge and sexy, but also accessible”. Their solution? A remake of Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris!

If Tom and Katie star in this remake, I want it to be a sultry whorish affair. I haven’t seen Last Tango in Paris, but people say it’s racy and if they’re going to bother to remake it - I say go overboard with the sensual onslaught. Eyes Wide Shut was a great sexy thriller with Tom and the ex; it only makes sense that he would want another film to embarrass his current child by humping her mom on screen as well.

Seeing your parents bang on screen (along with the world) is a definite downside to being the child of an actor.

Patrick Swayze VS Cancer: Round Two


International friends - it is with a heavy heart that I pass the following news to you from the good people over at theage

Patrick Swayze’s cancer has reportedly spread to his liver. The Dirty Dancing star - who announced earlier this year he is suffering from pancreatic cancer - has reportedly started preparing himself for death by saying goodbye to his friends and family after discovering the deadly disease has infested another part of his body.

A source told National Enquirer magazine: “Patrick recently got word that the cancer had spread to his liver and that is what his doctors said would begin the countdown to the end. Patrick knew it was coming because he was suffering increased weakness. “At times, he was so weak that he could barely walk without feeling faint. Sometimes he feels out of breath and has to sit down.”

Patrick, 56, has reportedly told Lisa, his wife of 33 years, and his brother Donny that he doesn’t have long to live.

We have heard this before, and I declare now as I did before; Cancer shall have no part of Swayze. This affront to his blessed liver will not stand and the glorious Swaze will once again stand victorious.

Cancer you lost your fist match against Swayze, and in the second bout you stand to be humiliated anew. If you thought Lance Armstrong gave you a hard time, wait till you feel the wrath and persistence of Swayze! The man has 4 livers and 3 hearts!!! Bring it!

I refuse to feel sorrow for Swayze, he will be victorious; he will conquor. If I believed in the gods I would pray to the pantheon tonight, I would saw a cow in half like Abraham and spend countless hours in supplication. Because I believe the skies are hollow, I can only believe in Swayze this day. And believe in him I shall.

He beat cancer before and he will do it again.

Cancer, fuck you.


Hoffa3Boards are being posted n the woods of woe that the SAG is set to strike. We get wind of this dismal update thanks to the professionals at Variety.

The Screen Actors Guild will send out its strike authorization vote to members next month, making it possible for actors to strike as early as January — prompting a bitter response from the majors. In a message to SAG’s 120,000 members sent Wednesday, SAG president Alan Rosenberg said a strike would be called by the national board “only if it becomes absolutely necessary.”

“Your leadership believes that we must be empowered with the real threat of a work stoppage in order to let management know that we are committed to protecting the future of all actors,” he wrote. “We ask for your support, knowing that you have entrusted us to fight for your rights, and to protect your wages, working conditions and your health and pension benefits. We take your trust very, very seriously and will work towards reaching a fair agreement without a work stoppage.”

I understand the need to strike, but in this case I would personally want to hold off until the current economic “tsunami” is over.

Sadly, from where I sit, it looks like a strike is going to be inevitable. The studio may have to cave on this one just to ensure the business dollars for the California economy. People need the jobs right now and squabbling over percentages in this current climate isn’t kosher. I’m all for sticking it to the man and getting fair pay for fair work, but now is not the time to take a stand. The Union will have a much harder time shoring up public support when so many laid off from the manufacturing sector are looking for work.

In all sincerity, I hope this prophecy remains unfulfilled.

Stay tuned for strike news!

Whatever Works Images

We have pictures from the upcoming Woody Allen/Larry David Film Whatever works to show you today thanks to First Showing:




I can’t wait to see this one. Larry David in a Woody Allen film seems about as perfect as you can get. Stylistically they come from the same denomination of comedy and I have the highest of expectation for this legendary team up.

This film is slotted for a Cannes premier and a release sometime in 2009. We’ll keep you up to speed on the progress of this film, I apologize for not having info about it sooner.

Fresh He’s Just Not That Into You Trailer

We have another trailer for He’s Just Not That Into You thanks to the good people over at the movieweb:

I have a feeling that this film is going to do quite well. It has a loaded cast and seems to have a finger on the pulse of those hunting for a mate. I am not sure if it will make Sex and the City money, but It should be among the most successful romantic comedies of 2009. This film launches in the love month of February and we’ll soon see what kind of booty it’s able to pull in.

Police Academy 8 Is In The Works

Mahoney1Am9Ladies, Gentlemen, Police Academy 8 is on deck suited up in full Guttenberg glory; ready for action! We get this glorious news thanks to Pete over at slashfilm:

Steve Guttenberg told The Sun over the weekend that a screenplay is being written for an eighth Police Academy movie with all the available original stars set to return.

“So far it is really great, everyone from the original movies who is still around will return,” says” Guttenberg. “I know Kim and Sharon have been asked but they haven’t said yes yet. It would be really great to have them onboard.”

Remember when I said I hate needless sequels, this is an exception to the rule. I love the first 3 Police Academy films. (I will watch all of them but the first three are very enjoyable.) The series went to shit after the Guttenberg left, so I think it appropriate to have hope now that Mahoney has returned.

I am more than pleased that the original cast is getting back together, but a massive absence will haunt this latest incarnation. In 2001 David Graf passed on and is no longer able to play Sgt. Eugene Tackleberry. Tackleberry was impulse and made for great comedic moments; his contributions will be greatly missed. I personally think the film should start at the funeral of Tackleberry to get this out of the way and celebrate the character one last time. A death in the line of service would fit the character perfectly and this character deserves an on screen funeral. Tackleberry may act before he thinks, but he isn’t a coward; the man has the blood of a hero and should have a warrior’s send off.

I hope Bobcat is back for this one as well. Shit. I am getting way too pumped for this film. Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Gutenberg, you made my day.

Underworld 3 Pics: I Heart Rhona

We have a few new pics from Underworld 3 for you to check out today thanks to our friends at moviesonline. For the rest of the images please go to the source.




I thought the first Underwold was enjoyable enough, but it always seemed like a weak second fiddle to the glory of Blade. Underworld 3 is set to take place in the 1500’s however and this is the best setting in which to have this film (in my opinion). Crossbows and spikes are more exciting than gun-fighting among vampires.

I have said before that Rona Mitra is a strong, sultry warrior. Any film where she is wearing armor like this is a-ok with me. I hope that she becomes to armor what Kiera Knightly is to gowns.

I consider the above pictures to be pornography.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie??

When Twilight was feeling its rise to popularity there were two comparisons that were thrown about. The literary popularity in young readers like Harry Potter fans, and the criticism that the romance was ripped from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And now Hollywood is rumoured to be alive with the buzz that Joss Whedon, creator of the aforementioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer is eyeing the success of Twilight with anxious hands gripping a feature film script he had prepared for the continuation of the show.

Moviehole Reports:

The monster success of girly vampire pic Twilight at the US Box office last weekend could kick open the door for a big-screen return of Joss Whedon’s much-loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Rumours are circulating in Hollywood that Whedon has a feature-film script based on his hit TV series ready to roll as soon as a studio is prepared to commit.

I could see this as prime picking for a return of the delectable Sarah Michelle Gellar and her Scooby Gang to return to the big screen. I have no doubt that Joss has a multitude of ideas stashed away for the Buffyverse in that treasure trove of a mind of his.

Maybe if Buffy gets a movie treatment in this high time of teen vampire romance, other spinoff possibilities could return to television as well. Faith the rebel slayer was rumoured to be getting her own show back in the day and even Spike was considered, but the one spinoff show I was looking more forward to seeing was Ripper. The story of Giles, the last remaining Watcher gathering and reforming what is left of the council (destroyed in the closing end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV). Anthony Stewart Head is currently staring as King Pendragon in the BBC’s Merlin.

David Boreanaz is enjoying great success on Bones (also a favourite of mine) but I am sure he too could leave some room for a feature film to return as Angel.

Joss has a cult following, which I am a member of so I am tainted in my opinion. But it might be high time for him to reign the TV waves again. Joss once swore to never do TV, but mid-season he has Dollhouse premiering with former Buffy Alum Eliza Dushku (which is getting mixed reviews and speculation on the Whedon TV Cancellation curse) and his outstanding success online with Doctor Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog are keeping him just shy of the spotlight.

But the rabid Whedonites have let him down in the past with Firefly. But while the market is hot for angsty vampire love, and Hollywood itching to make a movie out of every popular but ened TV show (Friends, Sex and the City, Arrested Development) we just might find all the planets are aligned for our best chance at seeing it happen.

What Doesn’t Kill You Trailer

We have the trailer for What Doesn’t Kill You today thanks to our friends over at slashfilm. Peep this shit -

Holy fuck, does Ethan Hawk looks like a dirtbag! (This of course, is awesome.) I didn’t expect a film about hooligans involving Mark Ruffalo And Ethan Hawk to look so appealing - but this trailer has sunk chains into me like they were sent by Cenobites.

What did you guys think of it?

How To Catch Turkeys: An Instructional Video

For those of you that are feeling the depression blues this Thanksgiving, may I suggest hunting for your own turkeys just like the pilgrims did! I was luck enough to find a Norwegian “how to” video on this very subject. The video below features a typical Norwegian turkey hunt.

Feel free to discuss techniques of your own!

Fresh Empire Magazine Wolverine Pic

Empire Magazine has outstanding pictures from time to time and below is an example of such work. We get the heads up thanks to our good friends at comingsoon:

This months issue has Wolverine on the cover and has an interview with Jackman about the film.

Wolverine opens May 1st, 2009

The Ugly Truth Trailer

We have the new trailer for the upcoming Heigl/Butler Rom Com The Ugly Truth thanks to the video lords of You Tube.

This looks like a pretty standard “I’m going to prove you wrong” Rom Com, and I can’t say that I’m too excited about this one personally. 27 Dresses wasn’t great and if this one ends up being shit, it may be time for Heigl to walk away from the genre.

Katherine has a sternness about her that needs to be tapped; I want this to be remedied by having her portray a nun in a movie.

Katherine Heigl stars in Nun Vengeance: The Sisters Take Back The Streets.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To those International Friends who live in the United States, I bid you a Happy Thanksgiving.

This day shall forever be known in Canada as “Thursday” but for those Americans it is a time of reflection and giving thanks.

We thank you for coming to visit this site and sharing in the discussion of movie news and general geekery.

No go eat Turkey, watch football and take a nap! There is shopping tomorrow!

Paper Hearts

We learn of a new Michael Cera comedy called Paper Hearts today. It is scheduled to appear at next years Sundance film fest and we get the following details thanks to the hilarity caves of yahoo:

Look at most movie databases, and you’ll find no mention of a new film called “Paper Hearts.” “It’s pretty much ‘the one,’ at least as far as festival programmers are concerned,” one seller said.

Those familiar with “Hearts” describe it as part documentary, part scripted comedy, centering on the real-life relationship between Cera and his girlfriend, Charlyne Yi, another member of the Apatow acting crew (she played the pigtailed stoner in “Knocked Up”). As in Cera’s recent “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist,” music is a key element.

So this is an exaggerated day to day between Cera and his girlfriend… it could be good. If the chemistry between the two is humorous, I can see this being quite funny. I like the deadpan stylings of Cera and am curious to see if he will play it as straight in this film, where he plays himself.

I’m curious if he is naturally “like that” or merely plays a subdued character on the screen. In real life I bet Cera’s as cantankerous as Belushi (RIP).

International friends - what do you think about this one?

Why I Loved Twilight And Understand Why Many Others Didn’t

It really wasn’t until Comic Con that I had any idea about the phenomenon Twilight had become. To be honest, I hadn’t even HEARD of Twilight until just a few short months before that when word of a film deal was released for the property. But if you were at Comic Con, you knew there was something about Twilight that had tapped into a serious fan base that made them… well… fanatical (And that’s a good thing). Comic Con was over run by rabid Twilight fans who single handedly put the project on the radar for a lot of outlets (like The Movie Blog) who up until that point hadn’t been paying much attention to it. The fans at Comic Con made that impossible to continue. This was going to be a hit.

But still, over the last couple of months I have sounded off a serious doubt about a Twilight movie. No, I never said it would be bad and I never suggested it couldn’t be a great movie… but having never read the book I simply couldn’t understand what the big deal was. After all, there is nothing original about the basic concept:

“There’s a vampire, and vampires are bad, but not THIS vampire. This vampire is a good vampire with a heart of gold. And this vampire you see… he falls in love with a mortal girl which is totally forbidden. And the girl you see… well she’s so in love with the vampire she overlooks his beast side”.

Yeah yeah yeah… we’ve seen this specific idea done a thousand times before. So while I never “hated” on Twilight, I just openly questioned what all the fuss was about considering it really didn’t strike me as being anything original. This got a lot of Twilight fans mad at me, but I was just being honest with my thoughts.

I was so indifferent about Twilight that I passed on an opportunity to see an advanced screening the studio invited me to and let someone else go in my place. I just didn’t care about the movie.

So opening night for the film comes and someone invited me to go see it with them, so I went. To my surprise I ended up LOVING the damn thing. And oddly enough… many of those Twilight fans who were mad at me for not speaking positively about it in advance… ended up hating it.

I believe there are some very legitimate reasons to love this movie. However, I also can see some very legitimate reasons why many people dislike it as well.


I’ve said this a million times: The most beautiful thing about film is the pure subjectivity of it. It’s like a work of art hanging on a wall. 10 different people can stand and look at it, and each person can see something totally different from what the other people see and have a unique experience with it. That’s the movies.

Let me start by talking about why I enjoyed this movie so much.

First of all ironically enough my one biggest apprehension about the movie (The lack of originality) actually ended up being the most striking thing to me. This was the first Vampire movie I’ve seen in a long time (probably since Lost Boys) that really introduced some new and unique ideas to the whole vampire mythology that I had personally never really seen done before.

For instance, the concept of daylight. In just about every vampire story telling, sunlight burns and kills vampires. Some smoke and burn, some just flat out explode. But in Twilight, the vampires don’t stay out of the sun for fear of spontaneous combustion, but rather because their skin glimmers as if it were made of some sort of diamond crusted armor when exposed to direct sunlight which gives them away. Just the fact that it was so different from the way any other vampire genre film had dealt with this really made me sit up in my seat and honestly wonder what else we would learn about these creatures.

In film, you get most engaged with a movie when you share in the journey with the main character. But in vampire movies, even the best ones, you can never share in that journey with the character… because as the human character is unraveling the “mystery” of this dude who ends up being a vampire… is discovering strange things about them that leads them to the revelation of them being a creature of the night… we can’t share that suspense because we already know everything. We already know the mythology, we already know what kills them, we already know what their weaknesses are… WE ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING. So the journey of the character becomes just time filler to us until the revelation is made and then the real story can start.

But with Twilight, because of some of these subtle differences (Like the glimmering skin in the sunlight) I found myself more interested in the journey Bella was on. I didn’t know what else we might learn about Edward or his family.

Edward can read minds?
His sister can paint the future like Isaac from “Heroes”?
Different vampires have different unique abilities?
The glimmering skin?

All of these changes, these differences that makes them unique allowed me as an audience member to become more engaged in the film because I, like Bella, didn’t know what would be discovered next. This alone added a lot to my enjoyment of the movie.

I LOVED the history of the Cullen family. The Patriarch of the family is a DOCTOR who loves to save human lives!?!?! His “family” are people he’s turned into vampires over the past couple of hundred years who were once his young patients that were terminally ill and did it to save their lives… and then he brings them up to be “vegetarian” vampires who only feed on animals and not humans. LOVED IT. Great backstory… and to me backstory is 30% of a movie like this.

Speaking of the family, I loved them. The dynamic of the family was a lot different than I was expecting. It was quirky, sweet and had an almost “Leave it to Beaver” feel to it, which to me was hilarious when you remember their vampires. But they were never “goofy” or silly or crossed that line. You never forgot they were indeed vampires.

I liked the whole family, but I think i liked Jackson Rathbone (who played Jasper) the most. He only has a couple of lines, but his expression and just general disposition made me grin every time he was on screen.

I’m finding myself becoming a big Billy Burke fan. To me he’s becoming one of the most solid and reliable character actors out there, even when whatever movie he’s appearing in sucks (which has happened a lot). Personally I think he a “A list” potential and would cast him in anything I did.

Scenes like the family day of baseball out in the woods gave some depth and developed the “family” nature of these vampires for me and let us understand the bond between them without using cheesy dialog or some hack monolog scene to convey it. The action (when there was some) was pretty tight, the effects weren’t half bad either and the film had a great pace.

All together, for me they put together a movie that hit it’s mark and made for a very enjoyable time at the theater.


Those that are complaining about Twilight have some very legitimate beefs. Beefs that for me weren’t enough to negate my enjoyment of the film, but I could understand why it would spoil it for them.

1) The core of Twilight is the love story between Bella and Edward… and I’m sorry to say I never bought into it in the least. I never once really felt any chemistry between them on screen. It felt forced, awkward and at times extremely contrived. That spark, that passion, that electricity so many fans of the book tell me are on the pages just never made it on to the screen for me at all.

2) The acting. Oh dear heavens the acting. Kristen Stewart (Bella) for the most part was actually ok, except sometimes she came across as a psycho girlfriend with an over extended sense of dependance than a loving girlfriend. Good grief… that scene near the end when she was in the hospital and freaking out on Edward about how he can never leave her… man… if I was Edward my “crazy chick” alarm would be going off like nuts and I get the hell away from her as fast as my little vampire legs could carry me. Speaking of Edward… sorry… Robert Pattinson may be dreamy to look at for you ladies, but his acting chops need a lot of work in my opinion.

3) Not enough action. Yes I know this is primarily a love story so I’m not expecting a Jackie Chan flick here. But come on, its a movie about vampires! Let’s see some more vampire stuff!

4) They ruined a potentially cool villain in James. James suffers from what I call the “Darth Maul Syndrome”. It’s a situation where you’ve got a solid bad guy, but then hardly ever use him and kill him off pretty unceremoniously and quickly (although I must admit seeing the Cullen family show their “bad ass” side by ripping him apart was pretty cool).

5) They didn’t give us enough Jacob or reveal enough about his true identity. I thought giving us just a little bit more of him could have added another layer to the film without giving too much away.

There are more, but you get the point.

All in all, I stood in front of the Twilight painting on the wall and was able to engage it, appreciate it and love it. However I can completely see why others had a different experience from mine too. We know that a sequel is already planned, so here’s hoping that they build on the aspects of Twilight that worked and made me love it, and better develop those aspects that didn’t work and made some people hate it. As always, we’ll have to wait and see.

Terminator Salvation Motion Poster

For those of you that haven’t seen the motion poster in action - please go to the official Sony site to see it for yourslef. Below is the poster at the end of the animation. The motion poster is a cool idea for a web ad and I think we will see more of this sort of thing in the future. Now I need to find out how to embed them here.

Thanks to IESB for the heads up.



Elijah WoodElijah Wood recently dished about an upcoming project titled “9″ that will be based on a short silent film by Shane Acker. We get the following interview scoop thanks to our friends at MTV:

Tim Burton is producing the full-length feature from Acker, one of the WETA Digital animators on “Return of the King,” and Crispin Glover, Jennifer Connelly, John C. Reilly, Martin Landau, and Christopher Plummer are among the other voice actors. Wood plays 9, one of nine mechanized rag dolls, “who kind of have the soul of humanity in them,” he said. “It’s basically about a post-apocalyptic world where machines created by man have destroyed mankind, and these nine ragdolls go about trying to find out what has happened and what these machines are about.”

In the worldless short film version, two of the ragdolls — 9 and 5 — are scavenging for items when they encounter and must fight one of the ramshackle machine monsters, whose head is a skull, limbs are metal, and torso made out of the burlap hide of ragdolls it’s already killed.

A post Apocalyptic film where robots are the only ones left to investigate wheat happened is right up my alley. Add to the fact that Tim Burton is producing and I can safely tell you that this is now on my radar in a big way.

A ramshackle enemy that collects the parts of his bested foes unto himself is incredible. This is the robot version of a cannibal and the look is completed with the wearing of the skull. I cannot wait to see this villainous Lhurgoyf robot grow stronger as he pilfers parts from his fallen foes.

9 we just met and already I want to have your baby. Give me a cyborg uterus so I may carry your children to term.

Edit: I have added the original Short here for your viewing enjoyment!

Duplicity Trailer

We have the new Duplicity trailer for you today thanks to the video lords of You Tube. Check it out -

This looks like a cool romantic spy film involving a lot of snappy Julia banter. She’s an outstanding guest on Letterman, they have great back and forth exchanges. She is quick as a whip - and that will always increase someone’s stock on my charts.

Duplicity is set for launch March 20th 2009.

Wolverine Trailer To Open The Day the Earth Stood Still

Wolverine14-1For those of you hungering to see the trailer for the upcoming Wolveine film, the wait will soon be over. The trailer is set to show before The Day the Earth Stood Still. We get the following heads up thanks to our friends at the movieweb:

We now know when you can expect your first glimpse at Hugh Jackman and his adamantium claws once again. 20th Century Fox has confirmed that the first trailer for Wolverine will be shown in theaters on Friday, December 12, before Fox’s The Day the Earth Stood Still. The traielr will likely debut online sometime shortly thereafter.

I still have a bad feeling about this one. Wolverine is said to have gobs of supporting characters, and this is bad news in my books. Whenever you try and introduce too many fresh heroes in a film; it usually seems to fall apart. I have fears that Wolverine will be a let down and make fans of the character furious.

For now however, we wait; let us discuss the trailer together on the following morning of December 13th.

Dolph Lundgren Joins The Expendables

DolphoFi Fi FO Fum I smell the blood of a Lundgren’s son! Ladies and gentlemen today we learn that monsieur Dolph Lundgren will be joining the cast of the Expendables. We get the following scoop from our friends at comingsoon:

In an interview with Review Nation on the red carpet of Transporter 3, Sylvester Stallone revealed that he’s lining up Dolph Lundgren to co-star in his next film, The Expendables. Lundgren starred in Stallone’s fourth installment of the “Rocky” series in 1985.

Sylvester Stallone will star in, write and direct the action film, also starring Jason Statham and Jet Li. The movie follows a team of mercenaries on a mission to overthrow a South American dictator.

Well this is certainly awesome. This film is shaping up to be the Inglorious Bastards that I’ve always wanted. Statham, Stallone, and Jet Li are more than enough action for one film; ramming Lundgren into the mix makes for an overblown macho ensemble of lore and legend.

I first heard about Lundgren’s addition to the cast on yesterday’s 2pm live show and I’m pleased as punch to have this news confirmed today. I hope Lundgren and Stallone are on the same team this time around so we may see them join forces in ass-kickery.

I am pumped for this one amigos, I have high hopes for hot action.

What say ye?

Brolin Dishes About Turning Down Salvation

BrogunJosh Brolin opted out of Terminator Salvation and recently had this to say about the matter to the good folks over at MTV:

“Yeah. I talked to Christian [Bale] for a couple hours,” he said. “I really liked the script though I hear that’s not what they filmed. The one I read was very interesting and dark. Ultimately though I didn’t think it felt right.”

One would guess that Sam Worthington ended up in the role meant for Josh. Brolin told us that he’s curious along with the rest of us now about how it all turned out. “I saw [Bale] recently and I asked him how it was and he said, ‘it’s alright.’” he laughed.

Based on this above chatter, it doesn’t sound like Bale feels Salvation will be his most excellent work. This is of course news we heard from a dude, that heard from a dude, as reported by another dude. My hopes were high when Bale was brought on board, but expectations have been falling steadily since.

It would have been cool to see Mr. Brolin team up with Mr. Bale; perhaps another time. If the two can talk shot for hours about the new Terminator, I am guessing they have a decent working relationship.

Do you guys think this chatter can let us know anything about the quality of Terminator Salvation, or should we just chalk this chatter up as rumor and hearsay?

Tim Blake Nelson to be the Leader in Hulk Sequel?

Looks like Tim Blake Nelson’s character in the Hulk was not just any old Doctor with a made up name. That name was Dr Samuel Sterns. Avid comic book readers would pick up this little tidbit as the name that the longtime Hulk Nemesis The Leader. Sounds like The Leader is precisely where they were headed when they gave the role to Mr Nelson. quotes Nelson

That’s the plan. That’s what they tell me, but I don’t know when that’s happening or what the details are but I am eager to do it and I hear that’s in the works. I would tell you if I knew more, but I honestly don’t.

I was never a fan of The Leader as a nemesis for the Hulk. He is a diminutive little man with a ridiculous oversize cranium dome, and of course he is green. Sacrificing brawn for brains, he creates a legion of plastic humanoids that are all super strong and mostly invulnerable. Kind of a dumb villain and not something that should rank as “nemesis”

However, for a movie? Seeing the Hulk wade through hundreds of indestructible plastic men or a variety of robots would be a visual treat for certain. They would just keep coming, and he would keep smashing. Effects extravaganza!!

Samuel L Jackson sets sights on The Fallen

Samuel L Jackson is one of those guys that people just like to see in movies. He has as many hits as he does misses, but still manages to come out smelling like roses. He falls in a very unique category as an actor.

On the horizon for Jackson is a pairing with new golfing buddy Brian Goodman. After the good reviews he got with What Doesn’t Kill You, Jackson is pairing up with Goodman in hopes of getting a greenlight on a firefighter drama.

MTVMovies Blog says:

Jackson is ready to take the plunge with Goodman on the rising director’s follow-up, “The Fallen,” a story which centers around a group of Boston firemen. Now all the talented duo (who admit to golfing together a few times a week) need is a greenlight.

“Yeah, we’ll see what happens with that,” Goodman said of the finished script, which he is currently deciding what to do with. “We are looking at that and we both would like to work together and we’ll see what happens.”

“The script is good and Brian’s a good guy,” Jackson added. “Hopefully, that film will come together and I’ll be able to do it.”

I always give at least half my attention to anything with Sam in it. But time will tell if this really grabs me.

I haven’t seen What Doesn’t Kill You, so I don’t know much about this first time director and writer. Buzz says its pretty good.

Robert Downey Jr says Avengers Will Suck if They Dont Get it Right

When Robert Downey Jr offers comments off the cuff, they flow like golden manna from heaven that geeks just live a lifetime to hear. An actor saying what we are all thinking. Seems Robert Downey Jr has offered up a gem of an observation about how critical it is to get the Avengers film “right”

MTVMovies Blog quotes:

“If we don’t get it right it’s really, really going to suck,” said Downey. “It has to be the crowning blow of Marvel’s best and brightest because it’s the hardest thing to get right. It’s tough to spin all the plates for one of these characters.”

I have said it before and I will say it again. Using A-List actors and writers on comic book movies is like finally treating a teenager like an adult. You treat them like an adult, and they will act like an adult.

For too long have Superhero films been discarded as secondary or fluff action films. Treat them like serious films, and you know what you get? A serious film.

RDJ hit it on the head. The job is a massive undertaking, and when casting the remaining Avengers for their films you have to consider how well they will work in the Avengers film. You can’t just cast some professional wrestler as Thor, or some CW pretty boy as Captain America. Because when time comes for the Avengers film, we are going to have them pairing up alongside Robert Downey Jr.

The example I always use in this kind of scenario is Street Fighter. The movie was horrible for a multitude of reasons but they cast Jean Claude Van Damme as Guile and everyone else were just no-name d-listers (at the time JCVD was A list for campy action) and the movie turned into a Jean Claude Van Damme movie instead of the Street Fighter movie.

I hope we get a pure ensemble that embodies Avengers, and not the Robert Downey Jr flick called Avengers.

The Ongoing Terrance Howard Blame Game

There’s an interview today over at MTV that has one of the writer’s of Iron Man shedding some light on the ongoing War Machine drama. In the interview Justin Theroux quells rumors that Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes has his profile scaled down in the next film. This news clears up the assumption that Howard had a lesser role to play in the film, than the previous Iron Man.

If you have interest in reading the interview for yourself please check it out here.

I am sure something that somewhat resembles the truth will surface eventually regarding this matter; but for now the scrying glass is cloudy.

Regardless of the reasons for his departure I personally consider the loss of Howard to be a big blunder on Marvel’s part. This shouldn’t have happened.

New Star Trek Trailer with Spock

TMB International Friend RonSalon tips us off to an updated trailer for Star Trek. How updated? Well it is the same trailer we were introduced to last week… With a little more.

You have to watch the whole thing to see the three seconds of extra footage, but it is worth it to see a very old looking Spock offer a “Live Long and Prosper”

Russell Brand Dishes About Pirates 4 Rumours With MTV

Russell BrandI opened up the flood gates to a shit storm last week when I announced that Brand may be cast as a brother to Jack Sparrow in POTC 4. The news was dispelled as rumor but today we have Brands own thoughts on the buzz thanks to the scoop hounds over at MTV:

“I’ve seen some talk about that matter but I think they’re still writing the script,” he said. And of course, then Brand launched into a riff that makes you wonder how far he will go for his art should the role pan out. “I am having a skull and crossbones tattooed on each of my nipples in anticipation of the plotline. I just hope it doesn’t affect my other work in Jane Austen adaptations.”

So no new information. It obviously looks like Brand will take the job if it’s offered to him, but his involvement seems to be wishful thinking at this point.

When I first posted about the possibility of Brand being cast I was floored at how many people hated this man. I count him as a ridiculous character along the lines of Karl Lagerfeld, but personally have no reason to hate him, and consider him to be a quality glam entertainer. I appear to be in the minority among our readers however; and growing up with a taste for Motley Crue may be to blame.

Russel Brand is an infamous man that possesses great powers of polarization; no matter which way this news falls - there will be chatter.

More Than A Game Picked Up By Lionsgate

LebronjamesWe have news today about a sports biopic based on the ascention of LeBron James. We get the following skinny thanks to our friends at comingsoon:

Variety reports that More Than a Game, a documentary about NBA star LeBron James’ high school days in Akron, Ohio, has been sold to Lionsgate in an unusual deal.

“Game” is being positioned not merely as a record of James’ achievements but as a feel-good story of overcoming adversity. It follows the five starters on the varsity team at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, who travel a winding road from a rundown gymnasium to national glory and NBA riches, seeking to remain a tight-knit quintet even as James becomes a megamillionaire. The film mixes newly unearthed archival footage and family memorabilia with fresh interviews.

I know jack shit about sports. I’m sure LeBron James is popular in most circles; his name sounds familiar…. but that’s all I got. (you may commence mockery)

For those of you that are fans of James and are looking forward to this film, I can only offer this bit of commentary. The film is said to have been very well received at the Toronto International Film Festival. The source article is claiming that a 5 minute standing ovation occurred after the film was shown. This is as good a sign as you can hope for in my opinion. When people are compelled to stand and clap - excellence has happened.

This film is scheduled for a release in fall of 2009 and we’ ll be sure to keep you up to speed on the updates.

I Am Legend Follow Up Changed From Prequel To Sequel

Will-SmithWe have strange news today about I Am Legend. It appears that the prequel wasn’t well received so a sequel is being forged. We get the following scoop from our friends at AICN:

Let’s start at the beginning. Smith is actually the one who developed the initial story. It took place several years before the original film and there were still pockets of survivors and the story centered around Smith interacting, bonding, and ultimately failing to save them. For months this was the story. Warner’s didn’t much care for it and Smith and Weiss eventually came on board and all parties agreed to change things up. Well this change is pretty insane, the film is no longer a prequel, it’s a fucking sequel!

From what I hear the first film didn’t lend itself to a sequel very well, that’s why a prequel was the obvious choice. Now continuity is being eschewed for extra bags of money.

For those of you that are interested in reading the whole article that Illuminates the reasons why the studio is considering this path - please go to the source,

Star Trek To Get A 4 Comic Book Mini Series Lead In

Those interested in the upcoming Star Trek film may be pleased to know that a comic book mini series will precede the film. We get the following news thanks to our friends at comingsoon:

IDW Publishing has joined with Paramount Pictures, J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, Kurtzman/Orci Productions and CBS Consumer Products to publish a four-issue limited comic book series tied to next summer’s new Star Trek movie, which will be released in theaters on May 8, 2009.

The first comic in the series, “Star Trek: Countdown #1,” will be released in January 2009 to the comic book direct market. The story is presented by Abrams and plotted by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. It is written by Mike Johnson (“Superman/Batman”) and Tim Jones, and features stunning art by David Messina (“Star Trek: Mirror Images”). Messina also provides covers for the series.

I’m still very skeptical about Star Trek. I don’ t have high hopes at all - although the trailer was better than I thought it would be, but this is based largely on my love of the score. Having young Kirk drive a car off a cliff is something that I don’t understand; this isn’t a film about fledgeling greasers racing at dead man’s curve (or is it).
I am not averse to the idea of a comic book tie in. I never personally pick up or follow accompanying books, tv shows etc. to films. I like to enjoy the films for what they are and prefer to fill in the blanks with my imagination. Historically from what I have been told - they are shit anyway.

For those of you that are looking forward to this upcoming Trek incarnation and are fans of comic books - let me ask you this. Do you have any interest in picking this up?

ABC Has Harry Potter Week For The Holidays

We learn today that ABC is going to be showing a gaggle of Potter this Yuletide season. We get the following scoop thanks to our friends at the movieweb:

ABC Family continues the holiday cheer with its Harry Potter weekend on December 5-7, airing the first four installments of the popular film series as part of the network’s “25 Days of Christmas” programming event. In the world television premiere of the special extended edition of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, viewers will also see deleted scenes not included in the original film version.

To add to the magic, ABC Family will also be airing exclusive first looks at the new film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (opening in theaters July 17, 2009), throughout the weekend’s three-day event. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Michael Gambon discuss the upcoming film’s exciting storylines, as well as revealing insider information. ABC Family’s first looks at the latest Harry Potter feature film also offer viewers a sneak peek of never-before-seen footage of love running rampant through Hogwarts, a look into Tom Riddle’s past and an introduction of Hogwarts new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Horace Slughorn.

I think this is great. Harry Potter is a perfect film series for the pre-holidays. It’ s entertaining enough for the adults and children of all ages can enjoy the glory of level 10 wizardry (other than with polyhedrons in hand).

I’m also interested in seeing the promotional clips for the upcoming film. I think rescheduling the film a year on was still a ridiculous idea, but this ABC event is one hell of a promo in the meantime. I wonder if the studio did a straight swap with ABC, rights to air the show in exchange for Half-Blood Prince ads. That would be a win win for both parties in my opinion, but I have no idea how to put a value on ad time.

I look forward to checking out this event to hunt for any new insight into the upcoming film.

I wonder if Potter will become an ongoing Xmas institution much like egg nog, woolens and Santa himself.

31 Days of Larry

The Time for Larry has arrived, and so it shall be that all will enjoy their 31 days of him. We get news of cousin Larry thanks to our friends at the movieweb:

Lionsgate Films has acquired the romantic comedy spec 31 Days of Larry, written by new scribe Corinne Kingsbury.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate vp production Jim Miller brought the script into the studio and will oversee the project with director of development Matthew Janzen.

We really have nothing to go on here…other than that we’ll learn about a dude named Larry - and he’ll be around for about 29-32 days. He will also be romantically involved with someone, near the end of the second act a crisis will pop up! Will Larry pull the relationship together or will it die like a possum on the side of the freeway?

We will look for further Larry related news and be sure to keep you all up to speed.

(Larry King has nothing to do with this film - the picture is just hilarious.)

William Shatner Comments on the New Enterprise

Holy Captain Kirk posts today folks. /Film found a clip of William Shatner responding to the new design for the Starship Enterprise for JJ Abrams vision of a new starting point for Star Trek.

Shatner has never held back about his feelings on Star Trek, and I think in his more mature days he has a better grasp on the man he was and the man he is today. I have oodles of respect for the guy.

I also like that people would go to him to find out what he thinks of the new direction. Granted he is bound to have feelings on a film that is re-imagining a character that he is best known for playing, but I almost feel like people want him to lose his shit over this stuff so they can rally around it. Fortunately that is not happening and Shatner appears to be all for the new vision.

But in true class and in very few words Bill pulls out a gem of wisdom, even stumbling momentarily to say it doesnt matter if a window is up here instead of over there … its the traditions and ideals that matter. He even wishes JJ well.

I can’t wait for this movie.

Christmas Themed Trailer for The Spirit

Yahoo Movies have updated their collection of Trailers and Video clips (commercial breaks included)for Frank Miller’s The Spirit with a Christmas Themed teaser.

The movie is slated to open Christmas Day.

I have come to expect Miller’s films to be over stylized like Sin City and 300, and I hear a lot of flack criticizing him for this. Now some of the dialogue in the trailers may be cheesy but I really have hope for this movie. I want to like it. I just don’t know if I will.

Right now it looks great, and I can forgive the fromage level until I see if it suits the film. I do however, worry that Sam Jackson’s Octopus character might be a little TOO over the top to be taken seriously. A badguy has to be bad to be considered an honest heart pounding threat, not silly. Guess we will have to wait.

So as much as I really really want to like this, I am starting to get an inkling of doubt.

Click Here to check out the library of clips over at Yahoo Movies.

Kirk sees the new Star Trek Trailer

First Showing tipped us off to this video and I just had to share.

I think it was awesomely done.

As an editorial note, I also like how this isn’t made to insult the new film, just play on the identity crisis of that episode with some humour.

The Spy Next Door

We have bizarre news today regarding a film called The Spy Next Door that is set to star George Lopez, Billy Ray Cyrus (for realz) and Jackie Chan. We get the skinny this morning from the goose blood slathered caves of Yahoo:

George Lopez and Billy Ray Cyrus have joined Jackie Chan in “The Spy Next Door,” a comedy shooting in Albuquerque, N.M.
Chan’s character is asked to baby-sit his neighbor’s children and winds up having to protect them from secret agents after one of the kids accidentally downloads a code.

Lopez is a CIA agent who might not be all that he appears; Cyrus is another agent. Amber Valletta is the kids’ mom, while Katherine Boecher plays a Russian underworld operative. Brian Levant is directing for indie financier Relativity.

This sounds like a casserole mish mash made from the leftovers of other bad film ideas. George Lopez, Billy Ray Cyrus and Jackie Chan are not to be taken lightly however; this could be the Black Dog of this generation.

We will be sure to sniff out every detail that is to follow regarding this ridiculous film. This could be the greatest direct to DVD film ever to make it to theaters. Stay tuned!

Twilight Dominates Boxoffice with $70.6million Opening

There was a LOT of trash talking over Twilight, and I tend to notice that when there is a lot of people complaining about something they know little about, it usually means that it is successful. I am not a Twilight fan and was never drawn to pick up the books. But I couldn’t avoid recognizing its popularity. I saw that book cover more than newspapers when out around town, and even if you feel it is not deserving of the praise it is getting, it cannot be avoided. Twilight is a hit.

Yahoo reports:

Audiences found the vampire romance “Twilight” infectious in its opening weekend, pushing the movie to a take of $70.6 million.

Catherine Hardwicke’s film also enjoyed the biggest opening ever for a female director, blowing away the previous standard of $41.1 million set by Mimi Leder’s “Deep Impact” in 1998.

Drawing from its huge fan base of teenage girls, who fell for Stephenie Meyer’s novel of forbidden love between brooding vampire Edward Cullen and bookish high schooler Bella Swan, “Twilight” made a whopping $20,636 per theater, according to Sunday morning estimates.

See, unlike truly undeserving boxoffice success like Jackass or PottySpoof movies, this franchise has hit on an appealing concept to a very large demographic of readers. It may not be your cup of tea, but at least it had SOMETHING to offer other than recycled potty jokes and crotch kicks. I have to give it at most that much credit.

Well while all you people are busy trying to cut up Twilight and pretending that it doesn’t matter, allow me to point out that this weekend Twilight beat out a family friendly film on its opening weekend - an addage here at TMB that rarely goes challenged: never underestimate the Family Friendly Film. Twilight nearly triples the release of Bolt with $70.6million while Quantum of Solace lands a comfy second place (on its second week) at $27.4million while Disney’s animated feature Bolt was sniffing Bond’s heels at $27million.

I would have guessed that Bolt would have fared better than Bond’s second week, but I didn’t doubt for a second that Twilight was going to eat up all the attention at the boxoffice. So while all the naysayers are having their fun trying to come up with creative insults for Twilight, it would appear you are in a minority. There seems to be an awful lot of people (polls show teenage girls mostly) who are willing to go check this out.

Credit where credit is due. Twilight owns the boxoffice.

Public Enemies Destroy Bridge

It looks like the ghost of Johhny Dillinger has taken out a bridge to ensure Johnny Depp gets a clean getaway. We get word today of a bridge collapse (as a result of a detour due to filming) thanks to the destruction caves of yahoo (Shiva be praised).

County officials in Wisconsin are holding the bag following a movie shoot involving Johnny Depp as famed bank robber John Dillinger.
During filming of “Public Enemies” — Wisconsin’s first film under the governor’s new movie incentives — state highway traffic was diverted away from the center of Columbus, 70 miles northwest of Milwaukee. The detour road couldn’t stand the load — and collapsed.

Dodge County was left with a $116,000 repair. It’s filed a claim against the city of Columbus that could lead to a lawsuit.
But Columbus Mayor Nancy Osterhaus says talks are ongoing between the city, county and film studio NBC Universal, with hopes that they might split the bill for the March mishap.

For those wishing to get the hell outta Dodge - the bridge is down! ZING! BAM! BADDAM, BAMP!

I’m not sure how many of you are interested and/or concerned about bridge collapses but this one is related to movie news so we are passing the scoop onward!

Luckilly Obama’s stimulus plan seeks to remedy this problem. Soon all the bridges in America will be up to code and all the streets will once again be paved with gold.

I’m an Obama fan, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want his job. The man has a mountain of work to do under the scrutiny of about 12 billion human eyeballs. Under that kind of pressure I would start drinking under the Sphinx until the Vultures robbed me of my flesh and dreams.

SAG Pushes for Actors Strike

Looks like the Screen Actors Guild is pushing for a strike. We know how well that worked last time.

Yahoo reports

Residuals are payments to actors that are made every time a production airs, such as TV reruns. Many SAG members rely on residuals for more than half of their income, Allen said.

“They’re asking us to bless a system we believe would be the beginning of the end of residuals, and that’s a very scary thought for working actors,” he said.

The producers’ alliance condemned the SAG decision and said it remains the only major Hollywood guild without a labor deal this year.

“Now, SAG is bizarrely asking its members to bail out the failed negotiating strategy with a strike vote — at a time of historic economic crisis,” a producers’ statement said. “The tone-deafness of SAG is stunning.”

Now I assume when he says “working actors” he is talking about the thousands of employed actors who are not making the millions. But still, this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Well this and Knight Rider getting a full season while Pushing Daisies is cancelled…

But seriously… another strike? The previous strike -which accomplished NOTHING crippled the industry and sent thousands of people jobless. They will NEVER make back the money they negotiated in their deal, and this will do no different.

I think it is a bluff. SAG knows that another strike, especially with the economic crisis looming, could hurt Hollywood in ways even the Writers Guild Strike never did.

Bottom line is that Unions suck. They don’t do their job anymore. Unions are supposed to protect the workforce, instead they are lobbyists getting people over paid for jobs, and enabling them to walk off a job without getting fired when nothing was wrong to begin with. SAG is no different.

So they are throwing what I think is a bluff out there, saying they want their way and they will be willing to shoot their own mothers to get it. They throw a temper tantrum and the whining little kiddies get their way.

Who learns what here? Yup… the over paid actors can get even more overpaid now. Good thing they had “protection”.

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