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I would like to wish all of my International Friends a very happy New Year. To celebrate, I took a picture of a dead possum that was on my lawn!

Hpim0039 2-1

His name is Olaf and he died in battle; weep not for a warrior’s death

Movie Blog Uncut - Top 10 Stories of 2007 Edition

Hey there folks. HAPPY NEW YEAR! (ok, we’re still a few hours away from that, but it felt like a good time to say it)

One last podcast for 2007. Doug and I decided that we wanted to each do a Top 10 Stories From 2007 list, and thought it would be a good one to do as a podcast!

Also, as an added bouus, Doug and I start the podcast by talking about the recent Batman trailer and footage that was released (I can’t believe how many people have been telling us to talk about it on the show!)

So without any more delay, here is your final (honest this time) podcast of the year as we count down and discuss the top 10 movie news stories of 2007.



Hancock Poster / What Is He Thinking About

We have obtained the new Hancock poster thanks to our friends at moviesonline:

Poster Hancock

Look above at the above Poster of Hancock. Consider his face. Look into his eyes. What is he thinking about?

Tyler Perry Cast In Star Trek

Tyler-PerryStar Trek has landed a Starfleet leader, and he will be played by Tyler Perry. We get the scoop today from our friends at UGO:

Writer/director Tyler Perry has a role in the new Star Trek movie.

It looks like Perry is playing the head of Starfleet Academy. Before you go asking if the character is going to be a human being or one of those funky aliens with a dozen more nostrils, it looks like Perry’s character is a plain old fashioned human.

Tyler Perry is a man best known for his motivational, after school special style films. In his films he plays an older woman named Mabel Simmons who divulges wisdom (in a humorous manner) to those that are wayward. The films seem to be geared to young adults and are bursting with life lessons, which is fine for an episode of Sesame Street, but strange for a feature film. The films have strong Christian undertones but stay about as preachy as an episode of Davey And Goliath.

When I watched Diary Of A Mad Black Woman I actually started to laugh at the volume of motivation packed into the film. Although the sheer amount of positive affirmation got to be hilarious in its repetition, Perry is funny, his Maybel character is a good one and people seem to be eating it up to the tune of 50 million +. Tyler Perry is a self made man that used his motivational-style films to build a fortune. Throngs of people love his movies, and whatever your thoughts on them may be - he is meeting a motivational need.

When I heard that the dude that plays Mabel Simmons was going to head Starfleet - I was certainly surprised. It seems to be a strange casting and I am now quite curious to see Tyler play the role. When not in drag Tyler actually looks like a strong, natural leader and maybe this isn’t such a crazy casting after all. I just hope I can get Mabel out of my mind when he is talking to Kirk. I am afraid I am going to start dreaming about Mabel scolding Kirk about sleeping with loose alien women.

Strike Has Cost Writers More Than They Hoped To Gain

According to Variety, the WGA (Writers Guild of America) strike has now cost writers over $160 million in lost fees and benefits (based on 2006 WGA statistics)… when according to the WGA they were hoping to get a plan worth $151 million over 3 years. In other words, they’ve now lost more than they were hoping to gain. So in theory, even if the AMPTP suddenly caved in tomorrow and gave the WGA what they wanted in terms of residuals and Digital Media… they’d still end up worse off than they were before striking. Go team!

Meanwhile, the Producers association has put up a running meter on their website showing how much money the writers have lost (up to the second) and how much money the strike has caused non-writing crew staff in the Los Angeles area… as of this writing the number is at about $275 million.

These numbers are staggering. However, let me address the two numbers being given above. First of all, it is a TRAGEDY that non-writers are ending up as the big losers in this pissing match between the WGA and AMPTP. It’s good that the AMPTP is putting that number up on their website… except for one thing… the AMPTP is portraying this as if the money the non-writers are losing is because of the WGA strike. Thus, those poor non-writers are losing all that money because of the WGA!!! However, the reality is that those people are losing their jobs and their money because the WGA AND the AMPTP have failed to act like intelligent human beings and reach an agreement. Those non-writers being out all that money is every bit the fault of the AMPTP as it is the WGA.

With regards to how much money the Writers themselves have lost… it’s a shame, and just goes to show that the current leadership in the WGA doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. HOWEVER… what exactly does the AMPTP hope to accomplish by flashing that number around? Win public approval??? I said it before when the WGA was trying to win public approval, so I’ll say it again here: PUBLIC APPROVAL DOESN’T MEAN SQUAT! Maybe if both of these sides put as much energy and time into trying to reach a deal as they do making cute little videos and press releases, this strike would be over by now.

All I know is that if I was a member of the WGA, seeing how much money I’ve lost because of the strike isn’t going to make me cave in at this point… it’s just going to make me mad at everyone. Mad at the AMPTP… and mad at my own incompetent Union leadership.

So what does this mean for the WGA members now? As their Union leaders continue to apparently not care how much money their members are losing and just seem focused on expanding their own industry political power and influence (by trying to get control of reality tv, news, animation… and the ability to “sympathy strike”) it becomes more and more murky. What is the answer?

The Union leaders are more concerned with Power than their members. The producers seem more interested now in trying to punish the WGA instead of reaching a fair deal. No one is budging and everyone just seems to be getting more and more pissed off. Happy New year everyone.

Prince of Peace - God of War Now Available For Digital Download

Hey there Folks. As promised many months ago, we have now made my documentary, “Prince of Peace - God of War” available for purchase by digital download. The DVD is still available for ordering at $17 (we’ve sold just a little over 1000 copies since the end of of November), but you now have the option of downloading the digital file of the movie for just $4.99

For those of you who may be new around here, here’s a little synopsis at what the movie is about:


“Central to John Campea’s engaging documentary is the question of how it is that 87 percent of self-defined Christians are able to rally fists in support of war when one would assume that conflict is not what Jesus would do.”
The Orlando Weekly

“Loved It! An Extensive look at how Christians went from preaching about love and peace to fighting for war.”
Peter Sciretta - Slahfilm.Com

“I was gripped the entire run time”
Kurt Halfyard - Twitchfilm.Net

“People should definitely see this… they’re going to love it”
Andrew James - MoviePatron.Com

“I urge you to give it a look and in all honesty, if your Religious Philosophy professor puts Just War on the curriculum, you may want to suggest he add this film as an introduction.”
Marina Antunes - MadAboutMovies.Net

“the documenary does a great job at presenting the facts, with the leading experts on Theology and Christianity and making you stop and think long and hard on a tough topic. ”


“But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also.”

~Jesus Christ
LUKE 6:27-29

No narrator. No rock themes video montages. Just an honest conversation about the issue. For the first three centuries that the church existed, those belonging to the faith of Christianity understood the words and example of Jesus to be a clear directive to never be involved with violence. To be a Christian was to be a Pacifist, and during those formative years the church endured several persecutions at the hands of the Roman Empire itself without ever considering taking up the sword against their aggressors.

How did this faith, known and identified for its non-violent beliefs, go on to conduct the crusades, the inquisitions, witch hunts, and today have 87% of white evangelical Christians support President George W. Bush’s decision to go to war with Iraq? How did this religion, founded by a Pacifist and known (even criticized) for non-violence, become a religion known for its aggression, war, political power and embracing of violence?

Prince of Peace – God of War is a non-sensationalized visual record of Director John Campea’s (a former evangelical Christian and minister) journey across North America, speaking with historians, professors and religious leaders about these issues. The basic question is a simple one: “Should Christians kill people?”


Dr. Tony Campolo
Best selling author, Former Spiritual Advisor to President Bill Clinton
Professor at Eastern University - St. Davids PA

Dr. Brian McLaren
Listed on TIME Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Evangelicals In America

Bruxy Cavey
Author of “The End Of Religion”
Minister of “The Meeting House” - Canada’s largest Church

You can check out the first 5 minutes of the movie (low-res) here
You can download a copy of the movie here.

Thank you again to everyone who pre-ordered and ordered copies of the DVD. Your support has been amazing and greatly appreciated!

Semi Pro Red Band Trailer

Here is the Restricted Semi Pro Trailer amigos!

Not too much in here … but this film certainly seems to have turned up the crass volume on Ferrell; and I support this decision!

What do you guys think? I laughed at loud at the part with the referee and am pumped to see Tim Meadows!

Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans

BillWe have some news about the new Underworld prequel, it is titled Rise Of The Lycans and we get the scoop today from the axe lords at Bloody Disgusting:

We’ve been scooped this afternoon that Bill Nighy will return as Viktor and Shane Brolly as Kraven in Lakeshore Entertainment’s Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans, which will be released theatrically by Sony Screen Gems.

The prequel is set in the Dark Ages and traces the origins of the centuries-old blood feud between the aristocratic vampires and their one-time werewolf slaves, the Lycans. Production begins mid-January in Auckland, New Zealand.

Werewolves and Vampires are always welcome in my house. I enjoy the mythology behind these mystical creatures and always lok forward to fables that involve them. A prequel that takes place in the middle ages is fantastic, I prefer sword warfare to guns any day of the week when it comes to movie violence. Vampires and Werewolves warring on cobble stone streets is righteous shit and I would not be surprised if this film becomes my favorite of the three.

Rhona Mitra will be in this film, she is set to star in Doomsday and it looks like her resume is starting to fill up nicely. She is a delicious brunette with a strong look and is a great choice for an action starlet. She looks vampire-esque but I will have to find out if she will be vamp or wolf in this film. The film is anchored of course with the return of Bill Nighy, Michael Sheen and Shane Brolly. The three amigos will thread the trilogy together and add continuity to the project; I am glad to see them back.

Grindhouse Releases 6 DVD Japanese Box Set

Grindhouse-CarIt looks like the Japanese will be the first to get the whole Grindhouse experience in a 6 DVD box set available March 21, 2008. We get this anticipated scoop and breakdown of the special features thanks to Pete at Slashfilm:

I found the six disc box set on for 9.975 yen, which roughly translates into $65 American before shipping. No/All Region DVD player required. Box art isn’t available yet, the poster to the right was a Japanese one-sheet.

Here is the information on what is included in the set:

Disc 1: Death Proof (Extended Film)
-English DTS, English DD, Japanese dub
-Japanese subtitles
-Japanese Theatrical/TV trailers
-Staff/Cast Profiles (Text)
-What is Grindhouse? (Text)

Disc 2: Planet Terror (Extended Film)
-English DTS, English DD, Japanese dub
-Japanese Subtitles
-Rodriguez commentary
-International/Japanese trailers
-Staff/Cast Profiles (Text)
-What is Grindhouse? (Text)

Disc 3: Death Proof bonus materials
-Special Message to Japan from Tarantino
-Staff and Cast interviews on Death Proof
-Stunts on Wheels: The Legendary Drivers of Death Proof (20:39)
-Introducing Zoë Bell (8:59)
-Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike (9:34)
-Finding Quentin’s Gals (21:14)
-The Uncut Version of “Baby, It’s You” Performed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (1:48)
-The Guys of Death Proof (8:16)
-Quentin’s Greatest Collaborator: Editor Sally Menke (4:38)
-Double Dare Trailer (2:36)

Disc 4: Planet Terror bonus materials
-10-Minute Film School (11:52)
-The Badass Babes of Planet Terror (11:50)
-The Guys of Planet Terror (16:32)
-Casting Rebel (05:34)
-Sickos, Bullets and Explosions: The Stuns of Planet Terror (13:18)
-The Friend, The Doctor and The Real Estate Agent (6:42)

Disc 5: Grindhouse (191 minute theatrical cut)
-English DD, Japanese dub
-Japanese subtitles

Disc 6: Japanese Exclusive Grindhouse bonus disc (106 minutes)
-Grindhouse - US Trailer
-2006 San Diego Comicon
-Tarantino Interview (About the homages in Death Proof, About Planet Terror, Use of Music, Possible Sequel to Death Proof)
-Staff/Cast comments
-The Directors of the Fake Trailers
-Coments on past Grindhouse Films
-Making Of Planet Terror

The Japanese get all the cool stuff first; and as always, the rest of us should be soon to follow. According to the article, Pete goes on to let us know that although the film itself will be in English, Japanese sub titles will be present. This should be a removable feature, but the menus themselves will be in Japanese and the discs will not be compatible with region 1 players.

Die Hard fans may want to snap this version up ASAP, but I would rather wait for a North American release so I don’t have to find a translator every time I choose to watch the film. It is cool that they are making a box set like this available. This is what most people were hoping for, and 6 discs should be more than enough to satisfy even the most dedicated and obsessive fans. We will keep you posted on North American releases as soon as we get word!

Movies With Significant Anniversaries In 2008

Wow. You want to feel old? Read this list! In 2008 the following films will be celebrating rather key anniversaries, and some of them I just can’t believe!!! OUCH! Thanks to the guys at RopeOfSilicon.

TURNING 18 (or as the ROS guys say, “Movies You Can Legally Have Sex With”)
The Hunt for Red October
Pretty Woman
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Back to the Future Part III
Total Recall
Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Home Alone
Dances With Wolves
Edward Scissorhands
The Godfather Part III

The Big Lebowski
The X Files
American History X
Shakespeare in Love

Groundhog Day
Army of Darkness
Jurassic Park
The Fugitive
Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mrs. Doubtfire
Schindler’s List

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Coming to America
Die Hard
Rain Man

Good sweet gracious… do I ever suddenly feel OLD!

Death Race Picture

We have our first look at Death Race today thanks to our friends at firstshowing:


This is a film that I did not want to see remade. The original is an outlandish classic that should have been re-released rather than remade. I must admit however, that I enjoy this picture. The interior of the car is filthy and I like the use of duct tape on the steering wheel and red tape on the foam that covers the roll bars. The prop guys that worked on this car should be commended, the car looks surly.

Amidst the filthy car Statham’s squeaky clean head stands out like a sore thumb. It looks like his melon is floating in a galaxy of dirty metal.

Doomsday Pictures

We have some set pics today from the virus-apocalypse film Doomsday. Thanks to moviesonline for the hookup!
I like the third picture best. In this picture we have a chesty trouble maker about to get shanked in the firelight. This is the kind of post apocalyptic movie that I am used to seeing and hope that all the scenes are very similar to this. I know this will probably not be the case, but let me dream.

For those of you that are not familiar with what this movie - here is the official synopsis from IMDB:

A deadly plague, known as the “Reaper Virus,” has broken out, killing hundreds of thousands in its wake. In desperation, the British Government evacuates as many survivors as it can out of the infected area, and then builds a wall, preventing the remainder from escaping. Thirty years later, with the wall still up and the victims all but forgotten, the virus breaks out again. The Government decides to send a crack team of operatives, led by Major Eden Sinclair, into the hot zone to investigate the possibility of a cure.

Doomsday has a release date of August 21 2008 in the Netherlands, for the rest of the world - no word as of yet.

Stills Of Norton From Hulk Set

We are able to have a look at Dr. Bruce Banner as played by Ed Norton thanks to our friends at IESB:



Campea just informed me that the first picture is a throwback to a scene in the intro of the television show. I enjoy all the medical props, and if they can use shots like this from the TV show - why the hell not. As long as they don’t make the throwbacks an obvious festival of cheese, I am all for them.

I like Norton and am glad he is playing Dr. Banner. These pictures are not as exciting as a picture of the Hulk ripping a tank in half; but It is nice to see the detail that is being put into the human side of the green machine. I have high hopes for this one, and I look to watching it on a big screen.

3 Things To Hate About No Country For Old Men


Ok, first things first. We loved “No Country For Old Men”, and if you recall we even listed it at #6 on our 10 best films of 2007 list. However, there were 3 things in the film that prevents it from being in the top 2 spots… and with all the awards consideration the film seems to be getting these days, I thought it would be interesting to open up the conversation about those flaws (as I saw them anyway). So for your consideration, and strictly for the purpose of conversation, here now are the 3 Things To Hate About No Country For Old Men.


Movie Blog Uncut - December 27th 2007

Greetings folks, and welcome to the last Movie Blog Uncut podcast for the year of 2007. It’s been a year of many changes, but we’re ending it on a high note and look forward to all the amazing stuff ahead in 2008. That being said, it’s business as usual today on the podcast as we talk about:

1) Alien vs Predator - Requiem

2) Walk Hard

3) National Treasure 2

4) Meet The Spartans

5) Ali G and Borat being retired

6) Semi-Pro and getting tired of Will Ferrell

7) Jessica Simpson breaks new Box Office LOW record

8) Dee Snieder of Twisted Sister

All this and a few things more


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First Look At Bolt

We have obtained words and image for Bolt, a Disney animated picture slotted for a Nov 26 2008 release. We get the following picture and synopsis thanks to our friends at firstshowing:


For super-dog Bolt (voice of John Travolta), every day is filled with adventure, danger and intrigue—at least until the cameras stop rolling. When the star of a hit TV show is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to New York City, he begins his biggest adventure yet—a cross-country journey through the real world. Armed only with the delusions that all his amazing feats and powers are real, and with the help of two unlikely traveling companions: a jaded, abandoned housecat named Mittens (voice of Susie Essman) and a TV-obsessed hamster in a plastic ball named Rhino, Bolt discovers he doesn’t need superpowers to be a hero.

I have not heard much about this film, until now. Talking animals make for wonderful animated heroes and when magic happens they become immortal. Mickey Mouse still spends most of his residual paychecks on Jack Daniels and Russian Wives; when he tires of a wife he feeds them to Jim J Bullock (who is chained in his basement).

I am quite startled that the cat in this film will be named Mittens. I have a cat named Ms. Mittens that is black, with white paws just like the feline we see in the picture. Ms. Mittens is a very luxurious kitten with a long flowing midnight mane, and bright golden eyes. With lightning speed she hunts at night and has killed 3 rabbits by herself! She has also killed countless birds, mice and is quite upset that squirrels keep eluding her. I will be certain to watch this movie with my cats and will be sure to tease Mitten that she has become a whore starlet.

It will be interesting to see what kind of animated films Disney puts out now that Pixar lives in the same house. We will keep our ears to the ground for further news and will be sure to keep you posted.

New Hulk Drawing From Production

We have obtained a sketch of the Hulk that has been released from the crew that is currently making the movie. The picture was made available to us thanks to our friends at comingsoon:


If this is the look we can expect to see in the movie, then I am wholeheartedly on board with their vision. This picture looks like a classic Hulk but avoids getting too overblown and overly cartoonish. We will have to wait and see what the CGI Hulk will look like, but if he looks close to this; I will certainly be pleased.

What do you guys think of this pic?

New Knight Rider TV Trailer

We have a trailer for the upcoming Knight Rider remake/made for TV movie. Thanks to ropesofsilicon for the hookup.

I refuse to support and/or endorse any K.I.T.T. that is not a Pontiac Trans Am. I do not care if I am being petty or childish, it just doesn’t sit right. If you want other sentient cars to be different models - that is fine, but remaking a classic series and then changing the iconic car makes zero sense to me. If it ain’t broke ….

Alien vs Predator 2 Review

Avp-R-ReviewThanks for checking out our Alien vs Predator Requiem Review. You can see the video review at the bottom of this post.

In the world of “dream fights”, without question one of the top most yearned for on screen battles has always been Aliens verses Predators. So along came the first AVP movie a couple of years ago, and to call it a disappointment would be a bit of an understatement. Personally, I still got a bit of a kick out of it (the line about finding Moses’ DVD collection almost made me spit up my pop) but there is no denying that it could have… and SHOULD HAVE been much much better.

When word came out about they studio giving the franchise another shot, I was shocked. Yes the film made over $170 million world wide, but it was so panned by fans and critics I thought they’d just celebrate their money and call it a day. Nope… here comes AvP-R (bloody stupid as hell title). The trailers made it look like it would be a big step up from the previous attempt? Was it? No.


Our old friends the Predators are back. Always looking for the ultimate prey to hunt and challenge themselves against, they seem to have run out of worthy opponents. So instead of just retiring the old cloaking devices, they decided to breed a new kind of prey by crossing their own DNA with that of ALIENS. Something goes horribly wrong and the Predator ship crashing on earth releasing the new PrediAlien onto our unsuspecting world to kill, breed and multiply. The Predator response to this…. send one guy to come fight them. Why not?

Meanwhile, an edgy pizza boy is in love with the high school hottie, but she is dating the evil popular school jock (no, I’m not kidding, I swear to high heaven I wish I was) who bullies him and makes him sad (poor sad pizza boy), but undeterred the pizza boy is committed to winning the hottie’s heart, and surviving the oncoming Alien Apocalypse (aren’t we all).


The film wastes no time in setting up the situation. Right from the opening credits we see the Predator ship circling around earth with their little PrediAlien experiment. Chaos, the ship crashes, Aliens escape and start the killing… all within the first 3 minutes!!! I’m come to appreciate it when dumb mindless fun flicks just recognize what they are and jump right into it… AVP-R does that.

It was nice to see that AVP-R never took itself too seriously. They filmmakers clearly understood that people weren’t expecting “300″ or “Braveheart” here… they just wanted to see a lot of people and monsters getting ripped the hell up. There were none of the dreaded “life lessons” that plague some other films, no deeper message or purpose… it was essentially an hour and a half of video game nonsense… and for a film like AVP-R, that’s a good thing.

Some of the action was great! As promised by the advanced R rated trailers, there are some gloriously gory and fun shots of guys getting their heads blown, acid burning through unsuspecting flesh… and the movie doesn’t spare children or pregnant women either (I won’t give anything away here… but wow the scene in the hospital was fun!). Yup, it sure seemed like the filmmakers understood what people wanted to see… well… at least in the third act. The first two acts were a waste, which leads us to….


As already mentioned in the opening of this review… THERE IS A PIZZA BOY IN LOVE WITH A HIGH SCHOOL HOTTIE, WHO IS ALREADY DATING THE EVIL POPULAR SCHOOL JOCK!!!! No,,, once again I’m NOT kidding. I had to look around the theater to see if anyone else was about to get up and walk out just for that alone. And of course the big bad boyfriend bullies the pizza boy all while the hottie looks on and feels bad, ultimately (SPOILER) rejecting the jock to get with the loser pizza boy. Good… fricking… grief. For a little while I thought it was some sort of joke.

As expected, the “story” and “dialog” were completely pathetic. Like I said, no one was expecting 300 or Braveheart, but at least pretend to give a shit about the words coming out of these people’s mouths.

For a movie that supposedly understood what people were wanting out of it… a brainless action flick with lots of violence, Alien killing, Predator hunting, people dying a horrible horrible horrible ways… it sure was slow for most of the film. As I mentioned, the movie does jump right into it in the first 5 minutes… but then is pretty much goes to sleep for the next hour. A pizza boy trying to get the hot girl (GAG!!!)… an army mom coming home from a tour of duty trying to win back the affection of her little girl (GAG!!!!)… an ex-con returning to town to try to start over (GAG!!!)… these are the things that make up the majority of the first 2 acts with just the odd transitional scene showing either the Aliens or the Predator.

Ok, now on the level of wanting a dumb, brainless fun action film… I was wanting to see a LOT of Aliens and Predators fighting. However, I was quickly disappointed to see that there was only ONE Predator! COME ON!!!!! Yes we want to see the hapless humans get ripped to shreds… but we’d also like to see some fights where Aliens win certain encounters and rip up a Predator or two as well! Nope… wasn’t going to happen… not with just one Predator. Very disappointing.


If you really want to enjoy Alien Vs Predator - Requiem, just watch the R-rated trailer… because most of (not all) of the best stuff is in there… and the rest of the film is mostly moms connecting with daughters and the pizza boy trying to get the girl. However, AVP-R is not a total waste of a film. There is enough mindless fun in it that you won’t HATE the film (I didn’t hate it), just not enough to be anywhere as good as it could have been. Overall I give AVP-R a 4.5 out of 10.


What Happens in Vegas Photo

We have another picture from a soon to be film. This time it’s an image from the rom com What Happens In Vegas. We get the image from our friends at comingsoon:


The Kucher and Diaz should make for a successful box office draw, but I am often horrible at guessing the success of a film. I generally judge rom-coms harshly because I hate most of them. This may no different, but we shall see. All we have to go on right now is this picture; and it is a good one.

Kucher looks like he is having a riotous time with a straw in his beer bottle. I am not sure if that is root beer or beer beer, but I will assume it is alcoholic until I learn otherwise. Diaz looks like a trashy, drunk, slut-bride, and that could be good times. This picture is bursting with emotion and it was a great decision to lead with this one.

Meet The Spartans - First Look

We have the first picture from the set of Meet The Spartans. We were made aware of this image thanks to our friends at moviesonline:


I am not looking forward to this movie. I loved 300 and have no desire to see it bastardized by spoof movies that lampoon current events. I suppose one reason to see this film would be Carmen Electra. Her visage has been known to help many a sailor on long lonely nights. Does anyone else think that the dudes have had their guts airbrushed? It looks like Sorbo has a filthy stomach.

Oscar Ballots Have Been Mailed

Oscar-StatIt’s that time of year again! Yesterday, thousands of nominations were mailed to the Academy members, which let’s us know that in just a few weeks, people will be gathered around the water cooler at their work, discussing this year’s…(oops, I should still say ‘next year’s) Oscar Nominees.

Yahoo!News gives us this:

Accountants from PricewaterhouseCoopers counted, sorted and numbered the ballots before the massive mail-out. Voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have until Jan. 12, 2008, to return the forms.

Nominees for the 80th annual Academy Awards will be announced Jan. 22. The awards will be presented Feb. 24 at the Kodak Theatre.

Despite the writer’s strike, it seems that the biggest award ceremony will still go on. This will definitely be a show I will be watching, because it will either be fantastic or it will be a total and utter mess. (I don’t want to miss that!)

So, let’s pretend you readers are members of the Academy. Who would YOU nominate and what are your predictions?

Hatchet 2 News

For those of you that got to watch ‘Hatchet’ this year, (if you haven’t, go out and rent or buy the DVD) you are probably not surprised about this news considering the abrupt ending of the first film, but it looks like the possibility of Adam Green returning to direct ‘Hatchet 2’ is likely. Adam Green recently talked to the folks of ‘Fangoria’ about the possible sequel.

Arrow in The Head via Fangoria gives us this excerpt for the interview:

It all comes down to when it happens and if I’m available, as well as what the terms are, because often when they make these movies and realize they have a cult following, they try to cheap out in a lot of areas. You know, the budget becomes smaller because they’re afraid that no one really cares or they don’t pay what they need to in order to bring certain actors back.

I met Adam Green this summer in Toronto when he came to premiere his movie at the Bloor Theatre, and I really took a liking to him. At the Q&A, he told the audience that Hatchet is a planned trilogy. There are certain things in the movie that gives that away. He said there’s a reason why the camera lingers on the kid with the pig mask who burns the Crowley house down in the flashback and why Victor Crowley was staring at Mary Beth for a long period of time.

In the possible sequel, he said that Tony Todd’s character plays a much bigger part in the film and to the story, and that we will find out how Victor Crowley and Mary Beth are connected.

I don’t think this is just a rumour. I have no doubt in my mind that audiences will see ‘Hatchet 2’ in the future. (You just can’t waste a villain like Victor Crowley!)

If you would like to read the rest of Adam Green’s entertaining interview, click HERE.

So are you ready for another round with Victor Crowley?

Sacha Baron Cohen Retires Ali G and Borat

Sasha-Cohen-1It looks like some of the most beloved characters in recent history will be riding into the sunset together. Borat and Ali G will speak no more, and have been cast into oblivion. We get the scoop today from the professionals at Variety:

Sacha Baron Cohen tells The Daily Telegraph that he’s retiring the clueless Kazakh journalist, as well as his alter ego, aspiring rapper Ali G.

“When I was being Ali G and Borat I was in character sometimes 14 hours a day and I came to love them, so admitting I am never going to play them again is quite a sad thing,” the 36-year-old actor-comedian says in the British newspaper’s Friday edition. “It is like saying goodbye to a loved one. It is hard, and the problem with success, although it’s fantastic, is that every new person who sees the Borat movie is one less person I `get’ with Borat again, so it’s a kind of self-defeating form, really.”

As much as I hate to say it; this is great news. Borat and Ali G are household names and there is no way the pair of characters will be able to surprise anyone ever again; unless you go to the far north or the deep jungle - and there people still kill strange men without regret. If Cohen continued with either of these characters it would eventually get lame and people would get sick of the over-saturation. Both of these characters had the luxury of exiting the stage at a time when they were regarded highly, and it is always wise to leave them wanting for more.

These characters were fantastic and have caused us all to laugh hard and lots. They have introduced us to the man behind the curtain, and Cohen will remain a beloved entertainer for years to come. To quote the great Dr. Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

I now throw it open to all of you in the message board. What was your favorite Borat and/or Ali G sketch/moment?

For Ali G - I loved it when he interviewed Boutros Boutros-Ghali at the U.N.
For Borat - I think my favorite moment was when he got permission to grab a man’s crotch at a gun convention.

Emmy Rossum Blogs About Dragonball

EmmyrossumIt looks like Ms. Rossum has decided to treat us all with a blog entry about her training sessions with Chow Yun Fat for the upcoming Dragonball movie. We get the following quote from her blog via slashfilm:

“Sorry I’ve been rather quiet for a bit, I’ve been working on a very exciting new film that I’m shooting outside the US. I’m working with the great Chow Yun Fat and I’m very excited about the role, which is so different than any role I’ve ever played. I love the character and I’m excited to get to share something so fun with you. In prep for the film I’ve been training very hard, learning how to fight, fire a gun, weapons training and even some martial arts. It’s fun to play such a different character when I am such a pacifist in real life. Speaking of pacifisim and peace, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday and New Year.”

This blog entry does not tell us a ton about the movie, but it is cool to have a snapshot into what is going on right now in preparation for the film. It is also nice to see that she has respect for Chow Yun Fat; if she didn’t we would put slugs in her ears like Khan did To Pavel Chekov in Star Trek 2. Above all, it is cool to see excitement for the project, a lot of Dragonball fans are looking forward to this and excitement usually always leads to better work.

We may have to wait some time before we get a chance to see sneak peaks and teaser trailers, but blog entries like this one are the best window we have when it comes to peeping on the current progress. I did not grow up with this cartoon, but I know what it is like to love a cartoon, and the desire to see it recreated with reverence and skill. From where I stand - it looks like things are shaping quite well. For those of you that are fans of the series; how do you feel about the project thus far?

New Semi Pro Poster

We have a new Semi Pro poster to show you guys. Thanks to our friends at IGN for the hookup.


I am looking forward to Semi Pro. I enjoy most everything Will Ferrell births and I am interested to him work with Woody Harrelson. Woody was damn hilarious in Kingpin and it is cool to see him bring his comedic talents to this picture.

This poster is not too shabby. I enjoy the car on the basketball court, it is a festive event when a car goes on hardwood and/or carpet and I don’t know why. The best thing about the poster - is the jerseys. The tropics jerseys are sweet as hell and are chock full of funk. I want the full outfit; perhaps it will re-ignite my desire to return to the hoop.

Jessica Simpson sets LOWEST Box Office Record

Blonde-Ambition-FailureEvery few months, we hear about a blockbuster breaking box office records on opening weekend, I can honestly say that I have never heard of a movie making news because it made hardly any money. Jessica Simpson’s ‘Blonde Ambition’ was which was ordered to go straight to DVD next month, had a limited engagement in Texas last weekend and only took in (GULP) 1,190 dollars over the weekend.

IMDB gives us these embarrassing details:

Blonde Ambition, co-starring Luke Wilson, took in just $1,190 over the weekend. True, it was shown in only eight Texas theaters, but that’s still an average of less than $50 per theater per day, meaning about six people showed up to see it in each location each day. On his TV Guide Online blog, film critic Ken Fox asked, “Doesn’t someone like Jessica Simpson have more than 48 friends?

Okay, I know I poked fun at the woman earlier last week about her trying to get the leading role in a possible ‘Pretty Woman’ remake, and this is going to sound very “Chris Crocker” of me, but LEAVE JESSICA SIMPSON ALONE!

Out of all the brainless, horny, overly rich “princesses” out there, you have to admit Jessica Simpson is the most harmless of the bunch. She hasn’t been arrested for a DUI. She doesn’t do drugs, and she hasn’t been knocked up by a random guy. She has earned her money unlike a lot of the debutantes in the tabloids.

True, this woman should NOT be an actress. I just recently watched ‘Employee of the Month’ and realized if they had a replaced her with a female blow up doll, I probably wouldn’t even notice the difference. Although, Jessica is not the ONLY actress out there that has had a movie come out STRAIGHT to DVD. Every month I’m at the video store, I see tons of straight to DVD movies that suck which star A-list and Oscar winning stars. For me, I just don’t understand why this made the news.

The opening weekend in Texas is quite embarrassing I can’t deny, although it only OPENED in Texas for a limited engagement before it goes straight to DVD. To me, it really shouldn’t count as the lowest box office record if the movie didn’t open nationwide.

So those are my thoughts about Miss Simpson. Sure, the woman opens herself up to public mockery, but I think picking on her for a poor box office record, is just (GULP) mean.

P.S. This poster looks eerily similar to the one sheet poster for Mariah Carey’s bomb, ‘Glitter.’ THAT should have been a huge sign right there!

What are your thoughts?

All Time Top 10 Christmas Movies

Well International Friends, it is upon this most festive of holidays that we are flooded with Christmas Movies. In the regular fashion of the Movie Blog, I thought I would compile a list of my personal Best 10 Christmas Movies off the top of my head.

10. Christmas Vacation The Griswalds just never catch a break, and yet they seem to come out on top in the end anyways. This being the third of the National Lampoon’s Vacation series, and finally we get to see some Christmas action. I just love watching this guy fail. Chevy Chase can embody that moment of utter defeat in just one blank stare set specifically at 3.5 seconds in length that just makes you wonder if your life is in danger for witnessing it.

9. White Christmas This movie just makes me wish I lived in the mid 50s so I could be as cool and smooth as Bing Crosby. That guy just gets all the ladies hearts a thumping and looks cool as ice doing it. Guys were Guys, and the Girls were Dolls. This has more musical numbers than most modern musicals and it is the first classic black and white on my list, but it wont be the last.

8. Nightmare Before Christmas There are not enough true Halloween movies. Horrors are popular at that time of year, but very few of them are actually about Halloween itself. Jack knows it and decides to take over Christmas as they have the better time slot. Clever music, creative stop motion animation and a twist we didn’t see coming makes this Burton film the top listed animated feature about Christmas on my list.

7. Miracle On 34th Street As far as the classics go, this one is likely the most heart tugging and amusing at the same time. Santa himself has to go on trial to prove he is who he says he is. Its a real Christmas miracle when some whackjob who claims to be the real Santa turns out to actually BE Santa. A diligent lawyer who decides to take on his case to defend him in court isn’t the only person to learn a handy lesson here. Watch this with your kids so you can explain why they couldn’t just look up his MySpace page for proof.

6. A Christmas Story This irreverent little take on Christmas showed us for once that it was OK that your life wasn’t like the perfect candy coated Christmas families of the Leave it to Beaver generation. Randy didn’t have a BBGun to take anyone’s eye out but he had a pink bunny pajamas. Your tongue WILL stick to the flagpole if its freezing. And Dad showed us that a fishnet clad lady’s leg does make a fine art deco lamp base. I am sure we learned other stuff in there too, but mostly just not to swear in front of your father.

5. Its a Wonderful Life Just when you think your life can’t be any shittier, remember that Clarence the angel taught us that your existence makes it less shitty for everyone else. He also teaches us how looking slightly tipsy actually makes you more adorable and cherub like. A brilliant tale of perspective illustrated with the charm and innocence of the classic black and white movies of the late 40s. You can watch this with your parents.

4. Die Hard Although this movie doesn’t revolve around the Christmas theme, it takes place at Christmas and puts a cop with marital problems at the wrong place at the right time. We cringe in unison as the barefooted hero dashes across a sea of broken glass but hell, when a tough guy is in love there is nothing that will stand in his way. Forevermore will we associate the true bliss of relationship sacrifice with the bold smarmy YippeeKiYay Muthafukker!

3. GremlinsAh the spirit of giving that keeps on giving with just the addition of water. Gremlins starts with a truly original gift idea that soon spirals out of control. Sure the muppets are a little dated and the comedy was really only considered funny in the 80s but this is one Spielberg film not to miss. These little troublesome goblins not only gave me nightmares, but Gizmo’s cute little song made even the toughest man exert a gentle “awwwww…”

2. The Santa Clause Tim Allen movies are always full of good moral lessons for the whole family. And the very premise of this movie is ripped from a pun on old St Nick’s name itself. How can you go wrong with that? I truly enjoy this franchise and I had no problem when they brought out a sequel adding another Clause to the deal, and a third giving him an Escape Clause. Pure feelgood genius. Best watched with warm chocolate chip cookies and milk.

And the Number One movie on my list of All Time Christmas Movies is…

1. Scrooged This list would not be complete if it were not for at least one variation of the classic Christmas Carol. Of course the most entertaining and downright enjoyable versions would be Bill Murray’s Scrooged. This film is Christmas Perfection. You get to see yourself in at least ONE of the characters and every other character is just someone else you know. Every scene makes me laugh. Every moment makes me feel the true joy of Christmas.

I am sure there are some I missed. What would you put on your top 10 Christmas movies?

Merry Christmas From The Movie Blog

Without question Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I’m one of those lucky guys who has a great family with some simple traditions. Each Christmas eve, my siblings and I all gather at my parents place, have dinner, stay the night, get up as early as possible and unload our stockings (yes, we still do stockings), wait for everyone else to wake up then open presents, dad makes breakfast, clean up, then a big family day. I love Christmas time.

This year has certainly been an eventful one around The Movie Blog, and 2008 looks like it’ll be the best one yet. We hear at The Movie Blog want to wish you all a very merry and safe Christmas. Posting will be quiet the next couple of days as we all relax and spend time with family and loved ones… we hope you do too.

The picture below is one Elias from Clerks 2 would approve of. It was provided to me by Timothy Lim. Transformers are certainly a gift from God. :) Merry Christmas everyone!


The Kingdom DVD Review

Kingdom-Dvd-ReviewThe Kingdom is part whodunit part shoot em up in the land of camels, sand and black gold.

The Special features on this DVD include: deleted scenes, character by character the apartment shootout, constructing the freeway sequence, creating the kingdom, history of the kingdom: an interactive timeline, commentary with director Peter Berg. Much of the extras focus on the camerawork and the technical wherewithal that was necessary to deliver the action in this film. This film was almost entirely shot on 3 hand held cameras to create a fluid and almost documentary feel to the film (director’s words). I must admit my favorite part of the Kingdom was the “closeness” of the camera shots; you feel like you are on the street watching the action unfold in front of you.

In the character by character the apartment shootout we see the action take place from 4 different perspectives. It was great to see an action scene broken down like this and see the editing work that is involved to make these different scenes reflect different aspects of the same event. This is probably my favorite part of the film and it was cool to see it from different angles.

In constructing of the freeway sequence we see very serious men playing with dinky cars on the road. These men are working out an intense highway scene that involves multiple explosions, smash ups and all out carnage. To see the different stages of planning, and the amount of work that is required for less than 5 minutes of screen time is quite an eye opener. We are a species that likes to be entertained; and doing so is no easy task.

The Kingdom DVD is full of behind the scenes shots and explanations of scene set ups. The extras themselves seem to be geared to students of film and those that enjoy the craft of filmmaking. I appreciated this film much more after I saw the work that was required to put it together. We see so many action movies that we take them for granted, and often sluff them aside as kitsch. Behind every action film is an army of artists and in the special features of this disc, they are given a tip of the hat.

Hatchet DVD Review

HatchetHatchet was a fun movie to watch. It was one of two 80’s throwback slashers that I enjoyed immensely this year. As someone that does not go out of their way to see horror films, I am always surprised and delighted when I become a fan. Killer death scenes, an unstoppable foe, wicked tits and the best cameos possible; hatchet rams a lot of the right ingredients into the recipe and we are all rewarded with a delicious dinner.

The extras on the dvd include: The Making Of Hatchet, Meeting Victor Crowley, Guts And Gore, Anatomy Of A Kill, A Twisted Tale and Gag Reel. I got a Tattoo on the weekend and my Tattoo guy (Justin) was heaping praise upon this movie and the DVD special features. This was timely, because I had the assignment of reviewing the DVD. The segments are all self explanatory but 2 stories from the extras stand out.

The Director Adam Green dedicates an entire segment in the extras to his appreciation of Dee Snider. As a youngster Adam was moved and encouraged by the clean living, positive thinking, motivational music of Twisted Sister. Not only did the young Mr. Green write his only A+ childhood assignment on Dee Snider’ s life, but he also went on to write Dee a letter in adulthood that was read by Dee himself. We then skip to an interview with Dee Snider about receiving this letter from Adam and he discuses the ongoing dialogue between the two. Dee Snider continued to encourage him as an adult film maker and this positive affirmation was a wind at the director’s back throughout the stages of his career.

It was touching to see a man give back to the Metal God that has given so much to him. Dee Snider may not be a hero to you, and Metal may be noise as far as you are concerned, but to Green and many others - Dee Snider is a prophet and metal is the thundering sound of human triumph and potential. The encouragement of Dee through words and music was a driving force in this director’s life and it’s cool to see a grown man champion one of his heroes.

Another segment that was very much beloved by myself, (and was drawn to my attention by Justin) was Anatomy Of A Kill. This segment is all about what goes into an on screen kill scene. One kill in particular stands out. In their effort to make all the scenes “believable” a death by belt sander shot was almost axed. (no extension cords in the woods) One of the guys on production saved the the shot when he made the first fully functional gas powered belt sander for the film! This is the kind of ingenuity, love and dedication that best describes the Hatchet crew.

What stands out more than anything when you watch the extras of this DVD, is how much fun these guys had when they were making this movie. Thanks to online press from BloddyDisgusting and print press from Fangoria early on, the group was able to get the funding they needed to make their dream come true. This film is a perfect example of why you should be ready to go - when you get your break. With skill, dedication and a palpable love for what they were doing Hatchet is a film that delivers tons for what they had to work with.

The people behind this film are the reason it excelled, and it was nice to meet them. This is a cool movie with fun and enjoyable extras. Support dudes that make kick ass horror films and buy a copy today. This holiday season - give the gift of axe!

MGM to Bring Back Fame

I often get that internal flinch when I hear about another TV show turning into a movie. So when I heard Fame was getting a remake I had to stop and think for a moment. Fame WAS a movie, then it was a TV Show (which I recell more clearly) and now it is once again to be a movie.

Hollywood Reporter

The $25 million “Fame” remake is slated to hit theaters in summer 2008 and will be based on the Alan Parker film set at the New York Academy of Performing Arts, which starred Irene Cara and Debbie Allen and launched a generation of wannabe performers.

It is said to still be a musical with mostly the same songs but it is going to be updated.

I think this movie was already “remade” in light of how many of those “trying to get into a performing arts school” movies that have come out. And this new version will likely have less 70s musical style songs and updated chart topping hopefuls remaking the songs.

But it is coming out in summer of 2008? That is a lot closer than you would think. Granted this is not a visual epic with tons of special effects so it won’t be the most difficult thing to get out in 7 months, but it does sound like its springing up fast on us.

I do like musicals and I recall Fame from my childhood, so hopefully this will not be a stereotypical “updated” remake and make it about hardcore rapper thugs tryin’ to get respect in Da Art Skool.

Peter Berg to Direct Dune - Confirmed

Dune is the elitist of literary scifi geek fandom. Its not heralded in the mainstream like Star Wars or Star Trek which are far easier and lighter to ingest, but those of us geeks who rally around the Frank Herbert Dune flag hold it as a dear bastion of our culture. It is brilliant and epic. I have recently accepted myself into this fold and have updated my geek status.

Now a big screen version of Dune is coming and MTVMovies confirms that Peter Berg (The Kingdom) will direct.

“Dune” is coming and that he’s the one that will helm it. Calling the plans for him to direct “a done deal,” Berg told me that “if it weren’t for the writer’s strike, we’d be in it right now.”

After the poorly received David Lynch feature version, I was surprised to hear they intend to make this into a feature film. The most widely accepted version is the TV MiniSeries in 2000. I talked months ago about Berg coming on board but that was just speculation as it is now confirmed.

This story is just too vast to carry out in one movie. This has been the strongest criticism of nearly every book turned to film, but Dune is such an epic and involved tale that 120 minutes just isnt enough to tell it. Berg has put out some quality work, and with the right writers maybe they will create some magic.

I am wary of seeing a feature film adaptation again. Perhaps they will prove me wrong, but I just can’t see it justice fitting in one sitting.

But rest assured if this does turn into a big hit, even in spite of the fans, there will likely be a Dune Mesiah and Children of Dune and etc.

Walk Hard takes in a Weak $4.1m

I slowly warmed up to Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. I actually looked forward to seeing it after originally just writing it off as a spoof movie.

Eonline says:

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, the new Judd Apatow-John C. Reilly comedy about the life and times of a machete-wielding Johnny Cash type, seemed sure to die a quick death after selling only $4.1 million worth of opening-weekend tickets, per studio estimates compiled Sunday by Exhibitor Relations.

This is yet another Apatow movie, and despite his nonstop track record of hillarity, I didn’t really qualify this as Apatow fare. Was it the quality of the movie (Doug gave it an 8) or were there other factors?

This is a spoof movie, and doesn’t really fit into the Apatowverse of 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked up, or Superbad. And as a rule I generally don’t care for spoof movies (They dont make them like Top Secret or Airplane anymore). But after a few of the trailers I thought it looked pretty funny and expected it to do decently. Hell, Balls of Fury openned bigger than this.

Maybe it was simply that it was set against the opening for National Treasure, Book of Secrets which bathed itself in $45.5 million greenbacks this last weekend.

Or do you think that John C. Reilly just better cast as the eternal sidekick and isn’t a leading man?

Hugh Jackman Pumping Iron For Wolverene.

Hugh 01-1We have some gossip, some unconfirmed here-say that Hugh Jackman is committed to throwing on lean mass for his upcoming Wolverine project. We get the dish from our friends at moviehole:

Anyway, over beers tonight, I heard from a colleague – one of the chaps from the abovesaid shingle – a bit of news about “X-Men Origins : Wolverine”, which, I have to admit, was a little more interesting than the usual ‘Van Damme’s sponsoring a new sports drink in Asia’ gossip you usually hear.

This chap knows Hugh Jackman’s trainer and told me just how far Hugh Jackman is dedicating himself to the role of the clawed mutant.
Jackman’s getting about three hours sleep a night at the moment and spending most of his hours in the gym. He wants to be the beefiest and muscliest he’s ever been to play Wolverine in the film. He was about 80kg in the original, maybe 90 in the second or third one, but he wants to pack on a little extra padding this time – hoping to get the scales to reflect a figure over 100.

I do like Jackman as Wolverine. I was one of his detractors when I first heard of the news, but Jackman played the role very well and won me over handily. I can see Jackman wanting to do his best to look the part, and I think the fans will appreciate his dedication very much. Wolverine is a muscular hairy dude, the bigger and harrier Jackman can get for this role - the better.

This news is not confirmed, but we will be able to judge for ourselves when the film comes out. This news does not seem too far fetched to me, Jackman would naturally and wisely use this film as an opportunity to shine; he might as well exceed all expectations. We need action stars, people love action movies and muscle dudes. 300 and Beowulf have thrown wide the doors of macho - now Jackman worships at the temple.

Charlie Wilson’s War Review

Charlie-Wilsons-War-ReviewThanks for checking out our Charlie Wilson’s War review. Make sure to also check out the video version of this review at the bottom of the post.

It’s amazing to me that a film like Charlie Wilson’s War, a film about key events in the United State’s history, a film where the consequences of the events are being felt very harshly today, a film with MULTIPLE Oscar winners like Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Philip Seymour Hoffman can get so little attention when coming into the theaters. Don’t get me wrong, Charlie Wilson’s War hasn’t been invisible, but you’d expect a hell of a lot better marketing campaign then what it got.

Tom Hanks is one of those very few actors that forces you to assume whatever movie he will be appearing in will automatically be quality stuff. His role selection over the years has been insanely good and as a result, his reputation, awards shelf and ultimately his legacy as one of the all time great Hollywood leading men continues to grow. Does Charlie Wilson’s War help or hurt that reputation or legacy? IT HELPS!


Charlie Wilson (Tom Hanks) is a small time US Congressman who likes to party hard, touch as many women as possible and in general have a good time. However he’s also a man with a soul. When the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan it sparks something in him that drives him to action. Pushed along on this new path by Julia Roberts who plays one of the wealthiest women in Texas who also wants to see the godless communists driven out of Afghanistan, and assisted by an edgy CIA operative played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Wilson begins to forge an unlikely alliance of Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Israel in a plot to arm the resistance fighters in Afghanistan by raising the money back home, and getting the players in place to carry it all out without the world (especially the USSR) knowing about it.


Is it redundant to say Tom Hanks is brilliant? Have we hit that point yet? Well I’ll say it anyway… Tom Hanks is brilliant! The playboy man of influence who also happens to have an conscience is brought to life with totally perfection in such a way that has you feeling the struggle the character has undertaken. One thing that Hanks does so very well that makes him stand out as one of the all time greats, is his insane comedic timing. When used properly, and sparingly in these type of dramatic roles, it brings a dimension of humanity and charisma to his characters, and Charlie Wilson was certainly one of them. Using his subtle talents for comedy, Hanks can take what could be a very heavy feeling film, and make it entertaining and fun to watch without sacrificing the dramatic elements or narrative. I didn’t end up mentioning Hanks in my “BEST ACTOR” category of the 2007 Movie Blog Awards because although Hanks played what was handed to him perfectly, there wasn’t enough for him to do performance wise that put this role at the same level as the one by Daniel Day Lewis in “There Will Be Blood”. Otherwise, a magnificent job.

The story is told in a very smooth manner. Although a large span of time is covered in the film, it never feels “jumpy” or disjointed. Even acroos periods of time the story feels very linear (in a good way) with a terrific pace. The story reveals itself to you, answering questions along the way while introducing new situations and questions as you go. You feel the direction of the film is taking you somewhere and rarely gets sidetracked… if it gets sidetracked at all.

The ending of the film is quite good leaving us as an audience to ponder larger questions and appreciate the complexity of the world we live in. We can do a great good… but ultimately that “good” can come back to bite you in the ass. There isa story of a Zen Master told in the movie, and it has stuck with me ever since I first saw it. You’ll see what I mean.


The one large weakness of Charlie Wilson’s War is its failure to strike an emotional connection between us, the audience, and the plight of the Afghanistan people who were suffering under the Soviet invasion of their country. The film has a couple of quick sequences that superficially glance over refugee camps, but never lingering long enough, or having the courage to get a bit more graphic with what it shows us, to make us get emotionally invested. The consequence of this is that we never really identify with what was driving Charlie Wilson in the first place. We don’t feel that same sense of horror, outrage or compassion the character feels because we’re never really faced with the horrific realities that Wilson was. This has a viral effect on the rest of the film that neutered much of its potential strength and turned what could have been one of the best movies of the year, into just a very good movie that could have been even better.


Terrific performances, well paced and smooth storytelling and a piece of American history that current world leaders would do well to remember make Charlie Wilson’s War a great movie. Sadly, you become all too cognizant that you never get emotionally invested enough to care right along with Charlie, and thus it loses some of its punch. Still, a wonderful movie that many should, and will enjoy. I give Charlie Wilson’s War an 8 out of 10.


Walk Hard Review

Walk-Hard-ReviewThanks for checking out our Walk Hard Review. Make sure to check out the video review at the bottom of the post!

The General idea

Dewey Cox kills his brother and sets out on a life-quest to become a legendary musician. Sex, drugs, the inability to smell and rock & roll throw many challenges at Dewey and we follow him through his life’s journey. Haunted by the memory of slicing his own brother in half Dewey tries to drown his sorrows with various drugs and work out his problems through song. We follow him on the rock and roll thrill ride that is his life, and enjoy the hilarity that results from his poor life decisions.

The Good

This film has a lot of laughs. The story is stitched together like Walk The Line - and it is a parody of the film, but takes generous liberties when adding in segments that are unique to The Dewey Cox story. It is like they used scenes from Walk The Line as a set piece and then fleshed it out with the improv insanity required to make them laugh hard in that situation. This movie gets ridiculous; and I ate it up.

This film’s use of comedic repetition was outstanding; this comedic style is a favorite of mine and I reveled in it. I do not want to give away any spoilers but Tim Meadows has one line that he says over and over - and it killed me every time. Dewey also has a knack for destroying things when times get tough; and this also get funnier every time you see it. Oh! This film also has the funniest use of full frontal male nudity EVER!

I must take a moment to salute the performance of Tim Meadows. He does not have a ton of lines in this film, but his comedic timing is flawless. This guy has always made me laugh so much and I was very, very glad to see him in this film. He is underused and under-appreciated. For the love of all that is good - give Meadows more fucking work.

The Bad

I really did not like the opening scenes of this film. The child actors were not funny and the first few minutes were painful for me to watch. In the film we have flashback scenes, and I hated seeing this first part of the movie brought back time and time again. The good news is, this segment lasted maybe 5 minutes and then we launch headlong into the teenage life of Cox. So not much to hate, but I did find some.


This is a parody film that did not seem like a parody film - and that is good. It always seemed like we were following the life of Dewey Cox, even though at times his life resembled that of Johnny Cash. The songs were all very well done and some of the funniest lines in the film were lyrics performed on stage. This is a fun comedy that does not take itself seriously at all, the jokes are often blatant, low brow and god damn hilarious. Some jokes fell flat, but for the most part they hit often and well; with a good mix of physical humor thrown into the pot. If you are looking to see a movie that will get you laughing, Walk Hard is the one to do it this holiday season.

I was going to give this film a 7 out of 10, then I remembered the use of a giraffe - I will give it an 8. If you watch; you will understand.


National Treasure 2 Review

National-Treasure-2-ReviewThanks for checking out our National Treasure 2 review. When the first National Treasure film came out, my first reaction to it was mild. It wasn’t a “bad” film, as a matter of fact it had same very enjoyable qualities to it and I ended up being modestly entertained by it. Having said that the film also had its weaknesses, not the least of which was a nagging sense that the movie was just a cheap capitalization of the motif of The Da Vinci Code. Still, Sean Bean was in it and it certainly had it’s share of fun… so not too bad overall.

I must admit that I was surprised when I heard that a sequel was in the works. First of all the first one wasn’t really good enough to warrant one, nor did I think the box office returns were hight enough to coax studio executives into loosening up the purse strings. But for whatever reason the whole gang is back for National Treasure: Book of Secrets (not to be confused with Blair Witch 2’s Book of Shadows).


Nicolas Cage’s character is now quite famous for his discovery in National Treasure. On giving a lecture about the heroic efforts of his great great grandfather to prevent the South from winning the civil war, a new piece of evidence is brought to light by Ed Harris which implicates Cage’s great great grandfather as one of the conspirators in the assassination of President Lincon. This event begins the adventure for Cage and his father (again played by Jon Voight) to clear their family name. This adventure will take them to England, France and around the US discovering the secrets to the lost City of Gold that will ultimately vindicate their ancestor’s name.


The movie is fun. The key to any sort of adventure film is to make the audience feel engaged in the character’s adventure on screen. I found National Treasure 2 did that. There is a good mix throughout the film of not only intellectual puzzle solving, but also of Indiana Jones type danger and action (not to mention a pretty good little car chase in it as well). Yes, some of these elements were a little too easy and a touch far fetched, but still… it’s the movies. The film did a fine job of making you feel like you were along for the ride, and on that level it really worked.

The characters are ultimately likable. Quirks and all, you LIKE Nicolas Cage’s character. You LIKE Voight. You even end up liking the sidekick quite a bit, and in a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is a little tongue in cheek, that’s REALLY important. It’s a silly little movie, and thus you need to like and feel invested a little in the people who are taking you for the ride. I especially liked Cage’s sidekick (played by Justin Bartha) who did play the stereotypical adventurers sidekick (doing the menial tasks, being a little bumbling, able to hack all the computers), but was also a little more substantial than that as well. He was a more well rounded character than the usual sidekick roles which was nice.

Solid supporting cast in the movie. Helen Mirren, Jon Voight, Ed Harris, Harvey Keitel and one of my absolute favorite character actors Bruce Greenwood fill out their roles very nicely. No Oscar nominations forthcoming… but you certainly feel like you’re getting your $10 worth when that sort of a cast is put together.


As much as the adventure in the film was well played out on the screen, some of the HUGE leaps in reasoning were a little hard to swallow and thus speed bumped the movie for me. There are several parts in the movie where a cryptic clue is revealed, and Nicolas Cage just makes the most wild, out of no where connections that ultimately are always correct and lead him exactly to where he needs to be next. These types of films (like “who done its”) are always more satisfying when the audience member has the potential of figuring out the mystery along the way (not that they have to figure it out… but when the mystery is revealed they could slap their heads because they COULD have figured it out), the answers Cage comes up with are so out of left field that it makes the audience feel like a sideline spectator, instead of being on the adventure as well. This was a problem throughout the whole movie.

I’ve already mentioned the supporting cast and how seeing them all up there alone makes you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth… HOWEVER… if you’re going to amass that calibre of talent… GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO DO! You’ve got these Oscar winners walking around on screen playing characters that do next to nothing in the film, and what little there was to do for them, it was so shallow that they didn’t even really need to act the scenes out. Especially wasted were Helen Mirren and Keitel. I’m not saying change the story to give them more meat per se… but why put Keitel in there in the first place if some newbie actor could have played the same role just as well?

I like Diane Kruger… but she was just painful to watch in this film. I have no idea why she came off the way she did in it… but every line she had to deliver, and every facial expression she had to make made me feel like I was watching some half assed high school play that wasn’t rehearsed very well. I realize that sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. It was like I was watching the dreadful Thawndie Newton. I’ve seen her do better, and I trust we won’t see her this bad again… but she did drop the ball in this one.

Wasted major league talent and unrealistic puzzle solving aside, National Treasure: Book of Secrets does what it seems to set out to be, a light, easy, fun little adventure movie with some laughs along the way. The characters are likable, the adventure wasn’t too grand scale, and the ending satisfying. Certainly not a cinematic classic, and certainly no Indiana Jones, but in the end a more than serviceable Saturday afternoon movie. Overall I give National Treasure 2 a 7 out of 10.


Thailand Passes New Controversial Rating System

Censorship-ThailandThere is a very fine line between Censorship and social responsibility. As a matter of fact, I would suggest there is no line, the two are one in the same. You can dress it up however you want and make up fake distinctions… but the fact of the matter is that any act of socially responsible rules of restraint are indeed censorship. That doesn’t mean it’s all bad… sometime censorship can be a good thing. Sorry, but it’s true. Radio hosts should NOT be allowed to get on air and call all black people “niggers”. Italians should not be constantly referred to as “all dirty mob scum”. Mexicans should not be referred to a “all thieves”. Whenever we socially enforce these common sense “rules” we are engaging in censorship, and that’s a GOOD thing.

Censorship in and of itself is not BAD. It is a case by case situation where many shades of grey exist and has to be navigated with caution. Some things are clear, some things are not so clear. But behind all censorship, good or bad, is the notion, right or wrong, of the greater good of society. Thus, since we all engage in censorship that we believe is for the greater good, we have to be very careful when judging other people’s interpretation of that. Take Thailand for example.

Variety gives us this:

The rating system is made up of “P” (films that are of educational value and should be promoted for Thai auds), “G” (fit for all age groups), “under 13 not admitted,” “under 15 not admitted,” “under 18 not admitted” and “under 20 not admitted.” However, it does not include an “under 24″ category which had been discussed in some media circles.

Notably, the Film Act authorizes the state to forbid the release of movies that “undermine or disrupt social order and moral decency, or that might impact national security or the pride of the nation”. Another point set to enrage film bizzers is the article that sees the country’s chief of police join the National Film and Video Committee.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about that. I hate the idea of a government deciding what I can and can not watch… but on the other hand we have that in our own culture too, just in different ways. Personally, I still take the position that this Thai law sucks… HOWEVER… I can understand a society deciding it’s own values and ideas of what is right or wrong for itself and it’s culture. It’s a tricky topic that deserves a lot more discussion around here I think

Over Her Dead Body Poster

Another poster kids! We have obtained the poster for Over Her Dead Body thanks to our friends at comingsoon:


From what I can tell, this movie looks like a comedic version of the legendary Patrick Swayze film Ghost. I can see a ton of opportunities for hilarity with a story like this. For example, right after Eva Longoria dies, she can come back to spy on Paul Rudd and catch him beating off to crazy porno the day after she has expired. She will then use her ghost powers to keep bringing up the Disney website and interrupt his bitchin’ whack off session.

This poster is not conjuring strong emotions within me. Eva Longoria lying on anything is a good picture, but she doesn’t have enough oomph in this poster. She should be mostly nude wrestling a centaur in heaven - that is an image that would put asses in seats. As always, Boris Vallejo needs a call.

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