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Genre: Comedy/Action
Directed by: Robert Luketic
Staring: Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Selleck, Catherine O’Hara
Released: June 4th,2010


Trying to recover from a sudden break-up, Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl) believes she’ll never fall in love again. But when she reluctantly joins her parents on a trip to the French Riviera, Jen happens to meet the man of her dreams, the dashing, handsome Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher). Three years later, her seemingly impossible wish has come true: she and Spencer are newlyweds living the ideal suburban life—that is, until the morning after Spencer’s 30th birthday when bullets start flying. Literally. It turns out Spencer never bothered to tell Jen he was once an international super-spy, and now Jen’s perfect world has been turned upside down


There is something about that almost nervous vulnerability of Katherine Heigl that I find quite appealing. And she offers up much the same in this too. She provides that grounded life for Kutcher’s character and her charm as the “everyday” girl works so well in this. Sadly its shattered too soon. But enjoyable and intentional as it was, it was very good.

Kutcher REALLY had me going for the first part of this film. His smooth “hot guy” presence made his character that picture of unachievable status for Heigl. It made me wonder if he could pocket his goofy side long enough to really impress me. I have a glimmer hope for Kutcher as a serious actor. But like his act of normalcy, it fades quick. Kutcher is goofy funny in this, and reverts to his standard comedy routine. When he is being Kutcher style funny in this, he does it well.


I honestly didn’t know if I could consider Kutcher an action star and if he could drop the goofball for a minute I really could. But first and foremost this is a comedy, and while Tom Cruise in the same role (Knight and Day anyone?) I would have liked this movie a whole lot more.

True Lies this is not. The whole struggling blindly to adapt to a situation so out of left field is not as well handled here. Heigl gets into the swing of things a little too easily. This allows the pace of the film to move ahead, but the breakneck speed is a little too much.


If I can take anything away from this, it is that I am still crushing on Katherine Heigl, and that I now think that one day Kutcher is going to put aside the goofy silly and REALLY knock someone’s socks off. He is so much better than the films he makes.

That being said, the film was mostly enjoyable but not spectacular. Its exactly what most people expected from the trailer. Standard Heigl, standard Kutcher.

I give Killers a 4 out of 10

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2 Responses to “Review: Killers”
  1. Dan

    Nice review Rodney, I’ll probably wait till this hits blockbuster to rent. I have nothing against Kutcher and I respect that he’s trying to get good work and I hope to see him do better in the future. This film just seems like a rental to me though.

  2. darren j seeley

    I like Heigel too (loved 27 Dresses when everyone else hated it); much of the media is reporting that this is her first action picture (it isn’t- it is only as far as a lead role is concerned…although “Under Siege 2′ as an action picture is debatable)…

    But two things about ‘Killers’ had me concerned. One is that there were reportedly no critics screenings (oh no); the second- as you pointed out- it’s way too close in release to the upcoming Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz movie ‘Knight & Day’ opening in about two weeks (which I’m even more jazzed in seeing because its also helmed by James Marigold).

    From the looks of the box office from the past weekend, it really is a shame- I would have liked Heigel -and Kuchter, for that matter- to actually have a box office hit. I liked Kutcher in other films (Guardian, What Happens In Vegas)…but I was on the fence with this.

    I’ll probably wait for DVD….unless bribed to do otherwise.

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