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Noises-Off-FunnyFilms are all subjective… there really is no denying that. But what’s even MORE subjective is humor. One joke may make a group of people roll on the floor in hysterics for hours… while other don’t even crack a grin at it. So imagine how much diversity of opinion on Comedy movies there are.

But still… we all have our personal favorites, I’m no different… and lists always make for great discussion starters. So, here is my personal list of the 10 best comedy movies:

1) Noises Off - I know this is an odd one to place in my #1 spot. A lot of people don’t even really like this movie… but I remember back in the early 90’s watching this movie every single day for almost a month and laughing myself stupid every single time. REMARKABLE cast with Michael Caine, Carol Burnett, John Ritter, Christopher Reeve, Nicollette Sheridan, Julie Hagerty, Marilu Henner and a couple of more. The film has terrific timing (key to any comedy), and makes you laugh with JOKES and GAGS instead of stunts. Brilliant movie… highly underappreciated… and I KNOW most of you haven’t seen it yet… so go rent it.

2) Borat - What can I say? I’ve never had a movie make me laugh to the point that I thought I was going to physically be sick.

3) Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Yes, all film and comedy are subjective for sure… but any top comedies list WITHOUT this movie on it is immediately called into suspicion. I heard all about this movie since I was 7… but didn’t finally see it until my Grade 9 year. I will never forget where I was and who i was with when I saw this for the first time. The word “Classic” was made for movies like this. “RUN AWAYYYYY! RUN AWAYYY!!”

4) A Fish Called Wanda - “Oh no! It’s K-K-K-Ken C-C-Coming to K-K-K-Kill me!” oh sweet lord this movie is hilarious. The best John Cleese work outside of Python… and yes I include Faulty Towers in that too.

5) Broadcast News - Holly Hunter, Albert Brooks and William Hurt made this the funniest sophisticated comedy I’ve ever seen. Huge laughs with an actual moral to the story kind of feel to it. I will never forget the scene with Brooks being on air and sweating like a pig. Classic scene. Was nominated for 7 Oscars… not bad for a comedy.

6) Tootsie - One of the best Dustin Hoffman roles EVER, and the very first movie I think I ever saw on the new family VCR! oh the technology! I still remember hearing people debating that Hoffman deserved to be nominated for BOTH Best Actor AND Best Actress that year.

7) Clerks 2 - This one won’t be popular with ANYONE. Non-Kevin Smith fans will hate that I put it here… Kevin Smith fans will hate that I put this one on instead of the original Clerks. But what can I say? This film connected with me in a way very few comedies ever have. It made me laugh, think and feel all in one movie. Everyone needs a spot on their lists for something that is just theirs… this one is mine.

8) Airplane! - Screw those pathetic “Scary Movie” movies and to hell with all those copy cat spawn movies that have come after them. Airplane is the preeminent “spoof” movie. Nothing ever has… and nothing ever will come close to it. “And don’t call me Shirley”.

9) This Is Spinal Tap - Do I really need to say anything? “It goes to 11″

10) Spaceballs - You know, I was having a hard time deciding if I should put this or Office Space in the final spot. But the fact of the matter is that to me, Spaceballs has some of the very funniest 1 liners in film history. To to this day, the funnies single line ever: “Now Lonestar you will see that evil will always tripumph… because good… is DUMB”.



Shaun of the Dead

Office Space

Groundhog Day



40 Year Old Virgin
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

So now it’s over to you folks. What do you think of my list? What are some of your favorites that I’ve left off? What would you kick off to make room for it? What does your 10 list looks like?

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  1. Kneon Transitt

    What, Savage Steve Holland gets no love?

  2. Paul Di Gaetano

    I would put Spinal Tap near the top, and remove Anchorman from the Honorable Mentions - I thought it was terrible!

    That said, my contributions? High Fidelity and The Big Lebowski.

  3. Paul Di Gaetano

    How could I forget: Dr. Strangelove is an unforgettable comedy too.

  4. edZio

    I find there are next to zero full length comedy movies that I can re-watch and still have it be funny (Borat after the first viewing, which was just amazing, is really nothing special). Good call on mentioning ‘Groundhog day’, I really need to pick it up on DVD and rewatch that one.

    Though I have a soft spot for ‘The Man who knew too Little’ and ‘Zoolander’ and I can return to those two over and over again.

  5. slybri

    The Jerk

  6. shane razey

    Shindler’s list
    Swing Blade.

    Oh, what wrong list?

    Shouldn’t Spinal Tap be #11?

  7. Chris

    I totally agree with you on Clerks II, it was outright funny the first time I saw it and still is after seeing it multiple times. Borat on the other hand was really funny the first time I saw it but recently watching it again on DVD I was less impressed. It might be a situational thing though as I watched it the first time in a packed theatre while when I saw it again it was just me and my wife.

    Two others I would have on a list of my own would be the religious comedies Dogma and Saved.

  8. Frank Mackey

    I would have to have Kubrick’s “Dr. Stranglove”, The Coen Bros. “Raising Arizona” and Scorsese’s “After Hours” on The Top of my list.

    As far as Noises Off, the movies OK, but the stage play was always funnier to me. It’s just a preference, but with the Play the whole stage is used and lends itself to the frantic nature of the material. If you haven’t seen the play version, go see it.

  9. Matt

    I have to add Liar Liar because I almost died laughing in the theater at that one. Also Ace Venture II because I watched it probably twice a day for a couple of months straight. A buddy and I recited it on a drive up to the casino one night. “Greenwall hit the lights! The switch on the wall beside you, go for it! Flick it quick!” Classic and I’ll stop with Jim Carrey there.

    I’d also have to add Vampire in Brooklyn (that one just struck me and it’s not because of Eddie Murphy he doesn’t even try to be funny), Top Secret, Duck Soup, Saving Silverman, and Orange County.

    And as very big Kevin Smith fan (his new podcast is interesting) I don’t disagree at all with Clerks 2. Mine would be Jay and Bob Strike Back; which by the way Jon, you’re boy Judd Nelson is in. You mentioned wanting to see him in the last Uncut.

  10. Geoff

    How could you make a best comedy list and not mention The Dude? Big Lebowski for the win.

  11. Meh… I liked The Big Lebowski… but not nearly as much as a lot of other people. Falls well short of “classic” in my opinion. I gave it a 7/10

  12. Kristina

    The first Friday movie makes me roll laughing every time. Not all-time top 10 material, but it’s a personal fav.

  13. Mozzerino

    Pretty good list John, mine would include:

    This is Spinal Tap
    Annie Hall
    The Big Lebowski
    Office Space
    Naked Gun
    Monty Python and the holy grail
    Cable Guy
    Ace Ventura - Pet Detective
    A Mighty Wind

    But it’s fucking hard to decide on just 10 titles, there are so many to think of, I could get a hard time just thinking about my Top 10 Woody Allen movies……

  14. Klendathu


  15. Kristina

    Now that I think about it, anybody here see the John Cena action flick The Marine? FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER!!!!

  16. Pineapplehead

    Ghostbusters (yes it is a comedy)

    Blues Brothers.

  17. bigsampson

    pfft fuck all those movies……the older is better thing really isnt true….

  18. Geoff

    John, you need to make a t-shirt that says “It’s a Canadian Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand.” :)

  19. Jay

    In no particular order -

    Revenge of the Nerds
    The Jerk
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    Raising Arizona
    The Ref
    Modern Problems
    Ace Ventura

    The Honorable Mentions are too numourous to list, but here are a few…

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    Three O’Clock High
    Dumb and Dumber
    What About Bob
    Weird Science
    Half Baked
    Spies Like Us
    Spaceballs (We’ve gone plaid)
    A Fish Called Wanda (I remember getting this on VHS and watching it everyday for weeks)
    Austin Powers - 1 & 2

    …Ok, I’ll stop now

  20. tedward

    Those are all great picks for best comedy John,

    My list would be….(some are already on your list)….

    A Fish Called Wanda
    Monty Python’s Meaning of Life
    Young Frankenstein
    Best In Show (Spinal Tap was Guest’s best, until this one came out)
    Arsenic & Old Lace
    The Party
    Liar Liar
    The Jerk
    South Park Movie
    There’s Something About Mary

  21. Kevin

    I was f-ing dieing when i watched Super Troopers the first time. also very bad things with Christian Slater

  22. Gruff

    Battle Royale.

    think about it.

    Oh and reservoir dogs.

    Brown: Dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick, dick.
    Orange: How many dicks is that?
    White: A lot.

  23. Jay

    i forgot about Young Frankenstein. Add that to my list.

  24. Mr Stay Puft

    I agree with Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Airplane, This is Spinal Tap and A Fish Called Wanda. I wouldn’t place the others on my top ten (or my top 20 for that matter).

    Do it surprise anyone that Ghostbusters makes my list?

  25. Clarkehead

    Strange Brew, you hosers!

  26. Rafael

    My fav’s are mostly Mel Brooks stuff. I love Blazing saddles and History of the World. I can watch these daily and be very happy.

  27. jason

    The Naked Gun trumps Airplane every time.

  28. Kristina

    Robin Hood:Men in Tights is a good one.

  29. Viddy

    Right now I can only think of the 40 Year Old Virgin…..But I vaguely remember old Mel Brooks movies that had me “Die Laughing.”

  30. wolf

    1. Clerks
    2. Jay and Silent Bob Strikes back
    3. Clerks 2
    4. Shaun of the Dead
    5. Zoolander
    6. The 40 Year Old Vrigin
    7. Borat
    8. Starsky and Hutch
    9. Stewie The Untold Story
    10. Shanghai Noon

  31. Matt

    I’m suprised there’s no mention of Steve Martin in any fashion. I’d definately include at least one of the following:
    -The Jerk
    -Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    -Three Amigos
    -Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    Also, the lack of Ghostbusters on the list makes me call your understanding of comedy into question.

  32. Greg

    Did anyone mention Wedding Crashers, instant classic. I agree that the Dude in Big lebowski was cool also.

  33. motherNature

    Good call on the Big Lebowski, Geoff.
    Holy Grail: Yes!
    Zoolander: Yes!

  34. Marla Singer

    1.Any Jim Carrey Comedy( Special Mention to Dumb And Dumber and Liar Liar, excluding Fun with Dick And Jane)
    3.Office Space
    4.Vacation / Christmas Vacation
    5.Trains Planes and Automobiles
    6.As Good As It Gets
    7.Wayne’s World
    8.The 40 Year Old Virgin
    9.Austin Powers Trilogy
    10. The Great Outdoors

    11. This is Spinal Tap

    And honourable mention to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Spaceballs, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Jerk.

  35. alfie

    any chance john you could give us a clue or just tell us what film was so similar to the script you and doug were writing…..its driving me crazy….please? i have to know….

    my list would read

    revenge of the nerds - greatest american comedy of all time.

    the jerk - steve martin has never bettered this….

    dead men don’t wear plaid - but he came close

    ghostbusters - still holds up….actually funnier then people remember when murray first visits dana apartment “hello boys - its dr venkman” fucking great

    monty python and the meaning of life
    monty python and the holy grail - these three films formed my childhood
    monty python’s life of brian

    The Naked Gun (all 3) - “she reminded me of my mother alright” great stuff

    the Big Lebowski - recently saw this again and dear god it really is fucking hilarious. john goodmans best role.

    Dumb and Dumber - another film I think is funnier then people remember and smarter to. some of the jokes are so clever is their stupidity. it is a shame the farrellys have not come close to making anything as good as this again. kingpin almost gets there….fuck mary - totally overrated…this is their shining moment.

    This is Spinal Tap - “they were still booing him when we came on” one of tghe best films ever made…and as tired a joke as it is now my list just went to eleven.

    that would probably be my list…hot fuzz would be creeping up there as i thought it was amazing.

    borat was funnier for me second time around…the deleted scenes on the dvd are as good if not better than the stuff in the finished film….

  36. alfie

    honorable mentions

    ferris buellers day off
    sixteen candles
    bob roberts
    clerks - dear god I don’t understand thr love for clerks 2..i found it desperate, sad and depressing.
    fast times at ridgemonet high

  37. jp from ohio

    am i stupid for mentioning dumb and dumber. c’mon.

  38. Seeh Oly Watchman

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail is still my number one. It bothers me that so many people have not seen it. It really is a life-changing experience to behold.

    Here’s an excerpt:
    Dead Collector: Bring out yer dead. [Hits gong]
    Large Man: Here’s one.
    Dead Collector: Ninepence.
    Dead Body: I’m not dead!
    Dead Collector: What?
    Large Man: Nothing. Here’s your ninepence.
    Dead Body: I’m not dead!
    Dead Collector: ‘Ere, he says he’s not dead.
    Large Man: Yes he is.
    Dead Body: I’m not!
    Dead Collector: He isn’t.
    Large Man: Well, he will be soon, he’s very ill.
    Dead Body: I’m getting better!
    Large Man: No you’re not, you’ll be stone dead in a moment.
    Dead Collector: Well, I can’t take him like that. It’s against regulations.
    Dead Body: I don’t want to go on the cart!
    Large Man: Oh, don’t be such a baby.
    Dead Collector: I can’t take him.
    Dead Body: I feel fine!
    Large Man: Oh, do me a favor.
    Dead Collector: I can’t.
    Large Man: Well, can you hang around for a couple of minutes? He won’t be long.
    Dead Collector: I promised I’d be at the Robinsons’. They’ve lost nine today.
    Large Man: Well, when’s your next round?
    Dead Collector: Thursday.
    Dead Body: I think I’ll go for a walk.
    Large Man: You’re not fooling anyone, you know. Isn’t there anything you could do?
    Dead Body: I feel happy. I feel happy.
    [The Dead Collector glances up and down the street furtively, then silences the Old Man with a whack of his club]
    Large Man: Ah, thanks very much.
    Dead Collector: Not at all. See you on Thursday.
    Large Man: Right.

    The humour from that film inspired me to write a parody on my website as a response to the Da Vinci Code and “The Secret” DVD, and all the get rich quick internet schemes out there entitled:

    “The Ancient Secret Code: The Law of Attracting Bleep Loads of Cash, Goodies, Pleasure, Love, Power, Prizes, Riches, and Wealth”

    I also love it when the idiot fool, thinking himself brilliant, uses logic that doesn’t make sense. Yet, everyone around him is easily convinced. This device is used to great effect in this film.

    Also Noteworthy:
    Home Alone
    City Slickers
    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    Tommy Boy
    Beverly Hills Ninja
    Office Space
    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
    Space Balls
    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    What About Bob?
    American Grafitti
    The Three Amigos
    Napolean Dynamite
    Nacho Libre

  39. darren j seeley

    Here’s mine in no disorder:

    Young Frankenstein
    Hot Shots Part Deux (not only better than the first, but also made by the Airplane folks)
    I’m Gonna Get You Sucka
    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Ruthless People

    Close, not quite:

    Top Secret
    Back To School
    Spies Like Us
    Groundhog Day
    Bachelor Party
    Heaven Can Wait
    Crocodile Dundee

  40. Chris Lammers

    not too bad. if you makes you feel better John i thought Clerks 2 was better then one and should be there. top for me would be like:

    1. Spaceballs - take us to LUDACRIS Speed
    2. Monty Python and the Holygrail
    3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    4. Clerks 2
    5. Borat
    6. Austin Powers in Goldmember
    7. Ace Ventura: Pet detective
    8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (old one) (John probably hates this choice)
    9. Home Alone
    10. National lampoons Christmas Vacation

  41. Chris N

    Yep. Agree with this list of John’s almost completely. I would have put things in a different order perhaps. I would have to replace Tootsie and Broadcast News and put Big Lebowski and Dumb and Dumber in somewhere.

    I’ve talked to several of my friends about it and we all agree that Clerks 2 is Kevin Smith’s best film. And we all thought that Chasing Amy was his best work until this one came out.

    Noises Off is hilarious! I’ve seen it around 10 times. Our community put it on as a play last month and they did an alright job. It was just great to see the movie and play getting some recognition where I live.

    I think I would have put Wanda as #1 and Grail as my #2. Possibly Spaceballs as #3, but I’d have to start thinking about the order some more.

    Great topic. Looking forward to hearing this on Uncut.

  42. Cain

    There is a significant lack of the following in these lists:

    1) Tommy Boy
    2) Uncle Buck
    3) Galaxy Quest

    Remedy this and you’ll have a good list =P

    I think you guys can guess my top 3.

  43. tedward


    I can’t believe I completely forgot about Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. That was friggin classic!

  44. alfie

    wow the clerks 2 love continues….i am so surprised it is loved so much. I cringed throughout the whole thing..and I fucking love smiths films…..

  45. Jay

    I cant believe I forgot about Ferris Bueller’s day off…

    What the hell have I been smoking?

    Put that one right under Revenge of the Nerds for me.

  46. chris

    what clerks 2??? wtf i love smith but this wasn’t funny at all….wow galaxy quest, anchorman, the Big Lebowski, The 40 Year Old Virgin, shaun of the dead not on the list…MADNESS!! MADNESS!!!

  47. doug nagy

    I like your list alfie

  48. Lou_Sytsma(sit sma)

    Might have missed it, but wanted to add Stripes to the list - Dat’s The Facts, Jack!

  49. turska

    Super Troopers? Beerfest?

  50. alfie

    thanks doug…

    someone complimenting me for a post….at last….at long lonely last…..

    hey, what was the film that was too similar to the script you and campea were writing??? i am really curious…..

  51. Tyler

    Big Lebowski, definitely.

    Plus Naked Gun, The Man With 2 Brains and Blazing Saddles.

  52. Ross

    Quite a diverse list you’ve got the John. Quite a few I haven’t heard of in my life (including the first one you said no one would have seen :P). I agree with a lot of them, Monty Python (and the Holy Grail) is the BEST comedy ofm all time (in my opinion), although not my favourite. Here is my favourites:

    (Top 5 are in right order, other 5 aren’t)

    10. Clerks 2 - Such amazing dialogue, similar to the stuff I would discuss everyday. Surprisingly good for a newer film.

    9. The Is Spinal Tap - A movie which I didn’t see until recently that I just loved. It’s one of those instances where the comedy isn’t funny until you mull it over and then it’s hysterical.

    8. Groundhog Day - Such a well written, smart comedy/. One of those films that just grabs you and therefore becomes timeless.

    7. The 40 Year Old Virgin - One of those films I feel will lose it’s touch but the first few times I watched it I was in stiches the whol way through.

    6. Life of Brian - The Monty Python team are genuis’, although not as good as The Holy Grail it is stilla classic none the less.

    5. Shaun of the Dead - Yet another film that is highly quotable. They did an amazing job creating such a funny film in this era of numerous un-funny movies.

    4. Snatch - Yes I DO consider this to be a comedy as well as a violent crime film (am I the only one?). Another VERY quotable movie that is definitely a firm favourite.

    3. Monty Python and the Holy Grail - THE BEST comedy ever made. How can you not quote this film at every turn during your lifetime?

    2. The Big Lebowski (Very rarely does a comedy that I just see make it into any favourite lists what so ever. I only first saw this a few months ago and I have loved it ever since.

    1. Dumb and Dumber - Still the funniest film I have ever seen. A lot of films over the years in particular recent ones) are hilarious the first few times but lsoe their touch. This has consistently kept me in stitches every time I watch it.

  53. Einar

    Kudos on including Airplane and Spaceballs, but Ace Ventura and So I Married an Axe Murderer are sorely missing.

  54. Ian

    How about classics like “The Life of Brian” another Python, then there’s “Johnny English” Rowan Atkison. For the life of me I can’t see the humor in “Broadcast News”, damned if I can. “Blazing Saddles” has funny moments, by on the whole ends up annoying me. Mel Brooks, can probably write comedy, produce comedy, but he can’t do comedy.

  55. Kaneda979

    Very nice list John. Not exactly how mine would be, Anchorman would for sure be on there for one. But still pretty close to how I’d do mine.

    Never seen Noises Off, but you’ve very much made me want to.

    The Holy Grail is awsome. Just the bit with the man eating rabbit alone is comedy gold. I actualy have a shirt of the killer rabbit too, it’s pretty funny.

    And Spaceballs, ohhhh God, HOW I LOVE THAT MOVIE! Yup, funniest single line ever. :) Can’t wait to see how that new animated series turns out.

    Hey John, scense I know your a huge Transformers fan and now I know Spaceballs fan too, I bet you’ll love this.

    One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on YouTube.

  56. Kaneda979

    Oh ya, duh, 40 Year Old Virgin would for sure be on my list too. :p

  57. Frederik

    I’d like to add one of the first comedy I ever watched: Top Secret with Val Kilmer. Right up there with Airplane and Spaceballs…maybe even The Naked Gun.

    The first time I watched the South Park movie I almost pissed myself…


  58. Robert Williams

    In no order;

    Life Of Brian
    Deuce Bigalow:Male Gigolo (we’ll forget about the dreadful sequel)
    The Big Lebowski
    Porridge:The Movie (classic British 70’s comedy)
    Groundhog Day
    Dumb And Dumber
    Ferris Buellers Day Off
    Planes, Trains And Automobiles
    Midnight Run
    Toy Story 2

  59. Robert Williams

    Damn I forgot Clerks!!!

  60. Nord

    Hmmm lets see, mine are definately influenced by recreational drugs!

    1. Granma’s Boy
    2. Super Troopers
    3. American Pie
    4. Old School
    5. Anchorman
    6. Half Baked
    7. Borat
    8. The Big Lebowski
    9. Happy Gilmore
    10.Road Trip

    I will not be confined to 10!!!!


  61. Ross

    Haha, yours go up to 11!

  62. @spence

    i havent seen any of those movies…….

  63. Carlos

    Hot Shots: Part Deux wasn’t even mentioned.
    It makes me so sad.

  64. JOE

    John Candy movies are hilarious
    Uncle Buck
    The Great Outdoors
    Summer Rental
    his role in Spaceballs and Stripes

    I will always laugh when he says in Uncle Buck
    “Bug! What’s his last name? Spray?”

  65. JOE

    John Candy movies are hilarious
    Uncle Buck
    The Great Outdoors
    Summer Rental
    his role in Spaceballs and Stripes

    I will always laugh when he says in Uncle Buck
    “Bug! What’s his last name? Spray?”

  66. Nick

    I have no problem with your list, but here are a few that would have made mine, in no particular order:

    Super Troopers (I don’t care what anyone says, this is one of the funniest movies ever made. “Move that gigantic cotton candy!”)
    Office Space, of course.
    Animal House
    Army of Darkness
    Wayne’s World

  67. garv

    Am I the only guy that watches films over 30 years old anymore? Here’s my list…

    1) The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (1944)
    2) The Bank Dick (1940)
    3) His Girl Friday (1940)
    4) Bad Santa (2003)
    5) The General (1927)
    6) The Producers (1968)
    7) City Lights (1931)
    8) Bedazzled (1967)
    9) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)
    10) The Ladies Man (1961)

    Runners up: Duck Soup (1933), Arthur (1981), Rushmore (1998), It’s a Gift (1934), Ghost World (2001), Dr. Strangelove (1964)

  68. alfie

    holy fucking shit garv…..i totally forgot duck fucking soup…scratch dead men don’t wear plaid form my list bump nerds to 2 and slip duck soup at number 1…i knew i was forgetting something……

    having said that garv…..thanks for putting the years down for your list - do you feel better now? now you can look down on us all because you like old films….good for you.

  69. Herby

    1. The Producers - Funniest movie ever made, no not the musical but the original 1968 film staring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder

    2. The Great Race - Best Blake Edwards Film ever (yes better than the Pink Panter Film.

    3. What’s Uo Doc? - Funniest Chase in Movie History. Great Ensamble Cast - Barbara Striesand, Ryan O’ Neil, Madeline Kahn, Keneth Mars.

    4. Monty Python and The Holy Grail - The Best of the Pythons but a close Second is…

    5. Monty Python’s Life of Brian - Always look on the bright side of life.

    6. Animal Crackers- The Best Marx Brothers film, but a close second is…

    7. Duck Soup - Hail Fredonia!

    8. The General - Buster Keaton Classic

    9. Raising Arizon

    10. Blazing Saddles

  70. garv


    I didn’t mean to come across as sounding superior. I only added the years after the fims for two reasons-1) Some of the titles-The General, The Producers, Bedazzled, The Ladies Man-were reused for other, lesser films 2) Out of habit.

    The comment I made at the start of the post was simply meant as a lament. Many people refuse to watch films if they were made prior to the 70’s or if (god forbid) they are in Black & White. I think a lot of people are missing out on some of the great joys in life by not being more adventurous.

  71. garv


    I agree that The Great Race is Blake Edwards finest. Victor Victoria would probably run a close second for me.

    I haven’t seen What’s Up Doc? since I was a kid. It’s time for me to revisit that one.

  72. alfie

    Garv I am sorry for sounding like a prick…it wasn’t meant to come across like that i was just kidding with you as I felt bad for forgetting duck soup!!!

    great great was your list…the original bedazzled is fantastic. I love Peter Cook…love him.

  73. Gerball

    Cannot Believe not one person has mention one of my personal favourites Old School (2003)!!!!

    Vince Vaughn & Will Ferrell at their best! and DAn’s band do i need to say anymore!!!

    maybe i do…….

  74. Phil in DC

    Noises Off is my #2. The timing is incredible. Especially behind the set in the second half.

    Best in Show is my #1. John Michael Higgins character saying, “Rhapsody has two mommies!” Christopher Guest naming the nuts. And just about everything Fred Willard says - especially the play-by-play at the finals…

  75. matt

    best comidies are :
    super troopers
    something about mary
    forest gump
    40 year old virgin
    cable guy
    hame alone movies
    road trip
    half baked

  76. Martha

    i agree with alot of everyones though I havent seen some but now plan to however i would have to add( some have been said)
    LIAR LIAR best movie ever(and other jim carrey movies)
    Night at the Roxbury
    waynes world
    harold and kumaur(sp?) go to white castle
    pink panther (with steve martin)
    the court jester (danny kaye)
    the road to el dorado
    and so many more

  77. Martha

    oh yeah and why is everyone raving about Borat i hated that movie
    oh and i forgot Scary Movie was good

  78. no eff eks

    The ultimate top ten list (in no particular order).

    Big Lebowski
    Dumb and Dumber
    Night at the Roxbury (like one damn person mentions this movie, and it’s god damned hilarious)
    Ace Ventura Pet Detective
    Groundhog Day
    Blazing Saddles (another movie that was passed over by most people… I can only assume they were drunk)
    South Park movie
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    Does this list include anything not already mentioned? No. But it’s better because it only includes the ten movies that truely deserved to make the list. All other lists are inferior. Since everyone has already explained why these movies are funny I wont bother.

    Kevin Smith movies are funny, but only funny enough to make the top 20. Clerks (the original) is not as funny as Clerks 2, and Chasing Amy was just lame. Borat the movie was not even close to as funny as Borat was on the TV show. Spinal Tap is funny, but not “top ten” funny.

  79. Robert Williams

    My choices in no order;

    Withnail And I
    Life Of Brian
    Dumb And Dumber
    Porridge-The Movie
    Groundhog Day
    Deuce Biglaow Male Gigolo
    Best In Show
    Ferris Buellers Day Off
    Swingers (not an out and out comedy, but one hell of a funny movie)

  80. invaziondrummer

    It’s so hard for me to order things like this, but I think I’ve got it down. So, here goes my two cents…

    10) Fast Times At Ridgemont High - Not soley a comedy, but a fantastic movie with lots of hilarious moments so while it’s a number 10 as a comedy, it’s tied for number 1 for my fave of all time.

    9) Animal House - What else can be said about this absolute classic?

    8) Blazing Saddles - To me, Mel Brooks has never made a finer film, nor a funnier one.

    7) The Great Outdoors - This movie still absolutely floors me, and to me showed John Candy, and Dan Aykroyd are money in the bank.

    6) Fletch - As good as some of the moments from the “Vacation” series were, THIS is the role Chevy Chase was born to play!

    5) Super Troopers - Belly laughs from start to finish. A modern classic.

    4) Better Off Dead - Another movie that isn’t in your face comedy, and that is often what makes it so funny. Savage Steve Holland’s best, and I believe it to be one of Cusack’s best too, despite his feelings to the contrary. One of my fave movies ever, and a masterpiece of 80’s cinema.

    3) This Is Spinal Tap - Classic from start to finish! Genius of the highest order.

    2) Delirious - This, to me, is John Candy’s best! What an amazing, and amaizngly underrated gem! I never laughed so hard until I saw…

    1) Dumb And Dumber - For me, this is the absolute pinnacle of comedy in cinema. It’s rewatchability is off the charts, and it is just the perfect blend of casting, writing, direction, and timing EVER!

    Very hnorable mentions go to:
    Airplane, Grandma’s Boy, Groundhog Day, Dirty Work, Artie Lange’s Beer League (it’s hilarious assholes), Police Academy, Napoleon Dynamite, The Burbs, Revenge Of The Nerds, Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Wayne’s World, Old School, Wedding Crashers, and of course Knocked Up, but it’s too soon for me to put that on the list

  81. budowa domów

    best comidies are :
    40 year old virgin
    cable guy
    hame alone movies

  82. Anonymous

    I love the fact that someone finally said Fletch. The word play in this movie is simply phenominal and nobody could deliver it like Chevy Chase. I’m probably one of a few people who thinks that Fletch Lives is equally high-larious although NOT politically correct. Surprised nobody really mentioned Caddyshack!!! Screw it, might as well just make #1 “anything with Chevy Chase,” IMO. :)

  83. domy drewniane

    1. What’s Uo Doc? - Funniest Chase in Movie History. Great Ensamble Cast - Barbara Striesand, Ryan O’ Neil, Madeline Kahn, Keneth Mars.
    2. The Great Race - Best Blake Edwards Film ever (yes better than the Pink Panter Film.
    3. The Producers - Funniest movie ever made, no not the musical but the original 1968 film staring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder

  84. Biff

    I would go for:

    Something About Mary
    Dumb and Dumber (for the Mockingbird song)
    40 Year old Virgin
    Young Frankenstein
    Bananas/Love and Death
    Anything Stephen Chow - King of Comedy, Shaolin Soccer, Forbidden City Cop
    Meet the Parents
    Withnail and I
    Happiness of the Katakuris
    Clerks (Did he say making ****?)
    Original Bedazzled

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    Well done

  92. Downunder

    Galaxy Quest for the geeks among us

    And here are a few Antipodean efforts, for you poor deprived USians ;-)

    Death in Brunswick (Sam Neill and John Clarke having fun on screen and getting pissed together each night. It’s a Kiwi thing ….)
    The Castle (it’s the vibe)
    Crackerjack (you never would have believed that lawn bowls could be so full of intrigue)
    Dogwoman: The Legend of Dogwoman (OK, so it’s a TV movie, but Magda Szubanski (Babe) is the BEST COMEDIENNE living today.)

    Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (So it’s Pommy, we don’t hold that against them around here. But if any of you thought Reservoir Dogs deserved to be on this list, you will enjoy this even more, delicious …..)

    Perhaps this is a good excuse for you all to seek out some ANZAC culcha, eh? ;-)

  93. SKC

    10. Austin Powers 1 and 2
    9. Borat
    8. Dumb and Dumber
    7. Zoolander
    6. Eurotrip
    5. Wedding Crashers
    4. Office Space
    3. Shaun of the Dead
    2. Hot Fuzz
    1. There’s Something About Mary

  94. rc


  95. rc

    (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

  96. chibears

    OK HERE IS AS SOLID AS A LIST AS YOU WILL FIND…drumroll please..And after years and years of study I have concluded that my own personal tastes is what matters most..alot of films mentioned by others I have never seen so dont hold it against me..alls it means is I have alot of movies still left to 2 keep me occupied..I thought I was done..

    10. Dont Be a Menace in South Central while drinking ….
    9. Half Baked
    8. Malibus Most Wanted
    7. Revenge of the Nerds
    6. Zoolander
    5. The Cable Guy
    4. A Night At The Roxbury
    3. Caddyshack
    2. Dumb And Dumber
    1. The Waterboy

    Honorable Mention…DODGEBALL, animal house, fletch lives, uncle buck, tommy boy, meet the parents, scary movie, spaceballs,old school,caddyshack 2, xmas vacation

  97. Jordan

    MY LIST (Who cares, right? I do.)

    10. Clueless
    9. Tommy Boy
    8. NL’s Christmas Vacation
    7.Office Space
    6. Girl Next Door
    5.Wedding Singer
    4. Mean Girls
    3. Dumb and Dumber
    2. Billy Madison
    1. Best in Show

    Honorable Mentions:
    History of the World, Ten Things I Hate About You, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Airplane!, Happy Gilmore, SUPERBAD (would’ve been number one, but still too early for that), Old School, Zoolander, Just Friends, Thank You for Smoking, Vacation, Dodgeball, Grandma’s Boy, Dirty Work… I could go on all day, but I won’t.

  98. Jordan

    OH YEAH AND UNCLE BUCK! How could I have forgotten Uncle Buck??

    “Maybe a little off the old knee cap.”

    “He’s cooking our garbage!”

    “You have a lot more noise hairs than my dad.”
    “Thanks for noticing.”
    “I’m a kid; that’s my job.”

  99. kara

    you guys forgot when harry met sally…

    my list: not in any order…i don’t care if they are all recent, its a different time now and that why they call it my list and not yours

    1. when harry met sally

    2. tommy boy

    3. ace ventura: when nature calls

    4. national lampoon’s christmas vacation

    5. orange county

    6. old school

    7. biodome

    8. juno

    9. history of the world part 1

    10. anchorman

  100. Commenter

    Numbers 1, 7 and 10 suck. The others are fine, funny but not excellent comedies (except number 2). My 10 favorites are:

    5. THE STING
    8. FARGO


    Thy Holy List

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Wayne’s World
    Wayne’s World 2
    Dazed and Confused
    Weird Science
    Breakfast Club
    Fast Times At Ridgemont High
    Robin Hood: Men In Tights
    Austin Powers 1, 2, & 3
    Gone Fishin’
    Hard Days Night
    Sixteen Candles
    Harold and Kumar: Go to White Castle
    Harold and Kumar: Go to Guatamano Bay
    Shaun of the Dead
    Ferris Bueler’s Day Off

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