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(THERE ARE NEWER STORIES BELOW. WE’RE JUST KEEPING THIS AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR TODAY) It’s getting to be that time of the year again… time for us to start talking about the best and in this case, the worst movies of 2007. This year gave us some truly awful films (but surprisingly, not as many as last year) that all deserve an honored place on this mighty list.

There is a little bit of everything on this year’s “Worst of” list. Some sequel action, some comedy, some horror… but all of them celebrating sucking. So let us celebrate the suckage together as we are pleased to run down for you The Movie Blog’s 10 Worst Films of 2007.

Worst-2007-Sm31) SPIDER-MAN 3
There was only 1 film I was looking forward to more in 2007 than Spider-Man 3, and that was Transformers. I really liked the first Spider-Man film… and I thought Spider-Man 2 was one of the best Comic Book movies ever made. No reason to suspect anything less than brilliance for Spider-Man 3 right? RIGHT??? Wrong. Sam Raimi (who I think rules) just ran out of creative gas for this franchise and just mailed it in. Oh how creative… the bad guy is going to get at Spider-Man by kidnapping MJ and hanging her from a high place… just like they did in #2…. just like they did in #1. Emo Spidey. Raping the image of Venom. Stupid story. Needless new side characters. Dance scenes. And ultimately this movie should have been called “Spider-Man 3: MJ’s Career Troubles”, because the film spent far more time on MJ’s struggles as an actress than it did on either villain, including the one we all wanted to see more of. I could go on and on and on and on… but I’ll leave it there. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Movie Blog presents to you the worst film of 2007. Spider-Man 3.

Worst-2007-Number-232) THE NUMBER 23
Also high on my “anticipated films of 2007″ list was this amazing looking thriller with Jim Carrey in the lead. The concept sounded so very good. Carrey himself looked like he would knock this one out of the park. The trailers and images looked fantastic… and then I saw it. Wow… just wow. The whole movie you’re just waiting for something to happen… but it never really does. Ridiculous story “twists”, major continuity problems, and just a total disregard for common sense and the intelligence of the audience. The most boring and painfully slow film of the year… and when it finally gets to the pay off at the end, it just makes it worse. I can understand why Carrey took this role. On the surface it looked like it had a lot of promise… but those promises were dirty dirty LIES (said in high pitched german female voice)!

Worst-2007-Condemned3) THE CONDEMNED
There are certain films that should be no brainers and pretty easy to make. Zombie movies for example. Make some virus, it turns people into zombies, the zombies kill a lot of people… it’s not hard. A simple action film with “Stone Cold Steve Austin” should have been the easiest thing on the planet. Just have lots of over the top action, some witty macho one liners and a few hot chicks. It’s not classic cinema, but it would appeal to your target audience and keep them happy. Well, they screwed it up. Steve Austin should have never opened his mouth in the film, the action was sub-par, and for some reason they tried to integrate a political espionage element with the grieving wife back home sub-plot. Ouch this movie sucked.

Worst-2007-Shrek4) SHREK 3
Another franchise I just adored. 1 was really good, 2 was hilarious, so I had high hopes for Shrek 3. Here’s the thing… if you’re going to have a comedy, then the one thing it absolutely MUST have is laughs. A weak story in a comedy can be forgiven if it has great laughs. Bad acting can be over looked if it has great laughs. Bad pacing, bad direction, bad effects, bad dialog can all be over looked if a comedy movie has great laughs. HOWEVER, you can have everything else in spades… but without the laughs the movie fails. This movie (without exaggeration) had 1 laugh that came near the end of the film. Even the kids didn’t laugh. Such a let down from such a fun franchise.

Worst-2007-Daddy5) DADDY DAY CAMP
Hey everyone, gather around the camp fire. I’m going to tell you a story. It’s a story about a time long ago when Cuba Gooding Jr. actually had a career worth talking about. I know that sounds like a far fetched story… but it’s actually true. This guy even won an Oscar once. But then, some big bad evil agent started feeding Cuba poison apples disguised as scripts, and Cuba ate them up. But seriously, how on earth did any studio anywhere end up liking a pitch that involved a follow up to an Eddie Murphy comedy without Eddie Murphy?!?! Such an awful movie. Cuba, you’re better than this… we’ve all seen what you can do. Wake up and stop eating those damn apples.

Worst-2007-Bratz6) BRATZ
Do you get the irony? A group of plastic teen girls who’s moral message is for young girls to “be themselves” all while trying to convince them to conform to modern popular trends. Oh yeah girls… and dress like sluts too. I’m hardly qualified to be the moral compass of America… but holy crap, if I had a daughter I’d never in a million years let her watch or be influenced by this crap. I’d rather she listen to Manson for heaven’s sake. Unlike Daddy Day Camp, I can understand why a movie like this would get the green light (having such a popular brand following, it was guaranteed to at least make back it’s money) but come on… at least PRETEND like you care about making a half decent movie. Just pretend. We’re not expecting Oscars out of it… just make it so I don’t want to scratch out my eyes when watching it.

Worst-2007-Done-Yet7) ARE WE DONE YET?
Yeah, we’ve come a long way my friends from the bad ass mo’ fo’ Ice Cube from straight out of Compton. Now he a neutered wussy bad disney-esque family man comedy whore. This movie was just all kinds of horrible. Every cliche and over used formula and sight gag that could be pulled out of cold storage was used to cheese supremacy. If you’re going to do a film like this, you’ve got to at least make the family endearing… or somewhat believable. Neither were the case here with Are We Done Yet. The one good thing I can say about Are We Done Yet, is that unlike most movies today, it lived up to the potential of the trailer. Yes, it was one of the worst trailers of all time. How on earth this movie made more than $2 million is beyond me.

Worst-2007-Fantastic8) FANTASTIC FOUR 2
Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s do a sequel to Fantastic Four… only this time let’s put more cheese into it, take out even more of the action, and let’s do what Spider-Man 3 did by introducing to the screen a character all the comic fans want to see, and then hardly ever have him on the screen… oh… and make sure he doesn’t get into any fights in the movie. Fantastic Four 2 took the failures of the first one, and built on them instead of building on the few things the first one did right. A comic book action movie where the BIGGEST fight was the Fantastic Four vs a Ferris Wheel. Yes, you read that right. The big fight involving the whole Fantastic Four Team was then they has to combat the evil forces of a falling Ferris Wheel. Go team! The film was called “Rise of the Silver Surfer” and yet the Surfer has just a little more screen time in the movie than I did.

Is it just me, or does it feel like the better and better Adam Sandler is becoming as an actor, the less and less funny his comedies are becoming? It used to be the other way around. Sandler was hilarious but couldn’t act worth beans…. but he’s grown. This past year “Reign Over Me” was one of the best surprise movies of the year and Sandler was brilliant in it… but then comes I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry and it seems like Sandler has just totally lost his edge/touch. Ranchy does not equal funny. Raunchy can be funny, it can be very funny. But it’s not an equation. The jokes and feel for this horrible film got really tired about 5 minutes into it. And I’m sorry, but Adam Sandler always beening the great looking, hottest, toughest guy around roles are just too much and are starting to come off as pretty damn narcissistic. The whole movie felt like a great idea for a 7 minute SNL skit… but it got dragged out to almost 2 hours.

Worst-2007-Hostel10) HOSTEL 2
Someone needs to remind Eli Roth that gross does not equal scary. In Hostel 1, Roth gave a nice mixture of grossness with tension and suspense. There was also a mild dash of mystery to it as well. In that kind of environment, torture porn tactics can be VERY effective, and they were in Hostel 1. But for some reason all of that got thrown out the window for Hostel 2, and all we were left with was “He guys, watch this awful thing we’re going to do to this girl”. It becomes nothing but a demonstration of gore without any of the substance of horror to go along with it. So instead of scaring us, it just made us want to cover our eyes. When you do both, it’s classic, when you do just the one, it’s a waste of time. That pretty much sums up Hostel 2… a giant gory waste of time.


Pirates of the Caribbean 3
Licensed To Wed
The Last Legion
Wild Hogs
Reno 911: Miami

Stay tuned as next week we hand out our Movie Blog Awards to the Best of 2007!

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  1. Toms

    If this list is evaluating movies based on their quality, it’s hard to argue with your number one choice. Spiderman 3 was truly a travesty. But if you’re looking at enjoyment derived from the experience, I have to disagree. There are some movies, such as Saw, that have no inherent value. You nailed a few of these on the list. Who could find enjoyment in Shrek or Daddy Day Camp but for the most simple-minded children. But Spiderman was a level of awful that brings it right back into good territory. I laughed so hard my eyes were tearing up during certain points. Bad, yes, but at least it was enjoyably bad.

  2. Christopher Edwards

    I spent the majority of my summer going to see ever blockbuster film and i thought that all of them was terrible and they had nothing special.

    Also aganist the best film of 2006 for me was Pan’s Labyrinth then non of them stand up to it. Maybe bourne but it is in its own leauge.

  3. Phil Gee

    Good choices but i really would have put Ghost Rider in there as well. To me, that film was just a painful reminder of the kind of comic book movies i thought we’d left behind us in the 90’s (like Spawn).

    I imagine that Southland Tales & The Golden Compass will make some lists too.

  4. Rusty James

    It’s been a good year for bad movies my list goes like this:

    hostel 2
    number 23
    the brave one
    behind the mask: rise of leslie vernon - i don’t know anyone who saw this movie outside the festival circuit who likes it. the premise makes no sense and it travels the exact same territory as scream did ten years. point for point, scream already did it and did it better. i don’t buy that the makers of this film were horror fans, i think they just watched scream.

  5. DarkKinger

    The Movie Blog is The Bible, and this list is the Book of Genesis! Even the 4 Horsemen would fear these films! [For the record: No, I'm not religious.]

    Everything I hated about Spidey 3 has already been said. Venom should’ve lived, M.J. and Eddie Brock should’ve died!

    Btw, Bratz and Daddy Day Camp: Are we begging for a fuckin’ apocalypse to kill us!

    Never watched Hostel (I want to), but Hostel 2 I’ll pass.

    As for Fantastic Four 2: Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, will make me watch this! Thanks to this movie, the internet will ALWAYS have the best summary for this movie; A GIANT FUCKIN’ STORM CLOUD~! Here’s a better idea: DON’T BRING GALACTUS IN THE MOVIE IN THE FIRST PLACE~!

    We suffer because we didn’t support Grindhouse!

  6. robert

    SPIDERMAN 3 is the worst film and the best dissapointment of 2007.

  7. medavidson

    You know what I’d like to see? All of the superlatives TMB (as well as the other sites) gushed out ahead of the release of these movies. Free press by the butt-load that ended up being nothing but free press for some pretty pathetic movies.


    No Ghost Rider??? And, John, you forgot to include Transformers. ;-)


  9. aaaa

    Hostel 2 was not that bad…..

  10. Kristina

    John, clearly you haven’t seen Southland Tales. THAT is the WORST flick of the year, hands down. It was ten times worse than Mary Jane whining about her career.

    And off topic, but I just heard that Jessica Alba is PREGNANT. No lie. EWW.

  11. Mofo Toshio

    Uh.. How ’bout Hanni-BULL Rising. That was by and far the worst thing I saw all year. I asked for my money back, and Mofo Toshio NEVER asks for his money back!

  12. Mofo Toshio

    And I agree with aaaa, I found Hostel 2 mostly watchable (see my review of it in a comment attached to the movieblog review)

  13. @ Rusty James

    You hated Behind The Mask? I don’t know who you’ve been showing, but EVERYBODY I’ve shown (outside of festival circuits) freaking loved the movie. I can understand not loving it…but it’s definitely not one of the year’s worst films. In fact when I saw it last year, it was one of the best movies I’ve seen that year.

    I would have definitely put Ghost Rider and as much as I hate to put my idol, Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Death Proof’

  14. Martin

    I definitely don’t agree with “Number 23″ being in that list. I can see how someone might not like it, I don’t think it was the best film of the year or anything….however, I quite liked it and though it had some clever moments.

    Putting it among the worst movies of the year is what I’d call…well stupid actually.

    Instead I’d replace it with The Transformers. ;)

  15. Mkfreak2

    Number 23 and Pirates 3 were very entertaining blockbuster movies. I liked them quite a bit.

    Now, onto the mention of the “Best Of” awards you’ll be doing next week, how many of the major Oscar contenders have you guys seen? I know you’ve seen 3:10 to Yuma and Juno, but what about No Country, Gone Baby Gone, Eastern Promises, Zodiac, American Gangster, Rescue Dawn, Into the Wild, The Kite Runner, Michael Clayton, Atonement, etc? I just don’t want to see an awards post/podcast that gives away awards if you guys haven’t seen all the big contenders.

  16. Rafa1215

    I kind of like fantastic four part 2. Just get that damn cloud out of your head and it ends up being an ok movie.

  17. DJ Machismo

    Wow, I’m really glad I don’t hang out with the people that didn’t enjoy Transformers. Talk about a bunch of fun sponges.

  18. Alex

    Just saw “Chuck and Larry” and that definitely deserves it’s place on the list just higher up. “Hitman” was also a travesty. I have to put “Transformers” on the list too. I just can’t get past giant robots trying to stay hidden while climbing Griffith Tower to look through a pair of glasses. Blech. Shrek the Tird was god awful too.

  19. Ric Ocasek

    The worst film of the year was the remake of “The Hitcher”. This was a horrible film, not a disappointment. I think John has these 2 categories confused. Spidy3 was a disappointment, but certainly wasn’t the absolute worst of the year. As far as comic book films go, Ghost Rider was far worse. Or maybe you’d like to compare it to the sequels of the year and Pirates 3 is the lesser of the two.

  20. Robert(wolf)

    You know what I noticed?

    Remember when Spider-man was fighting Venom? And Spider-Man was maskless, with every news station with CAMERAS handing around, well shouldn’t everyone now know the indenity of Spider-Man?

  21. Adam

    How could you leave out Epic Movie? That is without a doubt the worst movie of the year. Spiderman 3 looks like The Godfather compared to Epic Movie.

  22. Josh Kelhoffer

    What no Resident Evil 3 hate? That movie was pure garbage.

  23. Rusty James

    @serena - yeah, I really can’t stand Behind The Mask. The movie spends the first hour making their “villain” into a mockery and a clown and then in the last hour tries to play him straight. He’s scrawny and wears a silly mask and is just not scary.
    And I don’t get where the protagonist is coming from; she’s surprised that the subject of her serial killer doc is about to kill people serially?!? And the “ahab” moment is just embarrassing.
    I’m not a die hard fan of the horror genre but neither am I a newbie. I just didn’t see this film as speaking to the horror fan base. Not compared to say Cabin Fever which comes off as far more authentic as the voice of a true horror fanatic. And since you brought it up, Death Proof seems much more informed by love of B- horror films.
    The movie feels anachronistic, like when your mom uses slang she heard on MTV. It rehashes cliches from Scream and Blair Witch Project. It’s like 3 or 4 horror trends behind the times. It’s satirizing a genre that hasn’t been popular for 20 years.
    I know it’s a popular film around these parts. In my defense John doesn’t like Halloween so I’m the lesser heretic.
    I should’ve put Southland on my list even though I don’t hate it.

  24. Rusty James

    @DJ Machismo - what a bunch of fun sponges.

    You know, that’s actually a pretty good description of Transformers. A movie about giant robots inflicting robotic violence upon each other that manages to be a tedious movie going chore; staring Anthony Anderson and John Turturo.
    Have you listened to the TMB commentary? Half the track is them complaining. Even the most die-hard of fans admit they like it in spite of some serious short comings.

    q: gauged by screen time who was the major villain in Transforms?
    a: John Turturo

  25. Transformers was the single, 100% most fun movie of the year. They did it right. Much room for improvement… but it’s the best 80’s adaption done to date. Awesome movie.

  26. The Number 23,

    Just as a point of discussion I mention this. It is one of the lowest rated films in the history of Rotten Tomatoes coming in at 8%

  27. Rusty James

    but john do you disagree with my description of your commentary track? I don’t have a transcript in front of me but I remember you had some serious criticisms of Transformers.

  28. oldshell

    John I think your love of trasformers is a little ott (if you step back from the fact it had giant robots/nostalgia factor, the movie was pretty terrible). However, NO WAY was it in the top 10 worst films (bottom 10?) of this year. The “three 3s” take it for me, pirates, shrek & spiderman… what a collection of sh*te. Yet people still went in droves, meaning next year will probably be the three 4s as my worst films again… Also before you say anything about how the studios will keep milking those cows so it’s our fault, well they could still at least make decent films with the uber dollar they sent making them

  29. Tyler

    yeah, Spidey was a disappointment…but worse than Bratz? it’s not that bad. at least we got to see Venom.

  30. Hey Rusty James,

    I’ve just spent soooo long praising the movie, that in the commentary I decided to point out the flaws in the film and the area’s they can improve upon. I have said far more POSITIVE things about Transformers than negative, but in the commentary it’s more interesting to point out where I think it needed improvement.

    It’s not a perfect film… but yes… most fun film of the year… exactly what it was supposed to be.

  31. Steven C.

    John, I have to disagree with the list.
    Hostel 2 was 1000% better than Pirates 3, and Pirates should have been 2nd.

  32. Rusty James

    John, I feel ya.

  33. Adam

    No “Skinwalkers”? It didn’t last a week in the theatres in August, and I heard it rumoured that one of the prominent producers called it “an unwatchable piece of crap”… a crying shame: a lot of us that worked on it were hoping for better.

  34. Alfredo

    Ah yes top 10 worst movie list. I’ve Had the displeasure of seeing Spiderman 3 and I think it’s the worst comic book movie of all time. Hands downs grade a grade A crap. There are a lot of reasons to hate this movie but few people mention the fact that Peter Parker hit Mary Jane and that would never happen.

    I saw the last half hour of FF 2… oh boy.

    Fortunately I haven’t seen any of the other movies.

  35. Rusty James

    worst comic book movie of all time. That’s a bold statement. Worse than Batman & Robin?

  36. funktard

    Unearthed should be #1. Jesus Christ that movie was bad.

  37. Kristina

    @Rusty James

    At least B&R had Uma Thurman, and Arnold at his campiest. That movie is bad in a hilarious way. Mary Jane 3 is bad in a painful, “Oh my God can I get my money back?” way.

  38. Monty

    “Stupid story. Needless new side characters. Dance scenes.”

    “Ridiculous story “twists”, major continuity problems, and just a total disregard for common sense and the intelligence of the audience.”

    “Just have lots of over the top action, some witty macho one liners and a few hot chicks. It’s not classic cinema, but it would appeal to your target audience and keep them happy. Well, they screwed it up.”

    “This movie (without exaggeration) had 1 laugh that came near the end of the film. Even the kids didn’t laugh. Such a let down from such a fun franchise.”

    “This movie was just all kinds of horrible. Every cliche and over used formula and sight gag that could be pulled out of cold storage was used to cheese supremacy”

    All perfectly describe Transformers. =)

  39. Al

    No D-War? This movie is absolutely atrocious. It makes Spider-Man 3 look like a masterpiece.

  40. Darren J Seeley

    While Spidey 3 was he biggest disappointment, I would not call it the worst film. Also, I strongly disagree with Fan Four there too.

    Come on…check this shit out (or better yet, don’t)

    I know Who Killed Me
    Hills Have Eyes 2
    Catch and Release

    And giving Pirates 3 “dishonorable mention’ is being too kind.

  41. Serena Whitney

    omg Darren you are SOOOOO RIGHT!!! All those were atrocious…and I unfortunately some them all.

    @ Adam- you’re right too. I actually went on a set visit for Skinwalkers when I worked for 2 years back….one of my acquaintances is actually in the movie and told me to avoid it. lol He still won’t watch it. He’s too embarassed that he was apart of it.

  42. Rama's SCREEN

    Let’s not forget the worst of the worst

    1. Premonition
    2. Dragon Wars
    3. I know who killed me

  43. Kristina

    Yeah, Dragon Wars was AWFUL.

    And Across the Universe was pure AGONY.

  44. Kurt

    My Question to all the complainers out there, why do you keep going to these bad movies? And I don’t mean Spidey 3 because hell, Spidey 2 was pretty darn good, so it is understandable to go to 3. But what about all the Pirates 2 haters that were herded into see 3? I mean why bother? Did you see it for the pleasure of complaining about it?

    I mean who the hell would even go see Epic Movie, Premonition, Daddy Day Camp, Bratz (does this seriously appeal to the Movie Blog Demographic at any level?), Norbit, License to Wed, etc. etc.? Why? There were so many good little films that were completely ignored, The Lookout, Paprika, Rescue Dawn, Into The Wild, hell even P2 was not bad. Yet people go to obviously bad films like Awake and Fred Claus? Wow.

    The big question is why do people go to movies they are 90% sure will suck rather than a movie that they know little about? Is it habit? The Comfort factor of getting the crap you expect? Why not give something a little off the beaten path a try instead of Saw 4.

    Ah Well. I’m probably sounding like the snob here.
    Not my intention, I’m honestly curious why people go to bad movies just to confirm their suspicions.

  45. nbakid2000

    I liked Behind the Mask a LOT. I thought it was well done and pretty hilarious. The premise DOES make sense.

    Has anyone seen the new Jessica Simpson movies yet that are coming out? Or did the first one (the one which supposedly got a delayed release) get cancelled completely? I was planning on watching it and calling into Live Uncut and giving my thoughts on it but John shut Uncut Live down.

    I say we start a petition to get Uncut Live back.

  46. Ricci

    I recently got the Spiderman 3 Blu-ray trilogy, now I was one of the greatest critics of spiderman 3, when I first saw it I was truely dissapointed, but that for some reason all changed.
    I watched it with disregard for the other movies in the series, and saw it for what it was on its own, and now its my favorite of the 3 and the one I have seen the most.

    MJ for what its worth is bad yes, but she really isnt in it all that much, Venom was somewhat a dissapointment, but for me the Sandman and Harry as hobgolin good and bad made the film stand way above its flaws.
    Black spiderman and super testosterone fueled peter was a great element to the movie, I just loved it when he comes out of the cloths shop in his new suit,its so funny, and whos to say it cant be.

    Spiderman 3 ws a complete film, with a few flawed elements which comic fans like to blow out of all proportions.
    I watched it for what it was, and was impressed and enjoy this film time and time again.

    There is no way in hell spiderman 3 was the worst film of 2007, absolutely no way.

  47. Vern

    My favorite part was when he was saying that he “highly anticipated” Joel Schumacher’s THE NUMBER 23. There is some seriously priceless shit in these parts, kudos.

  48. Zach

    I’m just hoping John isn’t gonna put transformers as the number one movie of 2007 LOL

  49. slybri

    No EVAN ALMIGHTY? The most expensive comedy ever made and not one single laugh.

  50. Darren J Seeley

    I knew I forgot one.
    And it is better off forgotten.
    Good Luck…. you know the next word, don’t ya, Gio?



    You didn’t like ‘Catch and Release’ either? There is hope in the world. Everyone I know seems to like that movie until I point out the flaws, all of which I am not supposed to be thinking about.

    And why did I see Lindsay Lohan’s thriller? Coupon day at the video store and I had free time, I was bored. As it turned out, it was really cheap, I wound up having some free time that could have been more productive, and yes, I was still bored.

  51. Dude

    I would just like to say that Spiderman 3 wasn’t all that bad, and Venom is one of the worst charactors in the history of comic books, ever. Tod Mcfarlin sucks, always sucked and always will suck.

  52. Dude

    I would just like to say that Spiderman 3 wasn’t all that bad, and Venom is one of the worst charactors in the history of comic books, ever, and should never have been in that movie in the first place. Tod Mcfarlin sucks, always sucked and always will suck forever.

  53. Dude

    Pirates of the Caribbean 3 = worst movie of the last ten years right in front of Transformers.

  54. Mr. Blonde

    Hey dude

    I agree that Transformers was horrible but a lot of people loved it including my 7 year old nephew. People like what they like and if its giant robots blowing up shit with horrible acting and dialogue, stupid storylines and god awful special effects then Transformers is their movie.

  55. Drew

    I guess my question is, why in the hell would you go to these films in the first place. I’ sure you get passed in, but I can’t imagine anyone actually paying ten bucks to see Bratz or Are We Done Yet.

    I can see Spidey and Number 23, or even Shrek maybe; but these others? Why bother? I love to review films, but I try to make it a point not to see shit I know is going to suck. If reviews come out later saying it’s good, I might pay attention and reconsider.

    But with 2007 being as strong as it was for film (REALLY strong), why waste two hours on Daddy Fucking Day Camp?

  56. Rusty James


    what a pointless comment.

  57. Seth Grimes

    Spidey 3 the worst movie of the year?…..NO.I mean it was a letdown of course,but the worst movie of the year…come on John.The reason a lot of poeple didnt like it was because their expectations were soooo high.(and they messedup venom),but its not Raimis fault that Venom was forced down his throat.Who were these needless side characters that you speek of,the only new characters were venom:not a side character and Sandman:again,not a side character.The only one who really comes close to filling that mold is Stacy,but she was supposed to be MJ’s competition,and anyway she was inevitably gonna be introduced sometime in the franchise.
    You may not have liked MJ ,I dont think anyone did,but I mean get over it.She kinda sucked in all the films so this really isnt anything new.I think your being to hard on this film cause it was a COMICBOOK movie.
    Other than that I think the list is pretty spot on.Good work.

  58. DjFooRoach

    Whats funny is that the guy who wrote that list actually went and saw all those movies. I mean it doesn’t take a fuckin’ genious to do some basic mathematics. Family-friendly premise + Ice Cube = Probably going to suck. Lets see, 10 movies, the average movie is an hour and 30 minutes? Congratulations you wasted 13 hours to tell us something we already gathered from the FUCKING TRAILERS.

  59. ethan

    Ditto on number one!

  60. daniel larusso

    1. DEATH PROOF (worst film since Highlander 2)
    3. SHREK 3
    4. SPIDERMAN 3
    7. THE NEW ONE FROM BOB RODRIGUEZ (trying to forget the title)
    8. GHOST RIDER (definitly not a good year for marvel)
    9. a french film called “THE SERPENT”
    10. DEATH PROOF (… alright, it’s even worse than Highlander 2)

  61. Mofo Toshio

    Yeah, still wonderin’ where all the hate for Hannibal Rising went. Seriously, that movie is unredeeming trash on every level. I mean, really, it’s the worst film I’ve ever seen in a theatre.

  62. Mr.Death

    Pirates 3 sould have been on there. so disapointing.

  63. CthulhuSaves

    Ok, I’ve got a few things to add.

    First, the fact that you gave Wild Hogs a dishonerable mention simply makes me want to never trust anything I read on this site again. Dear Lord, man, that flick was a total unsung gem. I watched it after listening to a friend rave about how hilarious it was, and sure enough, everyone I’ve turned onto it (after I stopped laughing) has rung me up and said “you were right, that was awesome.” Granted, many of the jokes are directed, quite fairly, at a slightly older target audience (35-55, I’d say), but if you’re old enough to catch the jokes, you’ll be on the floor in tears laughing your butt off. Case in point. One of the best gags in the whole movie is simply an homage to Welcome Back Kotter, when Travolta does something really bad and, when confronted by his friends about it, chokes up and goes into a wordless, sobbing “Vinnie Barbarino mode.” Honestly, I almost choked on that scene it was so funny.

    Secondly, don’t blame Sam Raimi for the shortcomings of Spidey 3. He had a good, solid script to work with, but late in the game had some of the other power players tell him to toss-in Venom because that’s what “all the kids like right now.” He agreed that he wasn’t paying attention to such things, and was just doing the stories he personally thought were good, so he added Venom. Result? Effectively we got two different movies crammed into the space of one, and neither had enough material to be watchable. Either storyline would have worked, and the added action would have balanced the poor, social sub-plot (which was, indeed, just awful, especially after the “go get ‘em, tiger” ending of Spidey 2 -echoes of the Aleins “It’s ok, you can sleep now, there are now more monsters” ending to Alien 3’s contradictory “Oops, a monster killed you in your sleep” intro). But together, there just wasn’t enough screen time to develop either storyline.

    Third (@daniel larusso), I didn’t watch Death Proof, but brudduh, if you didn’t like Planet Terror (Robert Rodriguez’s intentionally campy zombie B-flick, you haven’t got a pulse, either). :) Hilarious and fun.

    Fourth, Pirates 3 would’ve been a good flick if they’d simply had the characters remember that Sparrow had just tried to dupe whatsisfarkle into getting trapped on the Dutchman in his place for eternity. Wotta guy. And now they felt obligated to go save him? Ludicrous. Their blind devotion to that swaggering, self-absorbed idiot, and the ultimate outcome based on his actions is what ruined the film for me. Visually it was a glorious feast, but the story and characterizations were flat and unsatisfying.

    And finally, Transformers was indeed fun, but as a live-action adaptation of the classic story and characters it was a flop. The intelligence of the writing clearly showed itself in what’s now come to be my favorite example of dumb movie plot devices: “Ooh, the Decepticons are coming, and we’re standing out here in the open desert where nobody could get hurt. Quick, everybody run into that city over there filled with innocent people and tall buildings covered in lots of glass!” Seriously, my jaw hasn’t dropped in flummoxed, stupified shock like that in years.

    Oh, and as a final insult, one of my friends wasn’t paying attention, and instead of getting me the Transformers: The Movie, 20th anniversary 2-disc set for Christmas, instead just grabbed the first thing he saw that said Transformers, so yeah, I now own this turkey, and will enjoy listening to your commentary. ;)

  64. CthulhuSaves

    Dang typos. Sorry ’bout that, was typing too fast and now can’t edit the oopses. Aw, you’ll figure out what I meant, right?

  65. mofo toshio

    I avoid crappy movies, so I’ve only got a bottom 5;

    5. Rush Hour 3 (Lazy laughs, biggest poop joke ever in a movie, action sequences that would make more sense as Benny Hill gags)

    4. Pirates 3 (3 hours of…nothing notable really)

    3. Reno 911: Miami (An insult to fans of a once-hilarious show)

    2. Norbit (100 minutes that felt more like 150 with a relentless mean streak and nary a solid laugh in sight)

    1. Hannibal Rising;

    A special list of this film’s flaws’

    1. ALL KEY EVENTS OCCURING OFF SCREEN; this is a movie filled with daring escapes, brutal murders, and crucial character transformations…too bad we don’t see any of them. Instead, we get a lovely black screen followed by dull dialogue that explains everything important as the movie goes along.

    2. HORRENDOUSLY offensive treatment of historical events

    3. ABSURDLY morbid villains- They sit around the fire swilling champaign giggling, “HAHAHA, REMEMBER THAT GIRL WE ATE 40 YEARS AGO! GOOD TIMES! CHEERS”

    4. ABSURDLY silly main character- his shrill “good eeeevening” makes him roughly as terrifying as the Masterpiece theater guy

    5. Cardboard looking, overly theatrical, hollow set design

    6. No sense of story pace or progression

    7. HILARIOUSLY morbid final twist

    8. Gong Li; MISCAST BIG TIME

    9. TONS AND TONS of ninja training and superfluous samurai moralizing

    10. Fake, fake gore effects

    11. Implausible, ridiculous murders

  66. Mofo Toshio

    HAHA, u guys should re-write that “Worst Pies In London” song from Sweeney Todd to include these movies, just a thought!

  67. dorinda

    I am surprised the Evan Almighty was not included. It was so bad it angered me.

  68. CthulhuSaves

    Update: Finally saw The Condemned, and once again am confused how it got on this list. It was actually a fun flick to watch. Not a blockbuster or award winner, but it certainly set out to do what it intended to do, and there were no “groaner” moments. The main character was likeable, if a little unexpectedly subdued (no “showoff” moments or over-the-top “check me out, I’m a badass” exhibits that one would expect), the premise had consistency (from what I’d read, I thought it was going to be some impossible scenario, but as given someone really could try to pull this off), and the bad guys were just “bad” enough to have us enjoy seeing them get nailed, but not overly campy or anything surreal. I really enjoyed it.

  69. Matthew

    No, “Aliens vs. Predator”? I will accept this if

    a) you were fortunate enough to have not seen it

    b) there is a separate page for “Worst film of all time”.

  70. Daniel c

    I love your site and respect this list, but i disagree with a lot of it.

  71. SİNEMA

    i want to add ghost rider


    Ghost rider the worst movie of all time I should say. What an upset. Unfortunately the script let Mr Cage down on this one….

  73. Dragonslayer

    Now while I didn’t hate Spider-Man 3 (I actually thought it was pretty fun)…after watching it a few times it loses its flavor a bit. I thought The Condemned was freakin awesome. I would like to add one: Bridge to Teribithia. That movie sucked big gorilla balls. The teacher cries about the one girl because of what she could do, good God, she made one thing and the teacher was impressed. Okay, I get about bullying, but what is going up to a stall yelling, “Free to Pee!” gonna do. It wasn’t even a fantasy film. Terrible movie. 3/10. Wild Hogs and Pirates don’t deserve the list, they were awesome.

  74. Dragonslayer

    Evan Almighty was a good movie. Shut up critics, this movie is a good christian film. And that’s what I don’t get, John, you liked the Passion of Christ, but not this? Gosh, this movie was great.


    I have just thrown “Deathproof” out of the window.If Tarantino wanted a reaction this was it. Over an hour of 8 different women talking to each other, 3 seconds of action in the middle then the same then end. I have never ever ever bought such a waste of money since “lost in translation”. Theres nothing for anybody inthis film and anyone who thinks its an underground hit can come and watch my paint dry. It is truly truly truly rubbish hope a tramp can get a cup of coffee for it when he finds it in the bushes outside.

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