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Lemy pointed me to this neat list over at this morning. The title of their list is “Top 10 Movies That Ruined Our Childhood Memories”. It’s basically a look at the 10 movies that took your sweet childhood memories and raped them in the bathing suit areas. Here’s the list:

10. Inspector Gadget (1999) Yeah, wow that was terrible. Too bad.

9. The Flintstones (1994) I don’t know that they could have made a worse movie if they tried

8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Oddly enough I actually liked this movie. Probably my favorite Tim Burton movie.

7. Garfield (2004)

6. Super Mario Brothers (1993) How the hell did they get Hopper in this movie?

5. Scooby Doo (2002)

4. Street Fighter (1994) No love for JCVD

3. Masters of the Universe (1987) Mock me all you want… I still watch this when it’s on TV

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) Nuts… I LOVED this movie. Sigh…. oh well

1. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) It pains me to totally agree with this one.

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  1. Jonathan

    Have you seen Ed Wood? I’d consider it Burton’s best movie by a landslide - and actually probably one of the ten best films of the 90s.

    I agree with them all, though. Especially the Super Mario Bros. movie. I’m a huge Bob Hoskins fan, but seriously… what the HELL were they thinking?

  2. scott h

    I OWN masters of the universe, and still watch it!!

  3. IncliningPizza

    I disagree with Number 8, 5, and 2. I liked those movies a lot. But everything else was pretty terrible. I’m pretty sure if you sat a six year old down in front of Inspector Gadget he/she would enjoy it.

  4. Louis

    John - Did you know that Sam Raimi actually has a small acting role in The Flinstones Movie?

  5. Phil Gee

    Well i’ll admit that i loved Super Mario Bros. when it came out (probably because it was so crazily different) but Inspector Gadget would have to be number one for me.

    I was such a huge fan of the show and i remember that the movie didn’t come out in the UK till December 99 but i went on holiday to Florida in August and was going to see it early. I was going to brag to my friends about how cool the Inspector Gadget film was and…….watching it was like a snowflake evapourating on my tongue………..only the snowflake tasted like a Rosie O’Donnell turd.

    And i don’t know if anybody noticed but the way the fucked up Dr Claw in that film, was exactly the same as what they did to Dr Doom in the Fantastic Four movie.

  6. Goon

    Transformers is about a million times worse than Episode 1

  7. Martin

    I disagree with all but 1 of those choices and that’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    I really liked (and still like) those movies. I would probably go as far as saying that those were my favoite movies growing up. I still watch The Flintstones whenever it’s on TV and Street Fighter too.

  8. Chris

    Did any of these actually ruin your childhood memories of the series they were based on? I know the Phantom Menace didn’t ruin my nostalgic attitude towards the original trilogy. Sure there are some bad movies on here but none of them ruined my childhood memories.

  9. Joel Gustafsson

    How they could have made the Flintstones worse? They could have not cast Halle Berry. I think this was the first movie I saw her in. Hotness.


  10. Gruff

    Alright. First off. Supes MB kicks ass.

    Second: the worst for destroying childhood.

    Not a movie necessarily, but, lindzay lohan. Dammit, the Paretn Trap is the best movie ever.

  11. Russ

    I love super mario brothers, this is snoogans from the live show btw

  12. Nord

    Im sorry, but Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, and Masters of the Universe all MADE my childhood.

    Yeah, watching them today I realized they suck, but at the time, man I was loving watching that shit come to life. Im off to see Transformers tonight which will be the ultimate, never in a million years did I ever imagine a live action Transformers movie, gotta love technology.

    But just think, in 50 years people will be laughing at this version of Transformers like we laugh at Masters of the Universe, because they are going to have real fucking robots, no CGI, and Peter Cullen will be unfrozen and his brain will be implanted in Optimus Prime…you wait.


  13. Jesse Rosenberg

    WHy not POPEYE!!!!!!

    omg that movie…there isnt much to say but that should be on the list

  14. Lou

    TPM didn’t ruin the original Star Wars on its own - it had a lot of help from AOTC and ROTS.

  15. Jay

    I with you, Chris…

    Does it ruin your memories…. really?

    I actually think it’s quite sad and pathetic to let something new ruin, or tarnish in any way, the way you felt about things from your childhood.
    (movie or pop culture related things are what I’m reffering to, of course)

    So what if the prequels were a letdown.
    It doesnt affect the way I feel about the OT at all… not one bit.

    To me, the phrase “George Lucas ruined my childhood” is the stupidist and most asinine thing I have ever heard.
    How can something that happens now affect the way you look at movies you loved as a child? How does that work exactly?
    To me, it just seems weak.

    And besides…
    I loved Masters of the Universe.
    I dont care what anyone says.

  16. Robert Williams

    I think ‘Charlie And The Chocolate’ Factory is a great remake, so good I bought the dvd the following day, ‘Masters Of The Universe’ is one of my guilty pleasures, I love that film!

  17. Sir Jig-A-Lot

    notable additions to that list for me are:
    Batman & Robin. it speaks for itself

    Attack Of The Clones/Revenge Of The Sith. i never expected Darth’s backround as whiny emo jedi.

    Catwoman. Pfeiffer carried the torch for Newmar & Merriweat & Kitt. Berry fumbled the ball.

    Daredevil/Elektra. botched royally.

    Singleton’s Shaft remake. i like Sam Jackson but Rich Roundtree was a bad mothershutyourmouth.

  18. Guy Johnson

    yea those movies really suck, I hope Speed Racer doesn’t do the same

  19. topcad

    What? you like Jim Carrey’s “Grinch”? You know what, he was fine in the movie but they deviated from the cartoon so much, I just wanted to throw a pie at the little whoville girl.

  20. Thomas

    I loved “Charlie” and thought Depp was brilliant as Wonka.

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