John Cho talks Harold & Kumar Christmas and Star Trek

Collider caught up with actor John Cho and quizzed him about the proposed Very Harold & Kumar Christmas film, as well as a tiny bit of Star Trek. They have bullet pointed the details for us A.D.D. inclined:

Harold and Kumar News
* looks like it is happening
* script has been turned in
* we catch up a little bit later in Harold and Kumar’s lives
* takes place over the holiday season
* this could be a legit holiday movie
* the intent is to honor the holiday traditional style of movies
* doesn’t know if there is an issue with Kal Penn
* studio tells him they’re moving forward on it
* no director yet
* confirms theatrical release
* thinks the movie is still on track to come out this Christmas
* Neil Patrick Harris is supposed to be in it
* Says they are not living together anymore…film jumps forward a few years
* Plan is to film the movie during his hiatus - thinks filming in June
* meeting with directors right now
* Still figuring out if there are complications with Kal’s schedule

Star Trek sequel update

* Heard they are still working on the script
* Hasn’t heard anything about the villain yet
* Has he tried to pitch anything for Sulu
* We talk about the lens flares and what did he think about them

I like how they have nothing more on Star Trek to talk to him about so they discuss the Lens Flares! I loved Star Trek, but I could do without all those obnoxious glares.

I am looking forward to a Harold & Kumar film, but I worry that NPH who has them to thank in part to his more recent rise to popularity (That NPH, He’s so hot right now) will outshine them in their own film.

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9 Responses to “John Cho talks Harold & Kumar Christmas and Star Trek”
  1. 420BAND says:

    He’ll probally be a zombie in this one,(nph) after he got shot by Beverly Deangelo. that would be funny

  2. Danny says:

    I thought Kal Penn had left acting for good when he left the show House.

  3. joe says:

    if they cant get kal penn they should have nph as the second character

  4. 420BAND says:

    Gotta have Kal Penn, hence the title of these films.

    at the end his (NPH) arm reaches out from under the ground (like the thriller video) that’s why I’m thinkin’ zombie.

  5. MADMAX_007 says:

    Dam, I guess I’m the only one who liked the lense flares in Star Trek. I personally found them unique and added to the cinematic experience. I also liked how J.J. used them in M.I. III and Fringe TV show.

  6. 420BAND says:

    I liked the lens flares as well, just hope he doesn’t rely on it too much.(Kinda like Oliver Stone with all the Native American Shaman stuff-he used that stuff in every movie from The Doors-U-turn-Natural Born Killers!)

    no connection at all just sayin’

  7. gypsydreams101 says:

    Without Kal Penn, there’s no Kumar…..there can’t BE another Kumar, not even Raj from The Big Bang Theory (heard a rumor about that, I HOPE that isn’t true-even if we went to the same school).

  8. 420BAND says:

    Gotta see another one of those fisting scenes…..
    only Kumar can do that shit

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