The 10 Most Talentless People In Movies


We’ve all said this phrase several times about one actor or another: “How on earth does this person keep getting parts in movies!?!?”. Maybe sometimes we see and understand why someone keeps getting parts… hell maybe we even love seeing them, but when it comes down to it we admit to ourselves and others that the person in question is actually talentless and probably doesn’t belong on the big screen.

For a multitude of reasons talentless people see to keep getting themselves on the big screen one way or another. Maybe it’s because they’re famous. Maybe it’s because they’re charming. Maybe it’s because their father is the producer on most of her films (see #3). Maybe it’s because they were on a famous TV show. Whatever the reason, they’re still talentless.

NOW REMEMBER, I’m not talking about the WORST actors. You can have an actor with talent, but they find a way to screw up everything they do. At the same time, you can have someone with no talent at all… but they find a way to not screw something up (I have no talent as a painter, but if you tell me to paint one straight red line on a wall… I can pull that off without too much trouble).

So here for your consideration is The Movie Blog’s top 10 most talentless actor’s in the movie business,

talentless-Arnold.jpg#1 - ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER
The big guy has to be in the #1 spot. I love him as much as anyone, but come on, let’s be honest here… a thespian he’s not. Smart man, loads of charm, zero in the talent department.
talentless-Paris.jpg#2 - PARIS HILTON
Is there anyone else on the planet who embodies the phrase “famous for being famous” more than this girl? Zero talent (if you were one of the 18 people who saw Hottie and the Nottie you know) and annoying as hell.
Talentless-Jessica.jpg#3 - JESSICA SIMPSON
Full marks for being VERY hot, and I’ll admit to even liking her singing voice, but dear heavens this girl can’t read a menu let alone a decent script. Hell, she couldn’t even play herself (dumb blonde) in Dukes of Hazzard. I guess it helps when your daddy produces movies.
Talentless-Seagal.jpg#4 - STEVEN SEAGAL
I liked Under Siege as much as the next guy, but holy crap if this guy had to play a corpse he’s find a way to ruin it. But don’t laugh… the guy has a couple of albums and they’re actually pretty good.
Talentless-Dane.jpg#5 - DANE COOK
This guy is actually the inspiration for doing this post after seeing him bomb in the dreadful “My Best Friend’s Girl”. A comedian with absolutely ZERO acting ability who continues to embarass himself and those acting with him in every movie he appears in.
Talentless-Orlando.jpg#6 - ORLANDO BLOOM
If a pretty face equalled talent, then Orlando Bloom would have an Oscar by now. Instead, we now see the flat, reserved performance he gave in Lord of the Rings (which was perfect for that role) was really all he had anyway. He was poised to be a major superstar… then he made the mistake of letting us all see he had no talent.
Talentless-Ashton.jpg#7 - ASHTON KUTCHER
A big tip of the hat and much respect to any man sleeping with Demi Moore… but he should probably just stick to that. The guy is as believable as Sarah Palin (that’s not a good thing)
Talentless-Heder.jpg#8 - JON HEDER
In the movie world, the phrase “One hit wonder” really does apply to Jon Heder. Mr. Dynamite blew up with his hit indie classic… and then showed he really had nothing else to offer. How can you be in a movie with Rob Schneider and be so bad that you make HIM look good?
Talentless-50.jpg#9 - CURTIS “50 CENT” JACKSON
I’ll be honest with you, I’m not sure why I don’t have him much higher on the talentless list. This guy is a door stop with all the depth of a saucer of milk. Absolutely brutal… has no place in the movies whatsoever.
talentless-Tucker.jpg#10 - CHRIS TUCKER
The talent pool goes bone dry with this guy. But say what you will… the man knows how to negotiate and has one hell of an agent. Him getting $20+ million for Rush Hour 3 is one of the biggest blunders in film history. You could have put in a comatose train wreck victim in that role and it would have almost been as entertaining.

So who would you add to this immortal list of the talentless? Remember, I’m not asking what actors you hate. It’s fine to hate Nic Cage, but don’t call the multi Oscar nominee and winner “talentless”. A list for the actors I HATE will be forthcoming. For now, love them or hate them… who should be on this talentless list?

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272 thoughts on “The 10 Most Talentless People In Movies

  1. Mark Wahlberg — he’s a bum! Flat as a pancake. How about Chuck Norris? I got over four hundred movies. I collect them. About three hundred on VHS, and the rest on DVD. Most of them are so bad that it is like death to watch them. Even when it’s slim pickings, I won’t go for that pompous fool, Anthony Hopkins. How about Al Pacino, the King of overacting? Deniro will sleepwalk through any movie for a few bucks. Why should he care, his legacy is cemented by Raging Bull. Bill Murray — a smile never even creased my face. I made the mistake of buying Meatballs last night for a $1.99. Buy four, get one free at Value Village. In my defense, I was desperate. Mickey Rourke, an ultra talented loser, who can’t fight a lick, and lies about his amateur record. He had more fights than me but at least I’m honest about my record.

  2. Before I forget:8)Jessica Alba:Bikinis and nothing else;9)Greg Kinnear:Looks like he’s out of place in every movie/TV show he;’s in;the lightweight’s lightweight.10)Ryan O’Neal:I know, he’s not in much anymore but, really, it was all downhill after Rodney Harrington (TV’s Peyton Place); hard to believe he was once considered for the role of Michael Corleone-can you imagine!NO.

  3. Before I forget:8)Jessica Alba:Bikinis and nothing else;9)Greg Kinnear:Looks like he’s out of place in every movie/TV show he;’s in;10)Ryan O’Neal:I know, he’s not in much anymore but, really, it was all downhill after Rodney Harrington (TV’s Peyton Place); hard to believe he was once considered for the role of Michael Corleone-can you imagine!NO.

  4. P Hilton, Jordan!! You guys are taking it way too easy.1)Chevy Chase:This guy cashed in immediately after becoming known but before we discovered all he did was Jerry Ford;2)Julia Roberts:Walks through all her roles w/a million$$ smile-catch her in Duplicity(and weep for Clive Owen);3)Wesley Snipes:A poser, literally acts like he’s admiring himself in a mirror;4)Scarlett Johansson:Quick, make all the films & $$ you can before they catch on that fleshy good looks are not talent;5)Ben Stiller:A schmuck born of famous parents;6)Jamie Lee Curtis:Another would-be porn star except for her pedigree;7)Steve Guttenberg:The most embarrassing A-lister(once upon a time) ever;Tarantino will never rediscover him.

  5. Few more:
    - Ben Affleck!!
    - Quentin Tarantino - he should ban himself from performing. He comes across as shy, frustrated and slightly disturbed … someone who is willing to reenact his violent and gory stories for real!
    - Ashton Kutcher - sorry, he aint any impressive even in the Butterfly Effect

    - Nick Cage - fell in love with him in ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, he has been getting progressively worse ever since. His badly dyed hair and excessive make-up make his performances painful to watch …
    - Tom Hanks
    - Will Smith - acts like a kid on too much sugar
    - Tom Cruise - like his old movies, the only new movie where he was surprisingly impressive was the comedy ‘Tropic Thunder’ ..
    - Mark Walhbetg - still not sure what to think of him, he spoiled the ‘Lovely Bones’ for me
    - Matthew Mcconaughey - ?? as much as I love his looks, am not sure about his acting

    - Rachel Weisz … not impressive on screen, might be all right in theatre
    - Angelina Jolie: I suspect she was all right at the beginning of her career, but lost the acting capacity for several reasons. When on screen, the only face she has been able to pull for several years is the ‘I am so beautiful and so famous for it, whether I like it or not’ face, which overwhelms her acting completely

  6. I’m not sure if anyone said this ’cause i saw the list and went straight here but how bout Megan Fox, Nick Swardson (after benchwarmers, just go with it, things like that) and Ice Cube, oh Dolph Lundgren too. one more thing Brandon Routh whose acting the two films he’s known sucked so hard

  7. I’d take out Arnold & Segal. Neither is a great actor, but there is talent to what they do (or used to do). I’d probably also remove Paris & the two musicians. Like many others have said they’re not really actors (don’t have that many roles between them). I wouldn’t then inclued Justin Timberlake either. He’s got more roles than those others and isn’t nearly as bad as people are making him out to be.

    Ones that I would include (in no particular order):

    Keanu Reeves
    Jessica Alba
    Megan Fox
    Hayden Christensen
    Halle Berry
    Robert Pattinson

  8. Chris Tucker is amazing in everything I’ve ever seen that included him. Ruby Rod in The 5th Element was priceless!

    I would actually nominate his co-star from the Rush Hour movies for this list, though. I really like Jackie Chan’s older stuff, but I feel embarrassed for the guy whenever he tries acting without being in the middle of a fight. I kind of cringe when he speaks.

  9. Where is Elijah Wood? I love every movie hes been in that Ive seen but he has no talent at all
    he has one look (like real life Zoolander!)

    I want to punch his stupid sad face when he squints up his eyebrows and tries to look pathetic

    Its no surprise hes pathetic or weak or a loser in Green Street, LOTR and Eternal Sunshine

  10. I agree with this list except for the ranking, I mean rly Paris Hilton should be number 1! I don’t think ASHTON KUTCHER is that bad (I liked the ”butterfly effect”).I don’t know why some ppl think that Chris Tucker is funny, I mean does speaking none sense rly fast make you funny?
    But rly why aren’t Van Samme, Jackie Chan, Eddie Murphy , Steve Martin (the latter 2 for their latest movies) included?

  11. im surprised why tom cruise, david caruso, jenny garth, tori spelling,hayden christensen n dwayne’ the rock’ johnson are MISSING in the list……………… … talk bout wasting big-budget movies/show n our time……….plenty more out there just cant think of any more right now

  12. I like Arnold & Chris Tucker( Funny as hell)

    You’re missing…

    Megan Fox
    Jessica Alba
    Mark Walhberg( He’s not a good actor)
    Madonna(Worst actress of all time!)
    Elvis(Worst actor of all time!)

    1. Elvis actually showed promising acting chops in his early movies. Not the Halloween Wallis crap which the Colonel signed him into. He hated doing those movies.

  13. Okay, Keanu is an obvious choice for #1. How he didn’t even make the list makes the rest of it circumspect. And how in the world did David “King of corny one-liners” Carusso not get tapped. Every time the guy opens his mouth the cheese-o-meter goes off the charts! I doubt he could get a lead role in a high school play because of his total lack of acting ability yet he somehow finds himself on prime time tv.

    As for what Dana said above; “and what about McCain and Palin, they are currently the worst actors on the planet…” I would have to agree with her. They’re not actors at all; they’re very genuine and very unlike the too slick and polished Obamassiah who has all the substance of an empty suit when lacking a teleprompter.

  14. i have to agree with No.2 spot…lol…paris hilton is talentless..she’s only good in projecting in front of camera..what’s with miss paris hilton? She’s only using her

  15. For sheer talentlessness, it is hard to beat Keanu Reeves. There’s never been a single performance from him that was anything other than inept.

    The man is devoid of talent. Plain pure and simple.

  16. I think the Arnie inclusion is a little harsh!!!
    Isnt acting about making people believe in the roll that you are portraying?
    Arnie as a Terminator is sruely the most convincing roll i have ever seen in a film!! Arnie killing an alien in Predator was pure talent (in that sort of roll). Commando - no one else could even attempt to do it any better.
    OK, he wouldnt be any good in Titanic, but would DiCaprio really be able to be an evil, focussed, robotic killing machine from the future?????

    www nerdoh co uk

  17. I think the Arnie inclusion is a little harsh!!!
    Isnt acting about making people believe in the roll that you are portraying?
    Arnie as a Terminator is sruely the most convincing roll i have ever seen in a film!! Arnie killing an alien in Predator was pure talent (in that sort of roll). Commando - no one else could even attempt to do it any better.
    OK, he wouldnt be any good in Titanic, but would DiCaprio really be able to be an evil, focussed, robotic killing machine from the future?????


  18. Some guys referenced Eastwood and Murphy and I would like to express my disagreement in that.

    The most talentless directors of all time are (by far):

  19. Whoever said that Adam Sandler is a talentless hack obviously hasen’t seen punch drunk love. He showed that he can actually act pretty well.

  20. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

    Also Eddie Murphy, someone needs to shoot him.

  21. Nicholas Cage’s Four Greatest Film List:
    1. Lord of War
    2. 8MM
    3. Matchstick Men
    4. Raising Arizona

    Sure, he may be a piece of $h!+ sometimes (IRL) but tell me he does not completely rock in these roles. I don’t care if it may be close minded to not accept your opinion, but you are all obviously wrong if you don’t agree. Each role was different, none of them portrayed his true character and they all showed his versatility. If he cares about a role enough and is given even a mediocre script, he does well. He should not even be mentioned in this article. Other than Paris Hilton (how are you going to make fun of her for her acting capabilities, everyone knows she sucks, that’s like making fun of a kid with Down’s Syndrome for being bad at making friends) everyone else is well deserving of making this list.

  22. I agree with most ppl in the list, i dont agree with Jon Heder being there though, hes a breath of fresh air, and no one could pull Napoleon like he did. And where is jessica alba and the corpse of scarlett johansson??

  23. Hey - I got love for Nic Cage! “Ghostrider” was one awesomely campy trip! I knew it was going to be good when I heard Sam Elliott narrating….CHEESE FEST!! WOO HOO!

    But yes: Diane Keaton is truly a one-note terror. She’s shrill, she’s odd, she’s very obviously self-absorbed, and I’m not convinced she isn’t just being herself on film. I’m going to throw a bomb here and say that her old companion Woody Allen sucks as an actor too.

  24. let’s see:

    article about actors
    article about actors
    article about actors
    article about actors
    acticle about actors-out of the blue jab at Palin for no reason.

    I mean if you had a good joke, I wouldn’t mind, but that was just lame.

  25. Paul Walker, Paul Walker, and Paul Walker. Oh yeah, and Paul Walker.
    That guy couldn’t act his way out of a fucking paper bag.

    I’m going to have to agree with Heather Graham. The only movie she didn’t ruin was the one she was blowing people in.

    David Caruso also needs to find a way onto this list. Thinking about him act makes me so angry that I can’t write anything here. He is truly terrible

  26. why does everyone keep saying ashton kutcher is good? and you’re using the butterfly effect as an example? seriously? that movie is an abortion. if anything its proof that hes a complete jackass.

    and wheres keanu reeves in this? the only reason anyone likes him in the matrix is because he plays a completely stoic and emotionless character. turns out thats just his face.

  27. How could you miss the worst bad actor of them all? Balack Hussein Osama. You may have seen him as an extra in REDS, also credited in START THE REVOLUTION WITHOUT ME, and soon to star in the multigazillion dollar remake of THE GREAT DICTATOR.

  28. 1. Mark Wahlberg(Marky Mark). Terrible dumb expression actor. 2.Pauly Shore!! 3. Any rapper turned actor. 4. David Caruso. 5. Neil Patrick Harris(Doogie Howser!) He even got an Emmy Nod!! I don’t get it. 6. Jackie Chan. Good fighter awful actor.

  29. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) Mark Wahlberg(Marky Mark). Terrible dumb expression actor.

  30. Jessica Alba is terrible.
    Heather Graham is terrible, except she was good in Boogie Nights.
    Scarlett Johannsen is terrible. She’s always biting her lip to make up for her lack of acting ability.
    Edward Furlong is terrible.
    Adam Sandler is terrible.

    That’s all I can think of.

  31. what do people have against orlando bloom? he did an excellent job in kingdom of heaven the director’s cut. his performance was outstanding in that movie. also he was also great in the pirates movies. he has done some great roles. even elizabethtown was great. he has talent so why is he on the list for being a bad actor. i can think of other actors that should be on it. hayden christenson, colin farrel, and more. orlando has talent. why are people saying he has got no talent. obviously direcor’s and producers of movies see something about him which is why they approach him to do a movie. i think he will do well with each movie that he is doing.

  32. Here is a true list:

    1. Steven Segal…..Hands down the worst. WORST!!!!. Two words, Gino…Felino. Thats a name he uses in a movie. Want another name?

    2. the only competitor with a real chance…….JVD-Jean Claude Van Damme. Hime and Segal are hand in hand for one-dimensional acting and the bottom line is neither can even act in their fighting movies or gunbattle or anything. GOD these guys suck.

    3. Wesley Snipes
    4.Martin Lawrence
    5.Queen latifah
    6. Paul Walker
    7. Vin Diesal
    8. Jessica Alba
    9. Orlando Bloom
    10. Elizibeth berkly

    I would love to put stallone, but i love all his movies. He gots me addicted,.

  33. i have lots of beef with this list
    1) Arnie went from being horrible to not bad by the end of his career. He did, however need great directing to make him good. His best was, granted, when he played a robot in T2 but he was the sure choice and very believable in the role. He was also pretty funny in his comedies and the best ever at one liners. Even though the movie blew, i thought his acting in End of Days was actually not bad at all and his worst was never as bas as anyone elses worse on that list.

    2) Dane Cook? Did you see Mr. Brooks… he was very good in that role and totally out of character for him.

    3) Chris Tucker? Did you see Fifth Element… (see #2)

    4) Orlando Bloom… ok not going to win a statue but comon quit being a hater. I stinking loved Kingdom of Heaven and the Pirate movies, not to mention the movies you’ve already stated he was good in LOTR!

    5) Kutcher has only “acted” not like himself in one movie, The Guardian, and granted it wasn’t the greatest movie but he was far from horrible.

    6) Everyone else isn’t and actor!

    7) You can’t judge and actor based on one role, a lot of the time it is the director’s fault or the script or production or the whole crapfest. It is hard for me to come up with an actor who gets it wrong consistently so i say we should make the 10 worst acting performances of modern actors.

    ill put my hat in for worst performance ever - Keanu Reeves in Pointe Break

    4. PAMELA ANDERSON (but wonderful, plump, slurpy breasts)
    5. JENNY MC CARTHY (the same)
    8. MADONNA
    10. LINDSAY LOHAN (ugh)

  35. Rob Schneider and Jimmy Fallon. Between them they’ve thrown more dung at a cinema screen than Madonna and Guy Ritchie combined (but only just)

  36. More awful actorzzz…
    Nic Cage…yes, he is great in some roles, scene chewer that he is, but he clearly works for the paycheck, buying all those cars…awful in many things and merely himself in others.

    Jack Black…we have seen the entire show, all of his abilities. Spare us the breakthrough “dark” role…he ain’t got it. School of Rock captures who he is, as does any TD stuff, but let’s not confuse being an interesting, amusing persona with the ability to take a role.

    Winona Ryder…a lifelong crush, cast in many good movies, but utterly awful in most. Little Women, Dracula…if Cathy Bates truned in those kind of perfprmances she would be working at bank right now. Ghastly…Still just playing her lifeless, drug addled, neurotic self in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Part II: Electric Boogaloo.

    Paul Dano in There Will Be Blood…perhaps PT Anderson just likes to elicit howlingly awful shenanigans from every hack he runs through the grinder of his absurd scripts…Tom Cruise ( yeesh…why was he so good as a repressed asshole in Magnolia? Try acting, not just casting). Anyway…I wanted to travel back in time to kill Dano’s character simply to clear room for negative space…DD Lewis get sway over the top here, too…shrieking when there is no earthly cause to do so…innane blather, yo…

    Not so good, but trying…Mark Wahlberg

    Sarah Michelle Gellar…one episode of Buffy ( The Body) got something real out of her, the rest has been soap opera quality at best…Simply Irresistible, Harvard Man (???)…yeesh

    Anyone associated with American Pie…ha ha, genitalia are funny!!! Imagine the grind of sitting waiting to spend the paychecks on vacations after shooting these things…oh those poor actors. I have mutilated puppets with more talent ( doctor in the house?).

    John Wayne…the archetypal image over substance guy…about as good as OurGang…did look like my granfather, though.

    I agree on Walken…I love him, but???

    Matt Dillon…come on. I root so hard for this guy, but from Rumble Fish to Factotum he has only gained weight. He is cool as fuck, nonetheless…Rusty James! He is in cool movies, though.

    Molly Ringwald, Andrew MaCarthy…wow, anyone every really watch Pretty In Pink? Go Ducky…we want a new ending.

    Hayden Christiansen…OFG…maybe the worst ever. What say you, m’lady?

    I di dhave fun with Rowdy Roddy Piper…I have come to chew bubblegum and to kick ass, I am all out of bubblegum.

    Good folks…
    John Turturro, Ben Kingsley, Depp ( really), Helen Mirren, Brenda Blethyn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christian Bale ( probably), DiCaprio ( what is he not compelling in???), Dafoe…plenty more…Denzel Washington has a lot of range, Michael Caine and Tony Hopkins when they aren’t trying to pay for a new villa somewhere. Naomi Watts has everything…21 Grams, gracious.
    Sean Penn, almost always perfect and fascinating; we have to forgive I am sam…Cate Blanchett, of course. Miranda Richardson…

    One dimensional people we love anyway…Clooney, Greg Peck…just people you want to know. Tom Hanks…

  37. I vote for Hugh Grant to be added to the list. Whats his talent? being English?

    and i agree that arnold shouldn’t be on the list.

    and as far as nic cage is concerned, i think he’s a good actor who picks TERRIBLE projects. some of his early stuff is great (rumble fish) and he was amazing in adaptation. I think he just gets confused sometimes….

  38. Ladies and gentlemen, this argument begins and ends with one name and that name is ….. Brett Ratner (also known as Satan, The Sucker Of All Creative Life, The Worst Director Currently Working In Cinema, & “Hey, How Can I F*%k This Up? Oh Yeah, I’m Brett Ratner”). We could also give regards to Uwe Boll (but who needs to kick that dead horse?) and how, oh how have we forgotten Jason Friedberg/ Aaron Seltzer (luck, maybe)? It may be easy to nail on-screen performers but these talentless hacks get projects greenlit; amazing. Not to mention Michael Bay, Roland Emmerich, etc. Seagal deserves his place for “designing” his own wardrobe for ‘The Glimmer Man’. Special indie mention to Gregg Araki. You have no talent.

  39. When I saw the link for this post, the first thing I thought was “Dane Cook had better be on there.” And he is, yay!! I don’t even think the guy is a funny comedian, much less a talented actor.

    I kinda like Chris Tucker and Orlando Bloom though.

    I’d probably add Vin Diesel and Hayden Christensen to the list. I’m a huge Star Wars fan so I don’t mind Hayden too much - I’ll admit, the guy can do dark side - but a sixth grader with a crush could give better romantic dialogue than him.

  40. Hayden Christensen killed star wars yet “life as a house” was really

    Who ever said jack should be on this list should seriously reconsider, Look Cukoo’s nest, departed, and pretty much everything that was 6 or more years old (oh yeah his joker was good even)

    Scarlett Johanson was iffy till i saw vicky christina barcelona, excellent

    Reeves….Matrix is yours man, youve got that at least

    Orlando bloom can be good! lets pray he dose something soon that i can at least stand!

    But pretty good list man..Watch out for Arnold and Seagal, there going to terminate your [email protected]@ by spinning high kick with a conan sword going through your head haha

  41. @Corey

    whoa there fella, its just a blog. cool it.


    i agree, talentless or not, they are all rich. %$$#@
    but i still think 0Bloom is the lousiest actor on the planet. :p
    i think if they swap him for ryan philipe, Elizabethtown could have been a better movie.

  42. Jon Heder & Orlando Bloom!!!??? Jon Heder does NOT have to be a good actor; he’s a comedian! Also, I agree Orlando is cute but im glad he’s a bad actor. It makes me laugh to watch his feeble atempts at acting.

  43. I don’t see how you could put Jon Heder as talentless. Did you forget that he can dance? Playing his role of being an idiot is pretty weak reasoning to include him on this list.

  44. Nathanael Rudney:

    I can not believe that you would even list Cuba Gooding, Jr as a bad actor. Have you never seen “Radio”, “The Tuskegee Airman”, or “Lightning Jack”? I personally think he is great actor.

    As for the list… I don’t see Arnold as being in the #1 spot. That should go to Paris Hilton.

  45. 1. Those of you who keep validating an actress because they are “SMOKIN’!” or “HOT!”, please, stop littering the gene pool with your stupidity.

    2. Those of you who actually believe Sarah Palin is an intelligent human being, please, stop littering the gene pool with your excessive stupidity.*

    *Anybody who actually reads her policies and her agendas, and maintains some sort of working synapse surrounding any modular sections of logic in the brain understands that this woman has no business anywhere near politics, let alone vice president. Simple facts: just gotta stop blowing on the empty beer jug and learn how to read.

  46. Why make this list at all except to make us feel better about our own pathetic selves?

    Talentless these people may be in some areas, but they have one talent that many of us don’t have. The talent to become famous and bloody rich. They have enough money to pay all their bills, enough money to send their kids to school several times over, enough money for medicine and hospitalization, enough money to support their aging parents. How many of us in this comments section have to struggle just to do that?

  47. SWEET FANCY FUCKING JESUS ON A GODDAMNED BIKE! i can’t believe arnie and seagal are on your list!

    Seagal? well i could understand why he is there, even though i love his movies and think under siege is in the top 3 best action movies of all time, he kinda went on a downhill after that

    but arnold???????you are being too hard to him. He’s learned a lot of acting skills since conan, and has more succesfull movies under his belt than anyone on that list.

    I would also remove crhis tucker who was genius in 5th element, and heder who was just outstanding in napoleon dynamite and shouldn’t be even there just because of that.

    anyway i agree with the rest of the people on that list and would swap the above ones for:

    - Ben affleck: good director, shitty actor, he’s just a pretty face. Respects for being kev smith friend though
    - Keanu reeves: He plays himself in every movie
    - Jennifer Lopez: no comments
    - Jessica alba: no comments

    I won’t mention Hilton, 50 cent and Simpson since they aren’t even actors and haven’t done more that 2 movies, and not even major roles


  48. Now, I think this might be a little controversial, but… I don’t think Dane Cook is completely without talent. Seriously, I know he’s not funny, but ironically I found him very convincing in Mr. Brooks; a serious role.

  49. I agree with all of the choices…although like other people I would have liked to have seen more actual actors up there and I would have added many people to the list. I think you should make a list of actors that have become so type-cast that they can do their boring roles in their sleep. For example, I’m a huge fan of De Niro, Walken, Samuel L Jackson and Al Pacino…..yet they play the same role EVERY TIME. You couldn’t pay me to go see “Righteous Kill” or “Lake view Terrace,” the characters they play are just so overdone it almost makes it “bad-acting”…although I know it isn’t. They should all take a note from Gary Oldman…..can anyone else in Hollywood say they have played a white wannabe Jamaican, Dracula, a Russian terrorist, commissioner Gordon AND a corrupt psychopathic cop? Oh and I like to Sarah Palin remark, that brainless creationist deserves everything that’s dished out.

  50. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)
    Chris Tucker, Ashton Kutcher and Bloom are mediocre actors but still a 100 times better than Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston.

    Alba at least tried different role although it suck badly but Aniston is such one-dimensional actress who had been playing the same ” Rachel” role in her entire career. and they are being paid millions ? UNFAIR. !

  51. I don’t agree with some of your picks, but have only one question to ask. How is it possible that Pam Anderson and Chris Elliot are not on the list?

  52. i agree with everybody escept for Jon Heder and Ashton Kutcher. Has this guy ever SEEN That ’70s SHow??? Ashton Kutcher is great, and even in the Butterfly Effect. Jon Heder was fantastic in benchwarmers, napoleon dynamite, and Blades of Glory. dont forget Monster house!

  53. How in the world has no one mentioned Jennifer Lopez, the absolute worst actress who constantly gets work. I don’t know anything about her singing talents, but her acting is awful - I mean, baffling bad.

  54. I’m surprised Leonardo DiCaprio is only mentioned once in this entire thread as being a great talent, a top 5 actor in my opinion. Look at his filmography for god sakes, it’s especially amazing given the fact that he’s only around 30 years old.

  55. Add Jennifer Aniston. She’s a one-dimensional actress and her acting on that level is even shaky. I mean, she doesn’t even come across as believable. You’re always aware she’s just a mediocre actress who can’t pull it off.

  56. I agree with most of these. Arnold, however, has talent, as displayed in Terminator and True Lies. I watched a Seagal movie, a Van Damme movie, and then an Arnie movie within months of each other, and Arnie can act circles around the other two. I’d take Jon Heder off and put up Larry the Cable Guy. Somewhere up there should be Rebecca Pidgeon (David Mamet’s wife), who only gets parts in David mamet movies.

  57. Larry the Cable Guy, Van Damme, Johnny Knoxville.

    Arnold should definitely not be the least talented, I mean he was an extremely good terminator, Hilton hasn’t done anything good, she’s just a rich slut who bought her way into movies.

  58. I disagree with Arnold and Ashton, Predator is one of the best Sci-Fi/Action movies ever made, including Terminator, and etc. And he also made the movie Twins which was a big hit and another favorite. He is not a one trick pony.

    Ashton, not a huge fan of his but hard to deny Butterfly Effect! I agree with everyone else on list though, I really hate Chris Tucker, quite possibly the most annoying human on earth.

  59. Wow! I am shocked beyond belief that Ahnuld was listed higher than Paris Hilton. I think he has a lot more talent than that horrid waste of space.

    Take The Terminator for example, he makes a very convincing cold hearted machine. Maybe he’s just a one-trick pony in that regard, and he gets through other films simply based on his prescence, but he’s still far, far more talented than Hilton.

  60. Sorry, but I have to mention Will Farrell here. I haven’t seen all his films, but never once has he made me even start to crack a smile. He was almost good in “Stranger Than Fiction,” but in the end it was just the presence of the other phenoms around him that made him tolerable. But given his popularity, we should all be so talentless!

    (Flame suit on)

  61. where the FUCK is Josh Hartnett!?!?!?
    he has to be the most terrible actor in showbiz, i get depresed just watching his movies because i know im wasting 2 hours of my life watching his miserable acting.
    Keanu Reeves should def be here.
    Whoever said Samuel Jackson knows absolutely nothing about movies and is basing that opinion on his “recent” movies.
    Go watch Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, A Time To Kill, and Jungle Fever and tell me hes a weak actor.

  62. I don’t want to live in a world where not everyone puts Keanu Reeves on a list like this. For god’s sake, the Emperor Has No Clothes!

  63. Uh…Bo Derek perhaps…although I used to post her pictures all over my bedroom and ponder who the perfect male version to her would be. 10, The Man…who probably would end up on this list if he is ever discovered.

  64. Like a bajillion people who posted before me, I also thought of Alba. A horrible actress, and while beautiful her hotness is overrated.

  65. I’m surprised this list is missing Jessica Alba, Vin Diesel, and most definitely Whoopi Goldberg. Completely wooden actors. I actually agree having Arnold on this list. His best roles were in The Terminator films, but then again, he’s basically a robot anyway so I don’t think it was too challenging for him.

    The other choices are inspired (or rather these actors are completely uninspiring).

  66. disagree with a couple of them agree with lots, i think chris tucker is very talented at what he does, orlando bloom was entertaining in pirates of the caribbean..etc.. sure there are other talentless people out there…

  67. Keannu Reeves has to be the most wooden movie star of all time.
    Just imagine how good The Matrix would have been without him!!

    Winona Ryder went to the same drama school as Keannu me thinks.

    Orlando Bloom is the son of Keannu.

    Marky Mark was shocking in The Happening but he was excellent in The Departed. He should choose his roles very carefully. If it has emotion in the script, he should stay well clear.

  68. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) keanu reeves- this bus is going to explode if it goes under 55 mph.

  69. It’s ridiculous to even consider Arnold for this list. You can’t call him talentless because he’s perfect for the roles he’s taken, and some of his movies (Terminator, True Lies, Predator, Last Action Hero) are considered among the great action movies. His competition is guys like Stalone, Van Damme, and Segal and he has been FAR more succesful than any of them. If Arnold were running around trying dramatic roles all the time like some other action movie guys, he’d deserve to be on this list. But he’s not. He’s made great career choices and has been obvious Hollywood A-list. Think of him as what he is: an action star. It is ridiculous to call him talentless in that context.

  70. Whoopi Goldberg is the most overrated, over-employed entertainer in the business. Despite never having made a single human laugh, she’s considered a comedian! She has gotten parts in movies that any number of better actresses could’ve shined in, and the movies have ended up flat and boring; she’s gotten recurring roles in television shows that corpses could have brought more life to. Whoopi does NOT bring it, and should be retired to count her undeserved wealth! PLEASE STOP HER!

  71. I’m not sure putting Arnold and Siegal on there makes any sense? do those guys even do anything movie related anymore? maybe Siegal but Arnold is to busy being the president of California to care

  72. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)Wait a minute! I’d rather watch someone like Arnold, who typically works within his limits, than someone like say, Denzel, who phones in most of his performances (has potential, doesn’t reach it), and can’t pick a script to save his life. As for Chris Tucker, you obviously never saw Fifth Element. You’ve got this all wrong, there is no way Arnold belongs on the list (if you believe he does, then almost every other action hero belongs there too) , the order is completely off, Jessica Simpson doesn’t belong, if Orlando Bloom is there, what about Kiera Knightly, where is John Travolta, based on recent performances DeNiro and Pacino should be there too, and what about Mcain and Palin, they are currently the worst actors on the planet…

  73. 01. Katie Holmes
    02. Jessica Alba
    03. Brad Garrett
    04. Martin Lawrence
    05. Uwe Boll (director)
    06. Michael Madsen (love him, but he can’t act. sorry)
    07. Richard Grieco
    08. Mischa Barton
    09. Diablo Cody (writer/director)
    10. Eli Roth (producer/director)

  74. C’mon, that was a pretty piss poor list. Here are my selections for Hollywood’s least talented.

    1. Jessica Alba
    2. Paris Hilton
    3. Paul W.S. Anderson (writer/director)
    4. Brett Ratner (Director)
    5. Megan Fox
    6. Tara Reid
    7. Paul Walker
    8. Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Writers/driectors)
    9. Freddie Prinze Jr.
    10. Martin Lawrence

  75. I think Keanu Reeves should be on here…there are only so many ways one can say “Whoa” without it getting old. “Bill & Ted” was good for HIM, but that’s all. I also agree that Glen Close should be on there: “Glen Close, but no cigar”!!

    Definitely Courtney Love and Tara Reid (although she played clueless well in “American Pie” and “Urban Legend”).

    And I’m very over Tom Cruise.

    There are probably at least twenty other people I could add to this list…

  76. You know, this list needs a major update.
    There is a consistent group of people that commenter’s hate and love, and this list has some people that just do not deserve to be there

    I am also against Chris Tucker being there. Rush Hour is a mistake to base his career on
    Friday and how about The Fifth Element?
    Arnold was perfect in the parts he was in. They are not academy awards, but they ARE perfect for how he played them.

    Jessica Alba sucks in EVERYTHING she is in
    Denise Richards - The face etched in stone…ugh

    I can name more, but the fact that I would rather watch Van Damme or Vin Diesel before these wenches, really show that they need their names stricken from any Directors list of actresses!

  77. As talentless as everyone on this list is, they all have more talent than Adam Sandler. Overrated, one-note hack.

    Also, where are Michael Bay, Mark Wahlberg and every “reality show” host (Jeff Probst, et al)?

  78. John, look at this a-hole comment in RT, its funny:

    v-alexander-the-great writes:
    on Sep 23 2008 10:11 AM

    How is this news-worthy? It’s some guy’s opinion..and he’s not even some reputable guy! I mean, if it was Roger Ebert or some other established critic, or a director or actor or you know, ANYONE else, then maybe. As it is though, it’s just some “John” guy. Not even a last name. Plus, he wrote it like some high school kid.

    So yeah, this list is pointless…how do you measure the talent? Is there some scale? Do you have to be a snooty “thespian” to be considered talented?

    I’m not gonna blather on about who should/ shouldn’t be on there, EXCEPT for the inclusion of Arnold. The guy is a living legend, I bet you $10 he was included because of his politics rather than his performances…which, may not always be “good” but are always epic and ALWAYS quote-worthy.


  79. Subjective matter cannot be viewed objectively. Generally things like art are subjective, and all the “lists” put out these days are someone’s OPINION, not fact. It’s funny how Bobafett just threw some names out on a comment, and others automatically responded to it.

  80. I don’t know about Arnold being number 1. After all, with the exception of Kindergarten Cop (shudder…), he’s always been hired to play a big, dumb but canny brute. He pulls *that* role off admirably.

  81. Please add:


    You underrate them! They are just horrible! They have the right to be on good places on this list.

  82. Unfortunately these people have decided act, and obviously they have no talent! but And there are alot of bad actors out there that slipped by this list, my top five of each would have to be…
    Tara Reid
    Lindsay Lohan
    Courtney Love
    Brittney Spears
    Mischa Barton
    Vin Diesel
    Van Dame
    Hayde Christensen
    James Franco
    Sean William Scott

  83. RM and Family Guy -

    Anyone who says Affleck needs to be on this list, see Gone Baby Gone and Hollywoodland. Mr Affleck has started to take his career more seriously. (Although that child look goblinesque).

    On my best list Daniel Day Lewis an Leonardo DiCaprio should be up there, but I put them right above Patrick Stewart. Lastly, remember this is about TALENT, not acting. That’s why I have Will Smith up there.

  84. Gah, thank you for speaking my mind and including Dane Cook and Jon Heder on this list! I thought I was the only one who noticed.

    And Jessica Alba is the most obvious omission, imo.

  85. How is Geoff the only person to mention Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the writers and directors of the atrocious “Movie” series (Disaster Movie, Superhero Movie, Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie, etc.)? Besides Paris Hilton, they are obviously the two least-talented people in Hollywood.

  86. Also, Kirsten Dunst. How they replaced the intelligent and beautiful MJ from the comics with someone who embarasses herself in public and on screen is nutty. She should take time off to learn acting 101.

  87. How, in the name of heaven/hell, Keanu Reeves still finds work is beyond me. If there ever were a person who would discourage others to get into the movie business, he would be it (though, ironically, he helps other hacks believe they can make millions).

  88. pretty good list.

    the only one i disagree with is chris tubker, he showed he had some talkent with his earlier movies. now he’s just picking bad scripts which doesn’t really have anything to do with his talent.

    i would replace him with steven strait. i haven’t even been able to finish a movie with him in it since sky high.

  89. Thank God someone mentioned Keanu Reeves. That guy makes wood exciting. And if you’re going to trash singers who try to act then you gotta mention Madonna.

  90. In my opinion, Freddie Prinze Jr. is hands down the most talentless person working in Hollywood. Thank God he doesn’t really work anymore because his “acting” in the late 90’s-early 2000’s made Hayden Christensen look good-which is saying something.

  91. I liked chris tucker in the 5th element.

    Where’s Hayden Christianson, he was by far the worst part of the new Star Wars series.

  92. John, I cannot take you seriously in anything else you say about anything movie related again, after seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger No.1.
    I mean, come on man! Arnolds acting, although not “Al Pacino” or anything is still good or at least worthy of any actor that could have taken the roles that Arnold did.
    P.S. And of all ther other people you could have put in there, that should have been in there!

  93. That is a pretty good list, however, as of late, one actor’s malperformance has been eating away at my very core. Mark Wahlberg is the poor man’s Matt Damon (and we all know where Matt Damon stands…) After attempting to watch the Happening, everything good that I thought Wahlberg stood for was crushed, and every hope evaporated. (Along with my money, damn $8 tickets.) You could squeeze more emotion out of my sweaty underwear, than you could from any of Mark’s performances.

  94. Channing Tatum should be on the list. Most of Hollywood to be honest is overrated. Most of the films that are not “main stream” possess the most genuine actors. Somehow, when the big time hits, the scripts tend to force great actors to be seen as average. But I agree with most of the list. I think 50 isn’t as bad as Get Rich or Die Tryin’. “Home of the Brave” showed he had more to offer than his debut.

  95. You’re wrong about 50 cent first off. He’s only been in one movie and he was pretty good in it. Even Ebert from At the Movies admits so. I think you’re spot on with the rest but Chris Tucker you have to give a little break too. Friday? That movie is a classic and without Chris Tuckers signature panic-y, running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off style of wit and humor… that movie would have been nothing. And let’s not forget, he was in Jackie Brown too. That movie won some oscars. Where is Hayden Christiansen on your list? I think there’s worse actors than Orlando Bloom too.

  96. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

    Lousy list.

    Schwarzenegger doesn’t belong on this list at all. Terminator and Terminator 2 are at the top of the sci-fi heap and Arnie’s turn as the Terminator put them there.

    Bloom doesn’t belong on this list either. You need to watch the Director’s Cut of Kingdom of Heaven. That movie is all sorts of awesome.

    Some seriously talentless people that still keep getting hired (in addition to many already named)are Colin Farrell, Jude Law, Matthew McConaughey, …..

    Which leads me to say that list like this are sort of pointless. It’s so subjective as to be almost worthless. I haven’t liked a single Apatow movie and that man would be high on my talentless list. Yet people still got to his movies. Go figure.

  97. You could do a lot worse than Orlando Bloom, he’s pretty harmless. Not bad but never very good. Keanu is absolutely brutal.

    Nevertheless, so long as that little worm Dane Cook is on that list, I wont refute it.

  98. The only Keanu Reeves movie I’ve seen is Speed, but if that’s any indication of what he’s usually like, then he does deserve to be on this list. All 2-3 hours he did nothing but furrow his brow and sound like he was reading a script while out of breath. One of the most overrated movies I’ve ever seen.

    P.S. I’d like to be the one person to announce that he’s on board with the Palin-bashing comment. Don’t know if that makes me uncool, but whatever.

  99. where on this list is kevin costner? i’ve watched him ruin so many well written movies. Dances with Wolves? I can’t believe he could stink up a role written so perfectly that you kinda just have to show up and act desolate. Waterworld? Don’t have to explain that. That movie where he plays JFK I think it’s called 13 Days. My God. Kill Me. Better yet, kill him.

  100. No one bothered mentioning David Hasselhoff..that guy is such a hack!! He is the worst!! I like Jessica Alba! She at least has good movies standing behind her. I have to agree with Tara Reid…yikes!

  101. You missed a big one:

    Jack Nicholson.

    Yes, you read that right. He plays exactly the same character in every single movie. Oh, he does it well, but it’s still the same character. So, if Arnold Schwarzenegger appears on the list (who plays a single character but does it very well), then Nicholson must, too. And at least Schwarzenegger was funny in Jingle All The Way.

  102. Jessica Alba. Her movies don’t even make money. I have no idea why she keeps getting jobs. Yeah, she’s hot, but so are about 1000 other actresses in Los Angeles. How about finding one who can actually act?

  103. I’m noticing a lack of the stunning duo from that film “Awake”. Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba. Put them on that list.

    Also, I have a huge thing against Kirsten Dunst. I really, really HATE her acting. She’s just awful. Put her on that list too.

  104. How about Tyler Perry? All of his films are head-splattering soap operas disguised as Christian morality dramas. Even his recent film, “The Family that Preys”, celebrates hitting women. It’s alright, because the woman was condescending and emasculating towards you.

  105. First….Where is Tara Reid in this conversation? Holy crap…I was just watching her on Scrubs and cringed the whole time. Throw in horrible acting in the American Pie movies and an Uwe Boll film.

    Second…Most Talented;

    Chiewetel Ejiofor, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Guy Pearce, Don Cheadle, Tom Wilkinson, Ryan Gosling, Richard Jenkins, Sam Rockwell, Ken Watanabe, Viggo Mortensen and Christian Bale…And most will rip me, but Will Smith and Jamie Foxx (Pursuit of Happyness, I am Legend, Ali and Hancock- which might not be the best movie, but he carries it and then Foxx- Ray, Collateral and Miami Vice)


    Rachael McAdams, Cate Blanchett, Amy Ryan, Audrey Tautou, Gong Li, Hillary Swank, Vera Farmiga and Naomi Watts

  106. Oh, and Ben, you had better be careful asking where Chuck Norris is. He could be in the shadows behind you. And you and I both know that you don’t want a round house kick to the face from that guy.

  107. I’m sure I will get many dissagreements on this one, but I have to say David Caruso. CSI miami is an ok show, but he is just no good. WAYYYYY to dramatic for his own good.

  108. They said talentless, not terrible, so the omission of Alba isn’t as much an oversight as you think. I don’t like Dane Cook at all, but he was good in that Kevin Costner movie.

  109. Hayden Christensen
    Vin Diesel
    Paul Walker
    Rob Schneider
    Martin Lawrence

    Jason Patric
    Daniel Day Lewis

  110. I think if we have Dolph Lundgren, Van Damme & Mark Dacascos combined, Orlando Bloom would still be talentlessss…
    it’s like that dude playing the dude that disguises as another dude said “the scene is about emotionality…where is it???” 0Bloom just don’t get it, i wonder why he is even in the acting business in the first place? I think 0Bloom should be #1 on this list or any other “terrrible&worthless piece o’ $!!%@ list”.

  111. Wow this list leaves out so many people. First of all Orlando Bloom does not belong anywhere on this list. Kingdom of Heaven: Director’s Cut is an oscar worthy film, Pirates one was ok. So maybe he isnt the most talented in hollywood but talentless…no way. Where is Paul Walker on this list? He could be one of the worst actors in the history of cinema, followed closely by Hayden Christansen. Jessica Alba anyone? Or has no one noticed that she is a horrible actress. Kim Kardashian made her acting debut in “Disaster Movie”. That alone puts her in the same category as Paris, no talent and famous for having a sex tape. James Remar? He could quite possibly be tied with Paul Walker. These 5 should be way above Orlando and Company.

  112. Chris Tucker is very entertaining. I would disagree, he does have some acting chops, albeit the same chops in every movie.
    Two films that stand out:
    Fifth Element and Dead Presidents

    I would put Eva Mendez and Jessical Alba on this list.

  113. Tom Greene in “Bob the Butler” was probably the worst acting job I’ve ever watched. What makes this so tragic, is that my woman loves it!

  114. i love natalie portman….so I give her a pass. Plus Beautiful Girls and The Professional were great she has at least two classics…..V for Vendetta was pretty good too.

  115. I actually dont mind Keaunu Reeves that much..I think he gets a bad rap..sure, he ain’t great, but there are far far worse. Honestly, although he is in a few bad movies, I don’t mind Martin Lawrence either…he is one of the few actors that can actually make me laugh (although I am biased cuz Martin was one of my fav shows).

    I think David Caruso is a horrible actor, not sure why he is as big as he is. Believe it or not, although he is okay in a few movies, I don’t think Christian Bale is a very good actor either..he is always very stiff..I just don’t think he is that good, but has been in some great movies lately.

  116. I think Nic Cage suffers the Robert DeNiro disease these days. Great actor, appearing in many extremely crappy movies. Are they running out of money?

  117. I’m sorry but there are some horrible omissions from this group. Let’s focus on actors that are not musicians or performers first. This list should include Scarlett Johannsen and Natalie Portman. Just because they are in good movie sometimes does not mean that they can act. I cringe every time Portman (Garden State, Star Wars) cries or when Johannsen tries to demonstrate emotion (Match Point). Hayden Christenson needs to be on this list too for the lame quote “You undereeeeestimate my poooweer” and his shitty performance in Shattered Glass (Saarsgard carried him). Also, Ice Cube is awful. What a sell out. He went from f*** the police to Disney movies. And how about Eddie Murphy and Cuba Gooding Jr who are both clearly one note actors who got lucky and sucked ever since. Cuba has the worst acting career of all time and yet he has an Oscar so he can’t be on this list? Snow Dogs, Love Boat, Daddy Day Camp, period.

  118. yo. you coulda gone so much harder with that list man! like, look at all those comments! LOL everybody knows you coulda made a more potent list.

  119. Does: Lack of Depth = BAD? We have all at one point found a bad actor entertaining or perhaps ‘good’ in a particular role. Keanu, Arnie, Segal, etc. If lack of depth is the true mark of a bad actor or talentless actor then you have to include Sean William Scott. He has basically played the same character in every film he has been in. There is not enough paper or space in the world to list all of the actors that lack depth but my vote is to include Mr. Scott, Johnny Knoxville, a couple of the Baldwin brothers (except Alec) and Adam Sandler (love his work, but not a gifted thespian).

    An oversight on the extremely talented list…Don Cheadle. Outstanding depth and versatility.


  120. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) What about Kevin Costner? Boring, sounds like he’s reading off cue cards in every film. Bull Duram was ok, but thats because he had Tim Robbins carrying him. Just watch Water World and Dances With Dull.

  121. There are a lot of people in Hollywood who can’t act. Those people I call Lucky. They just happen to be in the right place at the right time with what the director was looking for at that moment. Plus casting couch doesn’t hurt either.

  122. For the most part i can agree with this list. I don’t think that steven segal should be on this list though… sure he can’t act but his talents in aikido make up for his lack of acting talent. You should’ve put LL Cool J on this list. He can’t even play a good part in a pepsi commercial.

  123. If you can think of a “proper” thespian who could have played the terminator better than me, name him. Exactly. Daniel Day-Lewis brings pretentiousness to every role, I bring myself…which is what the people come to see.

    I am the LORD your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery…Don’t you ever disrespect me again “” or I shall smight you (i.e. bankrupt you)…Oops, too late.

  124. John, you article got notice

    Watch out for the governer of california for putting him #1.


  125. Mr. Cool is right - Brendan Fraser is as bad as all of the 10 combined. I would rather drink a bottle of cancer than have to watch anything that even mentions his name (this post excluded).

  126. I would have to add Chevy Chase to the list and possibly put him above Arnold. Chris Tucker is definitely unwatchable.

    There should prob. be a separate category for old and young version of each actor. Some have gotten better and other worse. For Example, Old Nic Cage v. Young Nic Cage. Who would you go with?

  127. Keanu Reeves should have been on the list. While there are movies that he’s been in that I liked, like the Matrix. Those roles didn’t require any acting ability - he pretty much read the script. However those roles which do require ability he was terrible: Dracula, Much to Do about Nothing, ect…

  128. I would have to agree with some of those people that you have up there. But you have people up there that should not be up there, and as for the Anakin from star wars, your on something. And drew barrymore???????????? wow stop posting.This list should be revised.

  129. Great Nic Cage Roles:

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Valley Girl
    Raising Arizona
    Wild at Heart
    Vampire’s Kiss
    Leaving Las Vegas

    Everything else he’s ever made ALMOST cancel all those choice performances, but with all due respect, Nic Cage does NOT belong on the list of the 10 most talentless people in Movies.

  130. While I somewhat agree with your list, that attack on Palin was so unnecessary and out of place that I’ll probably never visit this website again.

    Okay, so this is probably my first time visiting this site, but my first impression was terrible, and so I probably won’t come back.

  131. Brendan Fraser deserves spots 1-10 without a doubt. And the list was for the top 100, he should have 1-90. Then the 10 you have above can be 91-100. He’s such a douche.

  132. The title of your post, automatically reminded me of Keanu Reeves. Who (much to my surprise), isn’t in the list. Anyway I’d also include Kirsten Dunst.

  133. Arnie???????????? What a load of crap! The guy may not have dramatic chops but he is pretty damn good at comedy and he is damn good for the roles he is picked for.

  134. John
    I like your list and cannot honsetly disagree with anyone but I dont understand how you put Orlando Bloom in #6 instead of #10. I am not the biggest fan but I still like him better than everyone after him (#’s 7-10).

  135. Hey Kanthan,

    Ummm… yeah. #1 - I’m not an actor. I’ve never claimed to be an actor. So I’ll admit right now I also have ZERO acting talent. Oh, and I also don’t get paid $20+ million per film.

    Also, you’re being a hypocrite. If you’ve ever said “That actor isn’t good” or “That actor is good” or “such and such actor sucks” which you have done (we all have) then you are making yourself the judge.

    We all do it. As paying film fans we have the right to praise or criticize the movies and actors we pay to see.

    Chris Tucker has zero acting talent.

  136. I think Chris Tucker has talent and is good at he does I mean he not playing Hamlet for Fucks sake just leave the guy alone. Lets be honest who would rather see in in Rush hour - Chris tucker and lee or John Campea and Lee. John who makes you the judge on whos got talent and who hasnt.

  137. I wouldn’t mind arguing about 7 or 10 maybe 6. 7 is just because I have actually seen him in a very underrated, unwatched movie that he did really well in. 6 he pretty much aced the first pirates. Although he had Knightley and Depp to drag him along. And you know I can’t argue for ten. I just enjoyed rush hour 1 and 2 to see him on the list when others like Paul Walker and Vin Diesel get to walk free. Or lord forgive my blasphemy for saying the name of the desecrated one, Uwe Bolle.

  138. 1.Andy Dick
    2.David Carusso
    3.Jessica Simpson
    4.Correy Haim
    7.Pamella Anderson
    8.Ben Affleck
    10.Ice Tea

  139. After reading this,,,, I say Arnold shouldn’t be on this list…
    There’s a few ahead of him,,, he hasn’t even acted since T3, so I don’t even see why he’s on this list.

  140. Making millions and doing business is not good actor worthiness. If so i’d like to nominate Dave Lettermen for his role in Cabin Boy. Or Shaq.

    If 300 hadn’t propped Butler up in the eyes of action fandom, he still wouldn’t be mainstream. And that role wasn’t the pinnacle of acting, it just made a crapload of money.

    Heck you want a name to throw in the list of good actors, who haven’t hit the fame they should be at…..Ben Foster.

    Damn good actor who i’d cast in an instant. in 3:10 to Omaha he blew away both Russell Crowe and Christian Bale on-screen.
    He’s a good actor that beats half your list.

  141. I omitted Jack…how i dunno…I’m not perfect. Insert him instead of John Mahoney.

    Gerard Butler’s performances run the gamut. He does big budget blockbusters and small time art pieces. He’s worked with some of the best in the business as has Mr Tom Cruise (and TC almost made the list folks).

    As for Oprah, how can you even say she’s not talented? Hmmm…SHe’s been nominated for an Oscar, has a multifaceted business and show, and just her marketing “name” is worth millions.

    Ben Stiller, hmmm let’s see he’s a an award winning director, actor and producer. He had his own TV show, and you definitely can’t say he plays the same character every time.

    Maggie Q is a stretch as this point in her career but she’s done drama, comedy and blockbuster so far and stood out in each role.

    As for Meryl Streep, shes up there in the talent dept (although I can’t bring myself to see Mamma Mia) she was great in Death Becomes Her.

  142. Uwe Boll.

    As much as people want to bash him. I wouldn’t put him on the worst offender list for director.

    Sure for his first 10 films where he could burn through all that german money without care. Sure he should for that crap. BUT, and I do say but, he has grown a better filmmaker in his last few attempts.

    He still isn’t a great director, nowhere close, but he is showing improvement over time.

    Now Quentin Tarantino could almost make that list. He’s been degrading in quality since Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. Give him a table of women talking and he’s fine but unless Inglorious Bastards becomes amazing (and from casting so far its only blah from the US side),

    So if you’re throwing Boll on there, throw Quentin on there too. It’s like how i judge actors. Its not about being terrible in one role, or type cast into one genre ((like walken got type-cast…mans got talent and shouldn’t be on the bad list)). It’s all about them evolving as actors/directors and showing their depth.

  143. Jeez, how could I forget Diane Keaton! I don’t even think she’s an actor. She’s exactly the same in every single movie. And to the extent that she has the same wardrobe and silly dark glasses in every movie. She just plays herself!

  144. I have a huge pain with Hayden Christensen! Except for making a wimp out of Darth Vader, it seems that he makes a wimp out of every character he plays! His names was mentioned at some part to play Superman - what a disaster that will be!

  145. BobaFett

    i aim the biggest gwyneth paltrow fan in this world. you dont get it.
    i LOVE her. i want her to MARRY ME

    shes my world..and shes a GREAT ACTRESS
    she got an oscar in 1999 or 2000 i think

    oh shes so beautifull

    i love you gwen!

    but im not like this over just any actress..just paltrow

  146. please dont do a most talented list. i love the negativeness and i love TMB!!!!

    i found this picture online that says “STEVEN SEGALS FACE EXPRESSIONS”
    And its got like 30 pictures of him and they say “HAPPY, SAD, ANGRY” ect…and theyre all the same fucking picture and its hilarious dude..lmao

    but fuck you i like steven segal XD!!!!!!!


  147. why are we limiting this to actors?

    How about some directors:

    Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer
    Uwe Boll

    Now over to the rest of you….

    But John was right on the money with his list!

  148. @Bobafett too

    Oprah???!!! How in the world did she get in there???!! Gerard Butler… hmm not really. Don’t really agree with your list.

    Oh I do think that Arnie shouldn’t be number 1 and Jessica Alba should seriously be there.

  149. I’m going to get a lot of shit for this, and hell, I too love the guy but - Christopher Walken

    outside of his genius performance hosting SNL, the man has been doing the same tired schitck his entire career, and its not even a schitck, it’s just him, reading lines, barely.

  150. hahaha well i’m just glad that Orlando is in the list.
    man theres tons of talentless out there. and why they ever get parts in films i have no idea. i bet you that guy who kills 2 lions with his knives has more talent than these bozos lol. (except for arnold and steven seagal, i think they rock, and chris tucker is just annoying).

  151. Most Talented:

    Billy Bob Thornton
    Brad Pitt
    Gerard Butler
    Ben Stiller
    Gene Hackman
    Edward Norton
    Ian McKellen
    John Mahoney
    Will Smith
    Tom Hanks

    Jennifer Connelly
    Naomi Watts
    Maggie Q
    Rebecca Romijn
    Frances McDormand
    Regina King
    Angelina Jolie
    Oprah Winfrey
    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Barbara Streisand

  152. The problem with Hayden Christensen is he does well sometimes…See Life as a House, Factory Girl, or Shattered Glass.

    Hey how about the worst 10 directors. (#1 George Lucas)

  153. This is about talent and I agree that most on the list don’t have any, but I have to comment,

    Chris Tucker plays the same character in every movie. Smokey is Ruby Rod in The Fifth Element…cmon…

    I’d remove Arnold though, he doesn’t play the Terminator in every movie and to me Twins, Kindergarten Cop, and Jingle all the Way are not that bad.

    But I’d add, Neve Campbell rather than Denise Richards. Denise has talent…IN MY SPANK BANK! (For Now)

    I’d also add Jake Busey. and Miley Cyrus…Eek…

    For that matter most children of stars are really bad, and the producers and writers are creating a cottage industry drawn th the name.

  154. You can put Katie Holmes on that list too along with one hit wonder jason biggs who should be on there along with jon heder they should share a spot.

  155. Take off Arnold (hate him all you want, but the man’s got charm and a knack for turning negatives like his accent and his non-movie-star looks into real positives) and Segal (I actually like his early movies), add Jessica Alba (#1 with a bullet-can she actually do anything except look hot in a bikini?) and Keanu Reeves (I just finished rewatching A SCANNER DARKLY and was reminded just how bad he really is), and you’ve got the start of a decent list.

    And, FWIW, I like Nic Cage, too. #ducks#

  156. I agree that Arnold shouldn’t be on the list. He stuck with what people loved him doing best, being the action hero. He also made you laugh when he did comedies.

    I also agree that the list should only contain people who are actors by trade (they have actor on their tax returns, not musician). So that would strike out 50 and Simpson (lets face it…Hilton is barely a human being).

    I think Alba could be on this list (I hold judgement since has she really been offered a serious role to play yet?). But yes Denis Richards should be on this list.

    Beauty does not equal talent or charm.

    BTW, whoever said to add Vin Diesel should watch Find Me Guilty. The guy could probably do some serious stuff if need be.
    We just want to hold onto our “action heroes” as long as we can.

    It really comes down to those actors who try the serious roles only to utterly fail when its not in their normal schtick. Look at how many westerns Eastwood did before he did stuff outside what audiences were used to see him in.

  157. I agree that Arnold shouldn’t be on the list. He stuck with what people loved him doing best, being the action hero. He also made you laugh when he did comedies.

    I also agree that the list should only contain people who are actors by trade (they have actor on their tax returns, not musician). So that would strike out 50 and Simpson (lets face it…Hilton is barely a human being).

    I think Alba could be on this list (I hold judgement since has she really been offered a serious role to play yet?). But yes Denis Richards should be on this list.

    Beauty does not equal talent or charm.

    BTW, whoever said to add Vin Diesel should watch Find Me Guilty. The guy could probably do some serious stuff if need be.
    We just want to hold onto our “action heroes” as long as we can.

    It really comes down to those actors who try the serious roles only to utterly fail when its not in their normal schtick. Look at how many westerns Eastwood did before he did stuff outside what audiences were used to see him in.

  158. “The guy is as believable as Sarah Palin (that’s not a good thing)”

    I usually make it a point to visit this site about every day, and its hard not to like anyone who hates Highlander 2 as much as I do, but the unnecessary and asinine liberal commentary has become rather nauseating.

  159. There is no justifiable reason as to why Paris Hilton is not number one. Some people on the list like Arnold, Jessica Simpson and 50 Cent do have talent in other fields. Maybe not acting talent, but they do have some talent. Paris Hilton cannot even fall back on that.

  160. Hayden Christensen!!! He should have been at least top 5 on this list. I know some will cut him some slack for playing Anakin but even there he sucked. The man can’t act he is about as lifeless in all his roles as he was in awake.

  161. i agree with a previous poster…

    Paris Hilton, 50 cent and Jessica Simpson are TERRIBLE in the SMALL handful of movie roles they’ve been given, but they are NOT actors…

    I know this is all subjective but some would say that 50 cent is talented at what he does(i.e. selling albums and making business moves-) , but an actor he is not…i believe he has 3 major films to his credit…

    Paris isnt evan worthy of being put on this list let alone ranked behind ANYONE!!hhaha…

    Some would tell you that Jessica Simpson(grammy winner and multi platinum selling artist) is talented, just not a good public speaker or actor….i believe she has what, 2 major films to her credit??

    with all the movies you watch and all of the many FULL TIME actors to choose from, i just dont see these particular CELEBRITIES, true relevance to this list….

    other then that, great list and they keep us talkin…PEACE

  162. I too am surprised that Alba and Thawndie Newton aren’t on the list (and WAY up there) as you’ve made repeated references to their uselessness.

  163. I CANNOT believe that you put Arnie ahead of that waste of space Hilton. Seriously, she can’t even live life normally, forget having any talent for anything else. Not saying Arnie is a genious, but he shouldn’t be number one.

  164. list should only include actors, there are enough talentless hacks to fill a top 100. i hate thandie newton and can’t figure out what she does.

  165. @ TMB
    i love the hate filled posts!
    keep watching crappy movies!
    and keep watching crappy actors!
    and get mad and post more hate!

    I LOVE IT!

    but..whats steven segal doing in it? i think hes really good.

  166. There is one and only one role I find Chris Tucker even watchable in, and that is as Ruby Rod in the Fifth Element, say what you will about the guy, his annoying-ness suits that character perfectly.

    Also, Nic Cage will never be on a talentless list for two reasons, Adaptation and Raising Arizona.

  167. I can’t believe you put Arnold above the likes of Paris Hilton!

    If you want to put a big draw actor on there who brings in the $ but lacks talent or range, I would put Keanu Reeves on the list. I loved The Matrix series and he definitely has the looks, but c’mon, he’s so one-dimensional and unable to convey genuine emotion it’s not even funny. Admittedly, I’ve seen plenty of his movies because there always big budget spectacles that look like they have potential - Speed, Point Break, Constantine, The Watcher, Street Kings, etc.

  168. Wow, John really? Sometimes I think you do this just so people will comment. You write something that you know is controvertial just so we all take the bait!

    You sly devil you!

    I know that you didn’t mean it when you put Arnie at number one. You almost had me. And I think you should apologize before the Governator sees this post.

    And you should make a new list, called “The 10 Most Talented People in the Movies” and put Seagal at number one so that nobody gets the wrong idea. I’m sure you didn’t mean what you said about him either!

    Other than that, great list! Keep up the good work!

  169. I think Kutcher is actually a pretty decent actor. He was good in a lot like love and butterfly effect. Tucker should have never gotten paid like he did for rush hour movies but he has done a few good movies and is funny as f**k when he tries.

  170. I ain’t saying Arnold is the best actor in world but lumping him with the likes of 50 percent (or whatever the hell he call himself) is not only unjustifiable, its just downright insulting….even worst is that you place him on the #1 spot. Are you telling me someone like the annoying-as-fuck Dane Cook is better than Arnold? C’mon, man… Arnold may not win an Academy anytime soon but you got to give him props for his on screen presence and charisma. Some actors probably can dance circle around Arnold in the dramatic department but he’s good for the type of roles he plays. Like the saying goes, if the shoe fits. The movies hes been in are awesome- Predator, Terminator I&II, and Conan - and I don’t see how Arnold screw up in it.

  171. Hands down the worst single acting job of all time is sophia coppolla. Godfather 3 was great and the reason people knock it is because she was completely unbelievable. I don’t care that julia Roberts and wynonna ryder weren’t available. Get anyone else in the world. Don’t just stock your talentless daughter in there. I’m glad she gets 86’ed in the end.

    And like ari gold said, “I signed you cause I knew you’d be a movie star… Not cause I thought you could act”

  172. Agree in general with most of list, but some listed 50 Cent, Simpson etc aren’t actors they’re celebrities. Just because you’re in a movie doesn’t make you an actor.

  173. I agree with your list and some of others have been mentioned above. I would add…

    Denise Richards - I would put her on the list even though she made me laugh in Drop Dead Goreougs she has no acting ability.

    I’m surprised you left Thaddie Newton off the list though I don’t think she’s as untalented as you feel she is…she’s still not that good.

  174. Never understood the appeal of Orlando Bloom. HIs career will go the way of Vinnie Chase of Entourage this season!

  175. With the sole exception of no#1 and #7, I couldn’t help but agree with the list, other than ranking. Schwarzhennger got better in his films as he gained more stardom, even if those films were not as big as his peak. Even so, why the hell John is he number one?? I could kind of buy an arguement if, say he was #10, but I think Arnie has more credit that you give him credit for.

    As for Sensei Seagal- when he first hit it with his late 80’s to mid 90’s action pix, he was alright. But then something happened. He started to get too much into himself, he kept playing the same kind of roles, and then…his image got worse and worse, and then he switched his akido for kung fu, and then kung fu for badly lit stunt doubles. I have this secret desire for the dude to have a makeover, shave his head, wear a goat, look like a Hell’s Angel or something like that.


    The majority on the list are non-actors. Chris above mentioned Justin Timberlake; I am thus assuming he was #11, either that or John had seen Alpha Dog and had given him a pass.

    Dane Cook seems fine when he is not the lead character in a film. Dan In Real Life, Mr. Brooks…but shit, Chris Tucker was outstanding in Fifth Element, Friday and Jackie Brown…films where he *wasn’t* the main draw, and films where he actually played different characters.

    “The guy is as believable as Sarah Palin (that’s not a good thing)”

    No, my friend. The Rep. VP nom Palin is believable. That is scary to some people. Not to me, but to some. Politics another day. Note: I thought Ashton was great in ‘The Guardian’.

    So who do I put in Arnold’s and Ashton’s place? Casper? Nope-although it’s tempting. I’ll say:

    Rob Schneider

  176. Why just 10 people in this list?

    99% of people in Movies these days are talentless.

    Bogie had talent. Peter Sellers had talent. Gretta Garbo had Talent.

    They made audiences believe they were different Characters in each movie.

    Nowadays, actors like Tom Cruise and Glenn Close are just playing themselves in each movie. They are pretty faces, nothing more.

    Ever wonder why so many Hollywood Celebs kids end up in movies? It isn’t because they are talented, it’s the gene pool.

  177. why do you guys hate chris tucker?

    he hasnt been in alot of movies, but hes been great in the few hes been in. friday, rush hour 1&2, money talks, those are all awesome movies. i would personally like to see him in more movies than the few hes done. he shouldn’t be on your list, id put Rob Schneider in there before chris tucker.

  178. chris tucker is a good comedian…..he was great in friday and good in dead president….that bastard brett ratner fucked him up…wheres jessica alba?

    and i agree with james taylor, carmen electra is horrid everytime shes on screen

  179. Assuming you’re only talking acting ability, I GUESS a case can be made for your #1 (though it’s a shock pick more than a reality one — I can rattle off a thousand names that Arnold could act circles around, saying something or not). But if you’re talking general talent, then you’d be shocked to know the kind of intelligent, innovative input he had in the Terminator films, and you’d strike him off the list in a heartbeat.

  180. HENRIK your right van damme is cool, and hes not on this list due to his incredible talent:

    But John I think theres a big difference between bad actors in light comedies that dont make you laugh, and guys like Segal who, while wooden, display the talent of martial arts in their action movies.

  181. Decent list.

    I dont know how much of an actor Chris Tucker is, but he makes people laugh (myself included) and that does require at least some talent.

    Someone mentioned Timberlake. I’ve only seen him in Alpha Dog and he gave a solid performance.

  182. James Franco (squinting your eyes is not acting)

    Richard Gere (not sure if all his movies suck because he’s in them or they’d suck regardless of him-but he basically sucks all the time)

    Madonna (I think she has finally realized she shouldn’t ever ever do another movie)

    and I don’t 100% agree regarding NicCage who hasn’t been good in a film in about 20 years-I think whatever talent he had to begin with (no large amount) just keeps draining off with every movie. A truly deplorable actor (yes I know that should go in the actors I hate list, but he fits in both so well)

    Agree with Dane Cook-whatever humor he displays in stand-up (he’s no master there either) he totally loses in any movie. That Kevin Costner movie he was in should have proven to anyone to never put him in another film-but Hollywood is just stupid at times.

  183. Charm is underrated. It’s the key ingredient as to how most people get into and retain jobs in Hollywood. And friends, charm takes talent. It’s what made Jim Carrey’s career (“Overactor!”), how George Clooney graduated to films that matter and why Ashton Kutcher still stars in movies/gets his projects off the ground.

  184. ya i think i like some the roles these people have played cause it was perfect for them as individuals…..chris tucker was awesome in friday…he kinda played himself…then money changed him….i also love arnold in terminator..that role was perfect for him….dane cook i cant stand but i think im biased cause i think is comedy is kinda not original…but ya still i see where your coming from on all.

  185. John, I would take Jessica Simpson, Steven Segal, Paris Hilton, and 50 Cent off the list.

    Not that any of them are good actors, but only one of them is actually an “actor”, and Segal had his time in history as a great cheese-ball action star.

    Hilton, Simpson, and 50 Cent are only in movies as vehicles for their other careers (the ladder two being musicians, and the former being a rich slut).

    In their place I would include actors that actually get movie parts consistently (even good movie parts) and they are terrible, always.

    Vin Diesel (whose dick did he suck to get in Saving Private Ryan?)

    Jessica Alba (who picked this hack to carry what could have been a great marvel comic franchise)

    Samuel L. Jackson (“a sith lord?” I am sorry. i know people love this guy, but he is terrible most of the time. Guess what Sammy, yelling doesn’t equal good acting)

  186. Good list, I pretty much agree with it, although as far as Arnie and Segal go, they just show you can have little to no talent and still be successful. Arnie got by on his charm and appeal, Segal just by the fact that it was so much fun to watch him kick the shit out of people. Everyone else on the list, they could go away and not many would notice. Although I feel that Ashton Kutcher was really good in “The Butterfly Effect”, because he wasn’t playing the same character he plays in everything he does. Other than that one movie, yea, he is totally disposable.

  187. Rob Schneider has been riding the Adam Sandler talent wagon long enough, he probably deserves a place on this list.

  188. TZAYLOR:

    No, no. Paul Walker has talent. Say what you want about the film (or even Into the Blue for that matter- one of my top 10 guilty pleasure films) but in my opinion, Running Scared put question marks about Paul Walker to rest.

  189. Funny that you mention Nic Cage. I hate him! But he’s good in Adaptation.

    Ashton Kutcher is GREAT in A Lot Like Love and The Butterfly Effect. Haven’t seen him in anything else, so for all I know he’s a great actor.

  190. Amen and amen. Though You could argue talent for Tucker and Schwarzenegger. Maybe even Segal.

    You’re too kind to Simpson- she doesn’t even have a good voice. She breathes and screams. That ain’t singin.

  191. Im supriced Van Damme aint on the list. He is usaly on lists like this and im happy to finaly see a list without him. He is a cool guy.

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