My Name is Bruce gets Release Date

Bruce Campbell is one of those guys who is just cool. Everyone wishes they could be loved in the way that Bruce is loved. He may not be the biggest star on Hollywood Blvd, but he just has a charm that makes people admire him. His characters are oft quoted and hell, you could make a movie about Bruce just being Bruce! Oh look, they have. Sorta.

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According to Bruce Campbell his upcoming flick My Name is Bruce is finally getting a release date. My Name is Bruce will get a Theatrical Release October, 2008 and will then be on DVD January 2009.

To say I am stoked for this film would probably be one of the biggest under-statements around. Bruce Campbell will play himself, in a comedy horror where he ends up getting kidnapped off the set of a film and is forced to play the role of one of his characters.

This of course leans back to the format found in Three Amigos and Galaxy Quest. Actors get confused with the roles they play and get thrust into situations they themselves lack any real skills for. Hillarity ensues.

Fortunately the two movies I mentioned are among my favourites. Combine that with Bruce Campbell goodness and we are sure to have a hit.

And finally it is getting its theatrical release!

For those who are reading this far and are still lost, I give you the trailer:

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  1. Flyer28

    Looks lame. Bruce Campbell has turned into a real pompous ass.

  2. Gutpunch

    Seeing how utterly horrible The Man With The Screaming Brain was I am not prepping myself for a fantastic geek ride. Bruce is not exactly the strongest director out there. But here’s hoping that this is actually good.

  3. tobor68

    Get ready for some violence! Unreash the hooch for the pooch!

    this will be more fun than speed racer!

  4. poptart

    OMG yes. I went to a speech of his right after they had finished and he showed us a clip. Glad to see he’s keeping his tongue firmly planted in cheek.

  5. James

    I am sensing Sci-Fi Channel quality entertainment here…..

  6. Andee23

    Bruce Campbell is a God among mortal men and I can’t wait to see him playing the greatest role of his amazing career which could only be Bruce Campbell playing Bruce Campbell.

  7. Andee23

    NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) has nothing on you Bruce!

  8. HisDivineShadow

    This sounds like a cult classic in the making!!

    I really think Bubba Ho tep was his “Citizen Kane”.

  9. nbakid2000

    Looks hilarious. I love it when actors totally make fun of themselves in movies.

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