Ewan McGregor In Talks For Angels & Demons

It looks like Ewan McGregor is being courted to play the villain in Angels & Demons against Tom Hanks! We get wind of this news from the holy catholic caves of Yahoo:

Ewan McGregor is in talks to square off against Tom Hanks in “Angels & Demons,” the prequel to the worldwide smash “The Da Vinci Code.” Hanks reprises his role as symbologist professor Robert Langdon who tries to solve a murder and unravel a plot by an ancient group, the Illuminati, to blow up the Vatican during a papal conclave. McGregor will play Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca, also known as Janus, the late pope’s closest aide who initially helps Langdon in the investigation.

Ewan McGregor needs more villainous roles, I consider this great news and welcome this casting decision. Tom Hanks versus Ewan McGregor is a fantastic movie fight card, and watching the characters spar on screen should be quite a treat.

The first Da Vinci Code was better than I expected. It don’t love the film, and there was much I didn’t like; but I was entertained. I am not certain I have a desire to watch a second installment, but will be a lot more willing to do so if the film trims shorter than the 149 minute original. I can sit for hours when the right movie demands it - this was not one of them; I remember starting to get incredibly restless in the theatre and just wanted to be done with the mystery.

Shooting for the film is set to begin in the lovely month of June and we will be certain to keep you up to speed on the progress, and the casting of McGregor.

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  1. Levi Thornton


    This article is sort of a spoiler (which im fine with) because you don’t know he is the villain till the very end.

    (End of Spoiler)

    I have to say though, this book will make a fantastic movie. Ten times better than Di Vinci Code and I love that movie too.

  2. Jon Brook

    I was just about to post about it being a pretty major spoiler if you haven’t read the book. And I agree that this story was considerably better than the DaVinci Code, although it does follow the same formula.

  3. JoeTorro

    Nice spoiler guys… thanks a lot!

  4. Michael_C

    If you were spoiled, go home. Once there, drink for about 9 hours-heavily-while you stare at a spinning color wheel. Do not divert your eyes away from the wheel. Blackout. Wakeup. No recollection for most of the day.

    And I hope they do well on this. It sounds better, not having read the book myself, and anything to do with history-true or not-is always fascinating to me. Just spent the last six hours pouring over old text on Sumerian demonology.

  5. Andee23

    I am glad to see Ewan McGregor staring opposite Tom Hanks in this film I wish him a very fruitful career he was the best part of the Disastrous Star Wars Prequels and continues to give great performances in any film he’s in.

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