Back to the Future on BluRay?

In a recent panel discussion held at a screening event for the die hard Back to the Future Fans it was hinted that we may see a Back to the Future release on BluRay in the near future.

CinemaBlend says:

[Bob] Gale stated he did not know when the Blu-ray release would be coming out, but that he was involved in mastering the high definition version of the film – a good sign. According to (who sponsored the screening), Gale talked about what may and most likely wouldn’t be a part of the release – footage from Universal’s Back to the Future - The Ride may find its way onto the Blu-ray release, but don’t expect to see that long hidden Eric Stoltz footage anytime in the next 20 years: ”Seeing the footage makes him look bad, and it doesn’t make us look too good either. We don’t want to put something out there that’s gonna make somebody look bad.”

So he wouldn’t say it was official but then said he was mastering it to HD and hinted at features you might see on the disks. Sounds like he is already on the job or planning to really soon.

Of all the stuff Univseral intends to translate to HD, I was surprised that this was not on their list. It is still early in the game as Universal has been forced to play a little catch-up after backing the wrong horse in the race, but I think in time this will certainly be on their list.

Back to the Future is one of my favourite Trilogies that I have fond memories of. Also, it is the first impromptu “One Man Show” routines that I ever witnessed from TMB Alum Wormwood, who could act out the entirety of the first movie himself in approximately 15 minutes.

He plays all the parts.

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  1. Jake Vermont

    I agree with you rodney

    bttf is really one of my favourite trilogies it brought me to astro physics and to science and influenced my childhood^^

    i’m still planing to build a timemachine ;-) oh yeah

    “Great Scott! ”

    greets from germany

  2. Wormwood

    Thank you, thank you. Watched BTTF part 2 just yesterday actually.

    And to highlight your post, you can come see the actual one-man show I perform that is a full 90 minutes on may 9th and 10th in toronto. yeah, that’s right, I promoted. It’s no back to the future, but hey.

  3. Rodney

    Promote away Wormwood. I promoted you first!

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