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Barney, Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine Feature Films?

By Rodney - September 30, 2009 - 06:00 America/Montreal

Back before the days of The Movie Blog, John ran a website that just did movie reviews. I was among the first of his “staff” in this fun site we did. Each week we would hit up the theater to pick up the new releases and write reviews.

Of course John got to write about all the cool films, and I would tend to get regulated into seeing Pokemon 2000 and Thomas and the Magic Railroad (notably because I was a father). Well it seems the feature version of Thomas the Tank Engine that I once reviewed is getting a second shot at the big screen!

Worst Previews shares:

We look forward to working with Josh Klausner to translate the classic ‘Thomas & Friends’ stories into a thrilling, big, modern adventure movie.”

HIT also owns the Barney and Bob the Builder franchises. The company has launched the film division to bring those family-oriented properties to the big screen.

Wait, am I reading that right? They also want to bring a big screen Barney and Bob the Builder to the big screen?

I understand there is a profitable demographic for movies made only for kids. I have a small portion of my own collection that was purchased purely so my kids can watch them. But do they honestly think there is a market for Barney? I could maybe see Bob the Builder (fortunately my kids are older now so I wont literally have to see it) but I just don’t know that there would be an appeal for a Barney movie. Maybe a direct to DVD?

But all that aside, I am still struggling to fit the marketing lingo “a thrilling, big, modern adventure movie” in the same sentence with Thomas the Tank Engine.


  1. Andrew says:

    Eh, just Hollywood trying to earn more cash. Nothing more, nothing less.

  2. SlashBeast says:

    Actually, I’m surprised it took this long.

  3. Darren J Seeley says:

    Barney the movie would have made hand over fist ten years ago when it was the rage of all the little ones and the headaches of parents, aunts and uncles. Still, I have no problem with a proposal with any one of these properties. The new younger set will eat it like cake, and the parents, aunts and uncles will once again be extorted funds come the following holiday season…

  4. middleman says:

    My three year old loves Thomas the Train, so I too have seen the feature film starring Alec Baldwin.

    Dear God, Rodney. I’m sorry you shared this misery as well!

  5. Dragonslayer says:

    I think they already made a Barney and Thomas The Tank Engine movie…I saw them both in theaters when I was five. (That was before I saw Titanic and started watching real movies)

    • Jake says:

      Tell me about it. Barney’s a joke, now. I have nothing against shows “for kids”, but I have great doubts that an actual sense of meaning and enjoyment could be derived from a feature film based on a giant purple dinosaur that, by any logic, is probably molests children. Why else would he ALWAYS be playing with kids? Playing with kids can be fun, but I mean, doesn’t he have anything better to do? It’s too suspicious. And creepy.

      • SlashBeast says:

        Shouldn’t he be extinct?

      • Dragonslayer says:

        I’m not against shows for kids. Except for Disney Channel though. Their shows offends me, and trust me it takes a ton to offend me.

        I’d rather watch a show about a child molesting dinosaur than any of those shows on Disney Channel any day.

  6. Laura's Reviews says:

    My three-year old son would be very excited about a Bob the Builder and Thomas movie. Luckily he doesn’t car for Barney. I think it’s good they are making more films for children. I love my adult films, but sometimes it’s hard to find films for my young kids to enjoy.

  7. Drew says:

    Actually, Barney had a feature film released back in 1998. It did decently in the box office, but critics hated it (because it was Barney, of course. :P). I admit I’m a fan of the purple guy (not like I watch the show every day or anything of that sort), so I know these things.

  8. nbakid2000 says:

    Technically, since Barney is a figment of the kids’ imaginations, they play with HIM.

  9. Jon says:

    Where is the Tickle me Elmo movie at?

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