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Channing Tatum still Talking Captain America

By Rodney - April 14, 2009 - 06:56 America/Montreal

It was almost six months ago when I first heard this internet buzz about >Channing Tatum being considered (by rumours - not studios) as a suitable Captain America. And now
MTV Movies Blog caught wind of Channing once again talking about the buzz that he might be a good candidate.

After last year’s “Stop Loss”, three of Tatum’s next major roles feature him in various iterations of the US Military, including “Dear John”, “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra” and “Pinkville”. Could Tatum’s public perception as the homegrown American soldier extend to the Marvel Universe in Joe Johnston’s “The First Avenger: Captain America”?

Sounds like he is comfortable with the elbow room in a typecast of “Homegrown American” and it wouldn’t be the worst career move. Of course when asked, he responded that if Will Smith wasn’t already offered it, he would love to start talks. I hope that he picks up a comic book between now and then so he knows that Cap is not a hip talkin Philly rapper, and that Cap says “YESSIR” and not “Hellnaw”.

Back when I first heard of this, I wasn’t exposed much to Channing at all short of his announced involvement in the G.I. Joe movie as Duke. Since then I have changed my assessment of him as a “dancer in a Ricky Martin video” and considering his career choices, he might be involuntarily grooming himself up for the role.

And I think that his military roles actually DO help him.

We woudn’t have thought of Chris Pine as Green Lantern, but then he is getting positive reviews in his portrayal of Captain Kirk, and his (apparent) ability to play a strong maverick who inspires loyalty with the charisma to lead is becoming more acceptable we suddenly think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have him play Hal Jordan.

I think that Channing (as buff as he is) could stand to put on a few pounds of muscle, and he could be a convincing Captain America. He has shown he has the soldier look down, so it makes sense. Scrawny Tobey Maguire ripped it up to be a convincing Spiderman, so why can’t Channing? I am not in that camp that insists that Cap be a massive Liefield steroid junky, but he could put on some bulk.

But this is all just wild speculation since buzz might say he is a good choice, but the studios likely heard about him talking this talk in November and his agent isn’t on the phone.


  1. Jeremy K. says:

    I think he would do a decent job as Captain American, but I have to admit I am more curious of his parkour movie supposedly coming out next year titled “Parkour” of all things.

  2. Behind the Hype says:

    If only Dolph Lundgren wasn’t a thousand, he would be a good fit.

    • Jeremy K. says:

      And if he could act. Don’t get me wrong, Masters of the Universe and the Punisher were great flicks, but he leaves some room for improvement on his acting abilities.

    • riggs says:

      not to be “that guy” but his accent would make it extremely ridiculous.

    • HAZMAT says:

      If we already established that John Cena cant play Cap and HHH cant play Thor…how can freaking Dolph Lundgren play cap?


    • Rodney says:

      Mostly because out of the three Lungren is the only ACTOR.

      But I disagree that he could play cap. Even at his best he is benearth this role.

  3. leeloo says:

    the thought of anyone looking like a rob liefeld drawing is giving me serious brain trauma.

  4. Darren J Seeley says:

    Other than GI Joe, Tatum will also show up in the upcoming flick “Fighting” (underground boxing/MMA flick) and he will also appear in “Public Enemies” alongside Depp and Bale. As for the possibility of Cap, I can see why he’s a contender. But I really don’t think he’s got much to worry about- I don’t think Will Smith we be Cap. Sorry, folks. I just don’t.


    Lundgren as Cap—nope.
    The one time Punisher has sworn off “these kind” of films, and while he can act (although perhaps this is due to the director, such as John Woo) his calandar is full, with Expendables, Universal Soldier III, and the handful of low budget actioners he acts and directs in. If Lundgren is in First Avenger…
    that’s alright. So long as he is either Crossbones or The Red Skull, neither of which will happen

    • HAZMAT says:

      2 things:

      Did you just say theyre making an universal soldiers 3?!


      I dont think I got your whole comment…Why wont Red Skull be the villain? Is that what you said? “Red Skull and Crossbones prolly wont be the villains..”
      OMG Red Skull BETTER be in it!

    • Darren J Seeley says:

      Haz, you didn’t read my entire comment. I don’t think he would play Cap due to his love/hate experience with the 89 Punisher and the fact that, despite his good shape, he’s in his 50’s.

      If he was in the film, he would make a good Red Skull or a henchman/thug like Crossbones. I can see that. He’s not my choice for either part, though. And that’s what I meant by “It’ll never happen”

      AND YES

      Universal Soldier: The Next Generation is currently in post. Both Van Damme and Lundgren are back- with Lundgren…supposedly as a “clone” of Sgt. Scott.

      It’s being directed by John Hyams, son of director Peter Hyams.
      His father (who helmed Van Damme’s ‘TimeCop’) will be the DOP and one of the producers.

      The film’s fate? Heads theatrical, tails right to DVD. In either case it will be in late 2009 or early 2010.

      It’s funny…while I know one was in planning, last night my jaw dropped… They already filmed the damn thing! And with Lundgren in the film- although he was only there for about a week.

      Was this an oversight on the internet movie community? Noot entirely:


    • HAZMAT says:

      I dont know why people green light sequels to some movies…

      Oh okay..thank god…I thought you said Red Skull wont be in it, period.

      I want Ralph Phines to play Red Skull

  5. Marco says:

    I would prefer John Cena.

  6. digitaldrew says:

    Confession: I have not seen anything he is in. (waiting for GI Joe i guess..) But he strikes me as very monotone and boring. Am I right?

  7. Saiyan Prince says:

    I think Matthew McConaughey would be an excellent
    Captain America and should be considered.

  8. HAZMAT says:


    Not Captain America, he isnt anything like Steve Rogers…you have to HAVE that VIBE…that thing that just leaks out of Caps pores…and he doesnt have that

  9. AARON says:

    lol agreed Hazmat

  10. HAZMAT says:

    I would REALLY like to see the true blood/generation kill guy play Thor (if he bulks up)

    And as for cap…Thomas Jane has that “Blink at me wrong and i will make you swallow a knife” feel about him..but he was already the punisher (no, there is NO such thing as the 1 actor 1 character marvel rule, but it just looks weird when 1 actor plays 2 characters)

    I hate being all bandwaggon-ish and all but…Mathew Mcanaghey would be great too

    Ryan Gosling would also be good considering Cap got his powers when he was like…19..Mathew is just too old(even though he looks perfect for the role)…I would like it if they get someone that looks younger..Ryan G. is probably a lot older then 18/19 but he looks pretty young

    Since I like the idea of having a young cap…I also like Ben Foster (not that hes young..but he could play the role of a young cap…and he somewhat looks like the kind of guy that would play caps role)

    NONE of those ^^^ actors are perfect but…I really cant think of a perfect one…I remember wanting Mark Walbergh to play Iron Man back in like 2006 lol

    • Darren J Seeley says:

      ” it just looks weird when 1 actor plays 2 characters”
      “I also like Ben Foster (not that hes young..but he could play the role of a young cap…)

      How ’bout 3 characters, Haz? lol

    • HAZMAT says:

      He was in 2 marvel movies already? Whats the other one?

      I only know him from 30 days of night, x-men and 3:10 to yuma

      Wait…was 30 days of night Marvel? I know its a paperback book…

    • War-Journalist says:

      Ben Foster played Angel in X-Men 3, and also played as Dave (the guy with all the piercings) in 2004’s The Punisher. But I can see your point as a young Cap.

    • War-Journalist says:

      Channing Tatum as Cap?
      1. He seems too young.
      2. His personal character is nothing like Cap.
      3. Just because he’s done military movies before doesn’t mean he can pull off the best of the best.
      Cap is not a heart-throb. Never was. He was completely devoted to serving the country he loved. Sure, he’s had women. He’s been married once. But it’s all work for him.
      Give us someone we’ve never heard of who can effectively make their mark as the First Avenger. Nobody that I can think of has that commanding presence. That no-nonsense attitude, yet still able to have clean civil fun. Cap was a perfect human being. Physically and ideologically. Perhaps the part is un-playable. But I believe that the actor we need will not come out of Hollywood’s A-lists.

    • Rodney says:

      1. He seems too young.

      Oh? How old was Cap when he was frozen?

      2. His personal character is nothing like Cap.

      That’s fine. He is an actor. His “personal character” means nothing. He is ACTING.

      3. Just because he’s done military movies before doesn’t mean he can pull off the best of the best.

      That’s fair, but with your assesment that he cant be the best of the best makes me wonder how he got the job as a Real American Hero.

      Cap is the clean cut, muscle ripped middle american apple pie eating military boy. If that isn’t a hearthrob to you, I don’t know what is.

    • HAZMAT says:

      Yeah Rodneys right, Cap was like 18 when he got his powers…thats why I dont want John Cena doing it…I want someone that looks kinda young

      And Tatum just doesnt fit for cap..any one thats ever read a captain america comic book can kinda tell who would be a good candidate for this movie right away….and although I like this guy..I dont see him as Steve Rogers

      TRAVIS FIMMEL! vvvvvvv

    • Rodney says:

      I looked up Fimmel because I didn’t know who you are talking about and it kept pulling up pictures of this guy who looked like Channing.

      Travis Fimmel is a clone of Tatum, but you are ok with him being Cap and not Tatum.

      That makes sense.

  11. Jeremy K. says:

    Travis Fimmel, the guy that plays opposite Patrick Swayze in The Beast, might be able to pull off the role. Then again, that could just be me wanting to see what else he is capable of as he is pretty cool in that show.

    • HAZMAT says:


      There it is ladies and gentleman. Case closed. Weve got our Cap.

      That guy is so fucking cool!

      And btw I love “The Beast”

      How in the world could I forget about THAT GUY?

    • Jeremy K. says:

      I agree Hazmat, The Beast is an awesome show. Patrick Swayze and Travis Fimmel have some great chemistry in it.

    • John says:

      Travis Fimmel - yup, there’s your Captain America! Much better on screen presence than Channing Tatum, and he seems like he can actually act. He can pull off the innocent boy, but also kick ass. He’s even a painter, just like Steve Rogers.

  12. B A T M A N says:

    been watching Band of Brothers and i think the dude who played Captain Winters is perfect for the part! (:

  13. Iknewthiswouldhappen says:

    really? hmm. interesting. it seems to work both ways. is he related to stockard channing? i could have sworn it was Channing Matthew Tatum? i really don’t see it.

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