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Nimoy Delivers Advanced Star Trek Screening to Unsuspecting Fans

By Rodney - April 8, 2009 - 04:08 America/Montreal

Holy Geekgasm! A heaping pile of Star Trek fans were offered a special screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and the promise of a special sneak peek at J.J. Abrams new Star Trek film.

But they got a little more than they were expecting. They got to see the New Star Trek film instead. ALL OF IT.

ScreenRant offers:

People were expecting a special screening of Wrath of Khan, with an additional 10 minutes of footage from the new film. There was an introduction by writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, along with producer Damon Lindelof and then the second Star Trek film in the series began. However a few minutes in, something apparently went wrong, the film broke and melted and the audience was left sitting there.

Within moments someone came out in a trenchcoat and a hat - the hat was removed and who should it be but Leonard Nimoy! He was greeted with a standing ovation, and it only became crazier when he announced the audience would be watching the new film in its entirety.

Now I am not a Trekkie, but I am a big enough fan that I would be cheering like a crazed manatee if I was there.

For a Star Trek devotee this would be like getting a lapdance by Tricia Helfer, only to have it interupted to inform you that something BETTER was coming.

Still a massive thrill for the fans eager to make their minds up. The buzz is positive, however some sites are discrediting these early reviews since it is coming from those most devoted to the franchise to begin with. After all, they were lured to this viewing of the chapter of the original series (arguably the best of the feature films) with the promise of a sneak peek. Of course their reviews would be glorious.

But I disagree. This is likely the most CRITICAL of viewers to expose the film to. I am certain that there is going to be a sect of Trek fans that will see this out of curiosity who were already against this reboot/sequel idea. The other portion is likely to be anticipating the glorious return of the series they refuse to admit has died (but quietly know its been sleeping for years) and may be over zealous in their hopes. Like waiting for Chirst to return only to find out the Mormons were right.

Of course we have to consider this positive reaction to the film with a grain of salt, but it doesn’t mean they are wrong either.

I have had high hopes for this film, and this news doesn’t dampen that one bit. My only regret is that I wasn’t randomly visiting the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin, Texas tonight.


  1. cine_phil says:

    That must have been a GREAT screening for everyone there! I am not a real Trekkie - but grew up with TNG, DS9 and the movies - but also a fan of the Star Trek universe, and really would like to habe been there to capture the special mood of that event. Hope the movie will be as good as the first reactions to it.

  2. The Dude says:

    It’s about time you posted something about this.

  3. AARON says:

    Now if only they let me see a screening lol

  4. AARON says:

    But I agree, that’s like letting only the Watchmen fans see a screening of the Watchmen movie, which rocked. I am by no means a Trek fan, probably have seen 30 minutes of the show in my life. But I know Kirk and Picard and all that, and the movie looks awesome

  5. nom says:

    I was a trekkie for about 10 years during the next gen times, but my copies of the movies are all on VHS, so that shows I’ve been out of the loop for a while. Looks like an awesome movie, It also looks more like star wars than star trek, complete with the a super laser that destroys planets. I’ll probably see it, but it kinda sucks that they’re changing the time line so that next gen never happened, that was my favorite trek.

  6. Chris says:

    I have read a bunch of reviews from guys who were at that screening and they all say it was nothing short of spectacular, that it was all we were hoping it would be. I was looking forward to it, now I can’t wait to see it. I hope they were correct in their review of the film.

  7. Anti-Septic says:

    That is just flat out awesome! What a great way to get fans excited about Trek, by having the venerable Mr. Leonard Nimoy introduce the surprise screening! I would have been in geek heaven myself.

    I also liked your Tricia Helfer analogy, but I am having trouble picturing anything better than Helfer gyrating on my lap! :P

    • Darren J Seeley says:

      How about a lapdance of Ms Helfer and Summer Glau with a private concert by Lady GaGa AND a neverending bottle of bourbon?

  8. The Dude says:

    I’ve read many reviews at this point and I have to say this movie is looking like it’s going to be everything I wanted it to be.

    And they’re not changing the timeline completely, just giving it a reboot to allow for subsequent new adventures but allowing the possibility that everything else in the future also stays the same.

    When I read the reviews from AICN after the screening, and found out about Leonard Nimoy’s surprise appearance, I almost fell out of my chair I was so jealous. What an experience that must have been!

    • Rodney says:

      Dude, this movie is designed so that if it flops and they never make another one, that we can look at it as a prequel that doesn’t change anything.

      But if it is a success, it cleans the slate and all the history and canon from before so they can do anything they want with Trek from this day forward.

  9. 1138 says:

    Yeah seeing Nimoy must have been really cool!!

    I just wish JJ didn’t introduce the entire cast. Maybe kept Chekov and uhura for later movies. It would have been nice to concentrate on the main three with Scotty and Sulu thrown in. It sounds like JJ wanted to please everyone.

    I really hope this lives up to the positive reviews. Right now I get a sense of a major action thrill ride…cool on action but light on gravitas. Is that the new Trek or just an introduction. Is this movie Batman Begins, Daniel Craig’s Bond, or the new BSG…all reboots done with logic, drama, action and great character development or will we get Star Trek light? Catering to everyone at the expense of great movie making?

    • Rodney says:

      You know if he left anyone out the fanboys would be livid.

    • 1138 says:

      Yeah you are probably right but it would have been nice to see JJ take that chance. What I worry are characters being forced into a situation that does not fit for the sake of appeasement.

      Hey everyone was pissed that Starbuck was a woman and now Kate Sackhoff has become the iconic character beloved by everyone.

    • 1138 says:

      But you know I kind of wonder. Are the real diehard or even lighthearted Trekkies more upset that JJ is introducing everyone or are they more upset that people like Chekov and Uhura are introduced to early?

  10. 3R!C says:

    That’s really cool. Spock is the man!!!

  11. Iknewthiswouldhappen says:

    not really a fan, but i am interested and wait with anticipation for the next movie. but i really can’t wait for the star wars reboots/remakes…i mean..huh..nevermind.

  12. Slushie Man says:

    “discrediting these early reviews since it is coming from those most devoted to the franchise to begin with.”

    I find those are the ones most weary of this movie. Just about all my friends that are hard Trekkies are treating this movie in the same way the Pope would treat the anti-christ. So that fact that die-hard Trekkies like it so much has me even more excited for it, not less.

  13. bigsampson says:

    awesome…this is what its all about…..movies used to be a big thing…i remember sienf return of the jedi when i was 4 and to this day i will remember it cause it was such a fanfare….im not a fanboy by any means but if i was its stuff like this that would keep my intrest.

    • Anti-Septic says:

      So true, I remember back to Return of the Jedi and it was an exciting time. When movies were still innocent, when it was more about the movie and not the box office or dollar amount a movie makes.

      I rarely get excited to see a movie anymore no matter how good it is or supposed to be, but I am genuinely excited to see Star Trek!

  14. Gutpunch says:

    I agree that you should take these early reviews with a grain of salt. After all being presented the whole film, of which you’ve been waiting for with baited breath, by your hero has a way of clouding your perspective at first. Plus it is very easy to be swept in to geek craziness at the Alamo, even for films that are not that great. The atmosphere that develops is infecting to say the least.

  15. Kristina says:

    They have video of this over at CHUD. Someone taped it for Paramount I guess. People LOST IT when he walked onstage. Very cool of him to miss the Australian premiere to be there for the fans.

    • Kristina says:

      Here’s the vid of it. Listen to the reaction when he walks onstage. Hilarious.


  16. Kaneda979 says:

    THIS IS AWESOME! I would of given anything to be there. Although I’m not that big of a fan of the original Star Trek cast, I do love Leonard Nimoy. And I want to see the new Star Trek sooo freakin’ badly. So freakin’ cool.

    If I was there though and somehow knew he was going to show up, I would of brought a copy of the animated Transformers movie for him to autograph…

  17. leeloo says:

    why is spock of all people wearing a baby animal in that picture? : \

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