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Patrick Swayze 7

It looks like Swayze has had just about enough bullshit. He’s sick of seeing people give Cancer the benefit of the doubt and has proclaimed himself the winning combatant in this duel to the death! We get the following update from BBC News:

Actor Patrick Swayze has denied US tabloid reports that he is close to death, calling allegations “shoddy and reckless reporting”.

The 56-year-old star said reports that he is “on his last legs and saying goodbye to my tearful family” were “lies and false information”.

Swayze, who has been filming a US TV drama, said his pancreatic cancer was “a battle, but so far I’m winning”.

Mortals have about a 5% chance to survive Pancreatic Cancer. Patrick Swayze is no mortal man, he is a limber meat machine with a hunger for life and a love of the dance. I have told cancer again and again that it best leave Swayze be. With luck, this time cancer will fade off into the sunset with its tail between its legs.

Cancer has a tail - you heard it here first.

Now Swayze will rip it off and use it as a jump rope.


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  1. Broly

    Nice pic :P

  2. King Jonny

    Thank GOD! I was beginning to fear the worst for The Swayze, but it seems everything’s alright with him after all.

  3. doug nagy

    Never thing the worst of Swayze,

    He only thinks the best of you.

  4. Mr. Chris

    This guy just keeps getting more kick-ass.

  5. SX0T

    Eff yeah Doug. Every time you talk about Swayze being the killer of cancer, I get more pumped. I totally agree. He will destroy cancer. And after he destroys it he will probably eat it for breakfast and then crap it out to show it who is boss.

    Remember, in the spirit of Christmas,

    “Every time a bell rings, Swayze kicks cancer’s ass”.

  6. SimonZ

    Power to the Swayze! Hope his health keeps improving.

  7. Grave

    See I told you guy, girls and ghouls that report was a bunch of bullshit

  8. dani

    We are true believers Swayze!

  9. dani

    Also, that’s a fine funnny picture of Swayze and horse

  10. Bishop

    Is Swayze related to NPH? That’s all I could think of with that pic.

  11. King Jonny

    To Doug:

    Don’t worry, dude. After reading this, my faith in Swayze has never been stronger! ;)

  12. DarkKinger

    I haven’t commented here in a while, but I figure it is best to say this…

    Cancer is one dead mofo!

  13. Dragonslayer

    Cancer will regret the day it fucked with Patrick Swayze (I gotta watch Doug’s rant about that again)

  14. Melvin Rules

    He should call Chuck Norris, his tears cure cancer

  15. DG Music

    hahaha that’s fuckin’ hilarious!

    Oh god Swayze…you dah man!

  16. AB

    this is great news :) damn those news paper people with their bull-s….. i pray for the best and its coming, Patrick Swayze is going to be fine and live longer then the rest of us.

  17. dave stopher

    I think they should leave him in peace and let him get on with his battle!!

  18. Kryptonite

    Swayze has to survive, so he can make it to his wedding to Doug.

  19. Doug Nagy

    I have the prettiest dress.

  20. Dragonslayer

    The gods of Valhalla are chanting his name. Cancer will fry in hell and will become lovers with Saddam Hussien

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