School Of Rock 2?

Well this is unfortunate, but not at all surprising. It appears that Jack Black has dished about an upcoming School Of Rock movie; we get the scoop from our friends over at cinematical:

Something in the water over in France has got Jack Black loose-lipped. First he lets it out that Angelina is indeed having twins. Now, according to, he’s claiming there’s a sequel to School of Rock in the works. There’s even a script already written, and Black is anxious to return to the role of music teacher Dewey Finn. But it’s not a done deal just yet. As he explained from the Cannes Film Festival: “In a few weeks we have to decide if we go through with the project or not.”

School Of Rock surprised me, I expected to hate it; but found it to be a feel good film worthy of its attention. It stands tall as a film to this day and I feel saddened that the story may be watered down with a sequel. Some films were made to have a sequel, this is not one of them. Learn the lesson of Highlander grasshopper.

Is there anyone reading that would disagree with me? Are any of you thrilled at this news? If so, please share your thoughts.

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  1. Kristina


    Leave well enough alone. Besides, I cannot stand this guy. More annoying than Robin Williams, if that’s even possible.

  2. Rick

    I agree 100% Can’t stand him…. besides, School of Rock is one of those onetime movies… It was a pretty good movie, but definitely stand alone… Why see another 2 hours of Jack Black’s horrible acting in a sequel that won’t be as good as the first..

  3. Gerball

    i was a fan of jack balck but just like will farrell i and getting boring of the same old thing everytime…

  4. Meli

    The first movie was a pleasant surprise, but there is no need for round two, none whatsoever. Jack Black seems to be doing well enough in his career not to have to go back and rehash, at least not yet.
    Personally, I’m tired of him…he amused for a while, but now I’m more annoyed that anything. He rarely entertains me anymore.

  5. Robert(wolf)

    I like Jack Black as a personality. He’s main problem is he mostly does kids movies. He needs to stick with adult material.

  6. nbakid2000

    I wasn’t a huge fan of School of Rock yet I’m a huge fan of all the music groups that movie was based around. Weird?

    I don’t need to see a sequel.

  7. Dylan

    The original being good probably had a lot to do with the writer, Mike White. If he’s back it might be okay.

  8. digital drew

    I am opposed to all sequels and remakes, but with that said… Id see it.

  9. Rafa1215

    Hollywood is running out of original ideas.

  10. Dragonslayer


  11. leeloo

    i still dont get jack black.

  12. Michael Banno

    I guess I would have to see what’s up with the sequel. I enjoyed the first film, and while not all films need sequels, if they treat them right, the sequels become a good compliment. It just depends on how they make the sequel.

  13. jimmi

    Jack Black is the man. Tenacious D is genius.
    Let the man make some kiddie movies and a whole lotta dough in the process, what’s the harm?
    As a guitar teacher I have to admit that “School of Rock” was responsible for 99% of the children that came to me for lessons.
    How many 9 year-olds do you know of who cared about AC/DC before SOR?
    Just a thought.
    Jack, I get you.
    “Don’t hate, appreciate….”


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