Netflix Announces TV Top On Demand Unit

Netflix-2It looks like the Netflix device I wrote about a few months ago has been unveiled, and should soon start rolling out at the snazzy price of $ 99.99. We get the update thanks to a discovery in the caves of Yahoo:

Netflix Inc, the DVD-by-mail rental service, on Tuesday took another step toward delivering films straight from the Web to TV sets through a new device, boosting its stock as much as 10.9 percent. The $99.99 device lets Netflix subscribers “stream” movies and television episodes to their TVs with no extra charges or viewing restrictions, the company and its partner, Roku, said in a statement.

The paperback-sized Roku player requires an Internet connection, and also works with wireless connection systems through Wi-Fi technology. Users can fast-forward and rewind the video streams with a remote control, Netflix said.

This is a great option for Netflix subscribers! The unit will launch with access to more than 10 000 movies and television episodes. I am certain this number will grow rapidly and I would guess that we may see some programing rotation as well.

Netflix used an idea that was great at the time to make money, and develop a system that will take their business into the future of home based rental service. I think this was a brilliant move on their part and applaud the company for their forward thinking and readiness to adapt. The company should be proud of those that helm this ship; they are navigating the company into appropriate waters and are at the forefront of this internet service.

Between your cable TV/Sattelite movies and your Netflix TV top unit - you may never have to leave the house again for a rental. While this does upset me for nostalgic reasons, I have no love for giant rental chains. They hardly carry any B-Movie craziness, and ram the shelves with 30 copies of a blockbuster. For those of us that like to find gold in B-Land, this is a dismal state of affairs. My hope is that many of these crazy films will make it onto “on demand” service so we can once again enjoy some hard to find (albeit unpopular) films from yesteryear.

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  1. Gerball

    yeah good news! but dont you think the news that broadband providers are slaping dl caps on the service may hinder this?

  2. Simon

    I agree with Gerball - my concern is that Comcast are already looking to cap bandwidth. So with internet phones, internet movies, youtube etc, I may just find that my Netflix ’stream’ won’t be any use, or will begin to cost me a lot of money!

  3. dougnagy

    Bell Canada has done this as well - I see large legal battles looming.

  4. Bishop

    Rogers also.
    This is maddening. This is akin to offering a BMW for $1000.00, but gas will cost you $100,000.00 a year.

    These businesses need to open their eyes to the possibilities that they are crushing with their restrictions. Instead of finding creative ways to use technology they are jamming their clunky square pegs into round holes with hammers.

  5. Lee

    ordered one yesterday, it has shipped and arrives on the 27th.

  6. Meli

    I love this and want one. Not having to wait or drive to the local mom and pop dvd store (I won’t go to a big chain) sounds good to me.

  7. dougnagy

    Lee, may I bother you for a review after you have noodled for a few days?

    I am very interested in this product and service.

  8. Kristina

    So if you stream it to your TV, is the stream protected from being copied? Sure people would love to stream the movies and burn them to blank DVDs. I sure would:)

  9. Lee

    sure doug, ill be happy to give you a review of the device.

  10. RonSalon

    I have been using this service for nearly a year through my PC. I actually got rid of cable because everything comes out the next day on any number of websites. (ABC, CBS, not to mention HULU) I love Netflix for this. The shows are clear and start within a few moments. I only have dsl and not cable broadband and it works gloriously. There is even a mention on the Netflix website that the service will be no different if you use a PC or the set top box.

  11. dougnagy

    Cheers Lee

  12. AngrySpider

    I have a question that I’m surprised no one is addressing. Do you only get the movie via this box? I like Netflix because I like to check out the special features on a DVD that I may not necessarily buy. I’m assuming this TV Top unit only streams the movie?

  13. RonSalon

    I saw a short demo of the interface on MSN using their Silverlight add-on and it was amazing. Extra features and scene selections were just some of the things they highlighted.

  14. bigsampson

    i live across the street from there main sight and i steal dvd’s from this place all the time to give to people for gifts =)….im sure they hate me but im sure the movie co. and music artists hate me more…if they only new how much i bootleg from them lolol ….idiots!

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