Prince Caspian Trailer #2

We have the latest Prince Caspian trailer for you kids today. Not much is new, but I enjoy the quicker pace and favor it to the previous trailer - check it out!

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  1. Mykrantz

    That is a much better trailer, it actually made me consider seeing it, even after the first one was so bad.

  2. melbye

    You know what sucks, the July 2nd releasedate in Norway. I want to see this movie bad

  3. Jon H

    Didn’t like this trailer much, score felt very off.

    I have great hopes for this film though.

  4. craig

    i pray this is more LOTR esque than the last kiddy narnia film. then we would have a decent film.even the last one could have been a lot,lot better if they had just upped the action/gore to LOTR standard.
    same goes for golden compass if /when they do the next!!


  5. doug nagy

    I agree with the above statement Craig.

  6. Kristina

    Won’t see this, but that Caspian sure is dreamy:)

  7. Shane

    What is the rating? I couldn’t read it.

  8. Phil Gee

    It’s a PG Shane.

    I’m looking forward to Prince Caspian and i enjoyed the last trailer but there was so little difference with this one. It was pointless putting it out, i think. I’m really starting to think this film is going to get crushed by the opposition.

  9. kc

    i like both trailers. i just wish that the 4 pevensises(however you spell their last name) were still a big part of it. prince caspian looks great!

  10. bjon86

    that shit looks tight

  11. Coquito Von Tito

    Looks good!

  12. ashii

    Hey there i have seen both the trailers. They are totally amazing. I think Ben Barnes is a must see in the movie.
    Can’t wait for 16th of May, 2008. It’ll be hitting the theaters then!
    17 more days to go!
    I read the book recently. It’s great!
    But it’s sad to know that the voyage of the dawn treader is their last movie.
    I really want them to make movies of all their books!

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