Aliens vs Predator 3?

Yes, you read that headline right. However, are you really that f*cking surprised? gives us this exclusive news:

An anonymous source over at 20th Century Fox got in touch with us over the weekend to relay the news another Aliens vs. Predator sequel is a “certainty” at this point. If you recall, the brothers Strause - who helmed the Christmas release Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem - stated Fox was going to take a “wait-and-see” approach to a third chapter, furthermore, that the story would have to continue in space.

Really? Really? Is a sequel to this really f*cking necessary? I think sequels are society’s kryptonite. I truly do. We all know most sequels are inferior and will most likely suck, but we can’t help it. It’s funny how we fully know a sequel is going to be crap, yet we go see it anyways just for curiousity’s sake. (Hence why studios keep making them!)

What can I say? Am I angry about this news? Nah. I just won’t see it. Certainly, there must be some people who are excited to see this movie, because the second film wouldn’t have made so much money if nobody wanted to see it.

So who really cares to see another ‘Aliens vs Predator’ sequel? Make yourselves known!

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  1. Simon

    AVP:R almost put me in a coma, it was so boring. It takes possessing a kind of genius to make a film about aliens and predators and make it so dull.

  2. miles

    i thought avp: 2 was way better then the first one.

    hopefully the third has more children being killed in front of their parents.

  3. Persetti

    I’ll see it to see if they got it right this time around…but I highly doubt it

  4. whitechapel

    let me see a trailer, then we’ll talk

  5. Rob

    Both films were horrific, but here’s hoping that the third one (totally breaking the shitty sequels rule) will be completely and inexplicably awesome, simply because my poor eyes can’t withstand another crap AvP movie.

  6. Erika

    All I can say is that they better may something that just blows my panties right off because the last Aliens vs. Predator was pure shit!!!!! I love the Aliens vs. Predator movies and I was sooo looking forward to this last one. And it just ended up being cheesy and corny and not enough Aliens vs. Predator action. M A D!!!!

  7. Gfunk

    I also thought avp: 2 was way better then the first one, just by taking the predator back to the original look and being an ass kicker, but am I looking forward to a 3rd…? Surprisingly, I am going to so no. Unless… they finally take it off earth, through in some marines, and not have a dawson’s creek plot and cast I might get interested in another.

    Personally, I would rather just see a stand alone new Predator movie…

  8. Johnson

    Love the concept of these films but the two films made so far have been mediocre at best mostly worse than that, people say third times a charm so i’d like to see this done right if it is made at all. Set in space on another planet, more aliens more predators and the only humans should be baddass gung ho marines.

  9. rafa1215

    I’ll see it. Maybe they’ll bring a clone of a clone of Ripley?

  10. DarkKinger

    I actually enjoyed AVP:R. But I do agree with everyone; it should be better. The best thing to do for a sequel is get off Earth, go to another planet, and unleash hell!

  11. Juan

    There might as well be a third since the first 2 havent been all that great to fans of the games or comics and or books.

    Who knows third times the charm well sometimes

  12. Simon

    Just do an Alien 5 with Ridley Scott or James Cameron, and Predator 3 with a good director, and quit killing these two franchises with terrible VS sequels!

  13. Wade

    I enjoyed and loved both AVP movies so I’m all for a third one! Woohoo, it’s gonna be great!

  14. pleh

    yep, actualy cant wait… BUT! people at 20th plz contact me, got a great vision on the universe of AVP… or at least contact some fan boys, for the sake of not another complete failure

  15. Darren J Seeley

    I hearby hand out any and all torches, flamethrowers, motov cocktails and various flammable chemicals found mostly in hairsprays. The lynch mob is forming. Our target is Mr. Rothmanand/or the diseased execs at Fox who dare concoct such an abomination to the populace.


    I thought AvPR LOST money. I thought it was the LEAST successful of both/combined franchises. Not enough to warrant a third film…at least one to go to theares anyway.

    I despised every g-damn motherfkin’ minute of the second film. The f’king bros Strass, f’king Shane Salero winking at the audience every g-damn turn. Naming a character named Dallas, having a Ripley wannabe…”for the fans” bullcrap like that . You jacked up the g-damn fans with strong, painful anal entry and you g-damn know it. Don’t hand me a piece of shit and tell me it’s a coconut chocolate candy bar Don’t say how crazy your shit is and give the masses rewrites from the rejected episodes of the O-C.

    Now, here’s AvP: The Third Anal raping.
    I’m not gonna suggest direcros for it, although I wouls love to see Joe Lynch or Mike Mendez considered. But you damn well didn’t give Ridley Scott or James Cameron the time of day, and you listen to the Strauss bros who all put proven they can’t direct a blind duck to a pond two feet away.

    Alien 5 or Pred 3 with ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO mention of Avp films which are NOT in continuity. You want to impress the fans, DON’T shout out to them, don’t fucking do it. Give them something new and fresh with the series. Don’t shit the bed. DON’T take us out of the movie like Strauss bros did, and to a lesser extent that ahem, “talented” Paul WS Andersen.

    “Set in space”
    Well, anal rape us again, hell no. We were your bitch. We aren’t your bitch anymore. Set in space… which is what the **fans** wanted in the first place? You didn’t listen to Cameron or Scott, why would you listen to a fanbase.

    since the “fanbase” did speak with thier dollars and yelled in one unified voice What in the fuck is this Dawsons Creek horsehit doing in the goddamn movie-? and word got out fast that AvPR was maggots on trash, why make another one?

    For the fans, right?
    Excuse me, I got to take a piss.
    Be right back.


    Darren, you’re my new favorite commenter.



  17. Matt Saunders

    Absolutely shocking. How are these films allowed to exist? AVP/AVP2 have already almost killed off the Alien series - it’s originality, atmosphere and story telling is but a distant memory and it’s a shame that the generation who won’t have seen the Alien movies probably won’t be bothered because hey! we have AVP… makes me sick.

  18. Ron

    My complaint is not enough predator vs alien action in either film. In the first film, how in the hell do 1 alien take out 2 bad ass predators by himself?..Unbelievable…Next flaw. How is it that the predators face mask can with stand bullets, but not withstand the second mouth that the preator has, and bite right thru it to kill the second predator? unbelievable.

  19. Rey

    I think that avp2 was better that the first one. In avp1 and avp2 both humans won the battle so what is the point in even making a aliens vs predator. Better put the Title Aliens vs predator vs humans. But if they want to inprove it they should do it in a planet where aliens already exist and the predators just show up and start the battle. I think that would be a good movie.

  20. PREDfuckedurmom

    honestly, before they make another avp movie they should make another pred movie and a 5th alien movie about them having to find another alien infessted planet and the last pred from the predator movie shoulf becom the main pred in avp3.

  21. just a guy

    I think that they did a great job on the movies! like most people i grew up watching these movies and they get more and more creative each time, i not saying i think that avp 3 is a good idea but i they go threw and make a nother one they need i keep up the quality of the picture and plot because i dont know if its just me but when producers start making a series by the end it looks like a buntch of finger puppets. well……. its better than most of the new ship they just throwing out! If aliens vs Predator 3 comes out i will be stand in line for a ticket on opening day!

  22. Grunt

    (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

    Haven’t seen the shit… but Darren, if you’re right I’m gonna be pissed. Dawson creek crap in a AvP movie? WHAT THE F**K?

    The first one wasn’t so great, but not bad either. Please don’t tell me that they made the second one a f***ing teen movie,,,,please please please

  23. Ryu

    ALIEN VS PREDATOR is very good and The Requiem Is also very good!!! This movie is wonderfull Predator is the strongest and he is determend to kill them or die. He just goes after them a real hunter. I love the technology they use weapons. The action is good exept if they fight with fists then is isn’t much of prefomence but I just love that movie. He goes to earth and find his friends dead in the ship. And therefore it looks like he is taking revange. What i would like to see is some more predators in their homeland. They are the most powerfull race there is. Everything is good of predator the movies the games the stripbooks they are really good. I dreamed of Aliens vs predator ever since i readed the strip books. I hope they make a 3de one.

  24. Ryu

    PS. to bad of the story it is stupid about the boy and the girl nothing romantic about it that was really rediculas, no young people should be in the movie. Rather arnold shwarzenneger or our friend from lethal weapon. But please like they said it looked like Dawson’s Creek wtf was that all about . ACTION ONLY NO ROMANCE otherwise they should make another titanic or something. F..king blond B.tch let her die she really didn’t interested me in that movie. I am pissed off for that . Probebly that’s the reason why alot of people hate it. Action was good but story needs more work more warrior feelings WARRIORS and no ” casanova’s ”. I’ll be waiting for the 3de movie hope it

  25. ryuu

    do these aliens always grow in an hour or could they maybe be given a week or two in future films.Pleeeeesssseeee

  26. ryuu

    oh and it looks like that predator was from the bronx in predator land cause he was hard to the core.But again a hybrid the size of a bunny miraculously grows in a minuite to full size.Please i really wanna believe

  27. n0va

    (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

    Tbh i think the 2nd avp was pretty decent, they had really bits in it, even though its supposed to be ALIEN vs PREDATOR, so if they are to make a third one it should be aliens vs predators with out humans at all, so i’m suggesting aliens are bred on the predator home world and there is a mass infestation and a mass war?

  28. Deano

    Well, wank wank wank wank wankety…… wank wank wanky

    What a load of shit both of these films are. Paul WS Anderson possibly the crappest director ever to breathe is only fit for a blind firing squad, and the brothers strause did an exceptional crap follow up to further ruin the franchise and my dreams that maybe just maybe someone had realised that its actually a peice of piss to make brilliant.
    Why do fox keep pumping money into massive turds?

    Im guessing the third installment will consist of a marine squad lead by Tom Cruise playing the part of Hicks from Aliens, Sigourney Weaver has turned into the alien queen and is laying the new “hobbit” aliens renaming the film Alien Hobbits Vs Predators to end this crap trilogy.

    Simple solutions,
    Alien Planet, Predators hunting on the planet
    Human colony overun by aliens, Marines called in.
    Big war.

    Fuck sake read the AVP books its there in front of your face.

  29. Robert

    (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)

    I agree that the 2nd movie was better then the 1st but with that said they did give all of us a bit more insight into the backgrounds of these Predators. If their is to be a 3rd movie let it happen in space on the Predators home world. Let us all see how this war begain let Batman Begins let us see the beginning of the Predator and Aliens. A presequel to all the movies before now that would be a kick ass movie.

  30. Andrew

    i think the first movie wasnt as good. The second one was a big improvment definitley make a third one in space but make the lighting better and get some decent actors even if u have to pay extra at the end of it will be worth it because the acting and the lighting were the only things wrong with AVP2 make sure the story is good aswell

  31. chris

    can they please do the third from the Predator point of view? Like honestly how about the predators being the main characters…that would be sick
    or at least have it like the Novel Alien Vs. Predator: Prey that was pretty kick ass

  32. don't matter

    i’d like to see a sequel.
    i can’t say i enjoyed both movies alot
    but it was entertaining enough to watch
    hope that they make the sequel it a little more worth watching.
    the release of part 3 won’t kill us,
    lets just wait and see.

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