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The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 15

AudioDescription=Revenge of the Sith trailer, the movie Robots and how much we love Pixar, the fact that we’re really big in Finland, Scary Movie 4, Matthew Vaugh directing the upcoming X-Men3

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 14

AudioDescription=Revenge of the Sith talk, the double standard between the acceptance of Gays on film vs. the acceptance of Lesbians on film. Marlon Brando in the new Superman, Russell Crowe being targeted by Osama Bin-Ladin

The Movie Blog Audio Edition Vol. 13

AudioDescription=2005 Oscars, why on earth Chewbacca doesn’t get better roles, a murderous Clint Eastwood, Conan vs. The Highlander, Star Trek Movies, Halle Berry

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 12

AudioDescription=Wanting $42 million to play James Bond, being called racist if you don’t like Chris Rock, our Oscar Picks. To make up for missing the last couple of weeks this installment is 30 minutes instead of the usuall 20 and the last 5 minutes is a special non-movie rant about the idiot NHL Players Association who have stolen my favorite sport away from me

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 11

AudioDescription=What we think should happen in X-Men 3, what comic book we would most like to see turned into a film, WWE films and a more discussion of Doug’s upcoming Oscar destined film “The Goats of Oden”

The Movie Blog” Audio Edition Vol. 10

AudioDescription=Modern horror movies, the influence of internet pornography on the movie business, the disaster that is Elektra and more. Special sneak peak at Doug Nagy’s new Epic film concept “The Goats of Oden” featuring Bill Cosby

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 9

AudioDescription=Favorite films of 2004, Kevin Spacey confirming as Lex Luthor, Hulk 2, Sam Jackson’s opinion of singers who want to be actors and why a drunk Clint Eastwood should have directed the first Hulk

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 7

AudioDescription=Star Wars pictures, Jenny McCarthy, Napoleon Dynamite, Ong Bak, Jackie Chan, Fantastic Four changes, Why A Series of Unfortunate Events is better than Harry Potter, Ocean’s 12

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 5

AudioDescription=The price of a ticket, price of popcorn, commercials before the show, where the money goes, how the economic structure works with theaters and how this whole mess leads to movie piracy

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol. 4

AudioDescription=Arnold and his future in the movies, The Porno genre of films, Star Wars The Holiday Special, Steve Martin, Fat Albert, Fantastic Four and Bill Cosby switching to madman roles

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Volume 3

AudioDescription=Guest: Lighting Designer & Photographer Jeff Lava, Alexander and the “Was he or wasn’t he gay?” issue, National Treasure, Sponge Bob, Bond and Angelina Jolie, The Box Office, Road House (Yes, the Patrick Swazye movie), Blade Trinity

The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Vol.1

AudioDescription=Casting of the New Superman and the fact that it’s NOT Tom Welling, New Star Wars Movie and Trailer, Incredibles, Transformers