The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Volume 3

And the good times just keep on rolling. We now present to you the third volume of The Audio Edition of The Movie Blog. Joining Doug Nagy and I this week is Nashville Lighting Designer and Photographer Jeff Lava. Jeff has worked in the entertainment industry for years working with such acts as Lil’ Bow Wow, The Rolling Stones, touring with Tim McGraw, shooting album covers, actors and actresses, saving ancient artifacts from the hands of the Nazi’s… yes Jeff has done a lot and we’re pleased to have him with us this week.

Some of the topics we cover are Alexander and the “Was he or wasn’t he gay?” issue. National Treasure, Sponge Bob, Bond and Angelina Jolie, The Box Office, Road House (Yes, the Patrick Swazye movie), Blade Trinity, and much more. As always you can listen to it online, or download it to listen to on your portable media device. Now, without further ado… The Movie Blog: Audio Edition Volume 3. Listen, and your life shall prosper.

  • Bart Wang

    I enjoy the audio editions. What I particularly like is having Nagy on there. Sure, you can talk about movies and all, but his outrageous antics keep me in stitches (as I can hear the same is true for John). Seriously, everyone needs to see Douglas on stage talking about his hobo juicer. Killer material. PEACE!

  • Luke

    Love your movie suggestions - odd little films that don’t get enough viewings.

    I never thought I’d be saying this, but I’d like to see more pretentious intellectualism. Jolie is hot and Blade killing his mother with a bone is awesome, but I’m not sure why you’re frequently discussing the box office when you (apparently) know so little about it works. Your discussions of rumors and upcoming films work much better.

    The Audio Edition is certainly entertaining, and it’s great to actually hear some voices. Keep it up!

  • Peter

    Regarding box office… I don√Ǭ¥t understand why Shrek 2 and Sharktale (at a minor scale) were such ticket bomb sellers!!! Jeffrey Katzemberg has a pact with the demon, that√Ǭ¥s why…

    The Polar Express, at least, must be WAY better than the green ogre and the all talkative donkey, who I find MORE ANNOYING THAN JAR JAR. Not to mention Pixar! But even in THIS case, The Incredibles surpasses Finding Nemo at all levels. In fact, Nemo is probably the weakest Pixar animated film, in my oppinion.

    It is useful to remember that the box office is by no means any standard to measure the quality of a film. This year, lots and lots of pure shit have managed to make more money than the charming if naïve Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

  • SuperStar

    Way too funny. I think Jolie will be ok as a bond girl, but she really isn’t as pretty as you guys make her out to be.

    And oh yeah, give me more Patrick more of the time!

  • Mantiss

    Great idea, doing the whole audio blog thing. Loved the references to Noises Off. Fantastic film and Christopher Reeves was particularly hilarious in his role. I had the good fortune of playing the part Michael Caine had in my Junior year of high school. I based every accent and nuance off of his performance only because I couldn’t conceive of a way to improve on it.