Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin Hosting The Oscars This Year.

Holy shit YES YES YES YES! As any of you who have been around The Movie Blog for a while know, Oscar season is like Christmas to me. Seriously… besides Christmas it’s my favorite time of the year, and each year I am keenly interested in who they select to host the show.

Last year, Hugh Jackman did a great job… and this year I think they may top it.

Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin wil co-host the show.

Steve Martin has been the best host they’ve had on the show the last 10 years, and I think he and Baldwin will work great together.

So yeah, I’m very happy about this choice. I’m sure not everyone is, and that’s cool.

So what do YOU think of Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosting the Oscars this year?

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  • chris

    Both are a great pick… I agree billy Crystal is pure gold as well… Hugh Jackman was good, not cause he was funny, but because he was entertaining.