International Prince of Persia Trailer Online

The International Trailer for Prince of Persia has been released online and I think that if it came out first I might have been more encouraged. The first trailer was a mess.

It’s an improvement, and it really does remind me of the look and feel of the Pirates movies (with obvious reasons) but I am still a little hesitant. Those other parts that made the film look bad are still in the movie, just not this trailer.

I don’t mind that everyone in Persia speaks with a British accent. I can accept that. And I dont even mind Gyllenhaal in the lead even though people are too busy complaining that there are no Persians in the Prince of Persia movie. I am hardly taking this as an accurate depiction of Persian history, so I can deal with that, however they could have cast Naveen Andrews in the lead and I would have been just as happy.

Some deliberate nods to the acrobatics of the game, and some interesting effects to deal with the sands that turn back time.

I haven’t written it off yet.


  • Katherine

    I don’t see why everyone is so hateful of this movie already? You can’t judge a movie from a trailer and I think alot of you have just got it in for movies based on games. Personally I’m excited about this movie because for once it looks professional instead of tacky, like most game-movies. I like how things don’t stick absolutely to the game…if they did it would be a lousy movie…it’s an entirely different medium and it needs to be different. There was plenty of cheesy banter in the games so I see no problem with that…I don’t think the CGI is bad, besides it’s not the FINAL CGI which will appear in the film. If you think it’s bad you’ve just been spoilt by films with “brilliant” CGI. It seems to have an atmosphere about it, like the Pirates films…I think alot of game-movies lack atmosphere. And you can’t comment on the villain when he’s hardly shown in the trailer..sheesh.

  • Jeremy

    This movie looks atrocious,there’s absolutely no reason why I should give this movie a chance, there is nothing here with redeemable attributes. Sorry guys I just don’t care.

  • Kaneda979

    Looks fantastic. Can’t wait.

  • Bamkazaam

    cool, now its not a weak trailer, much better. i have hopes for this movie, im gonna watch it when it comes out.

  • Jeremy K.

    In an interview with Bruckheimer in regard to the test showings:

    “According to film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, the movie is screening great — no, better than great. Greater than great! Says the producer, “What we found when we tested the movie a few weeks ago, and it tested extraordinarily high which surprised me because I always think these things are going to fail but this one turned out great; the women were a surprise because I thought we made a terrific movie for the boys because the girl is beautiful but the women flipped over this film.”

    Continuing, he adds, “I’ve never had a score where the parents, there is violence, too, because it’s PG-13, but the parents rated the film a hundred percent with an excellent or very good which has never happened before. So it’s one of these movies that we know they’ll take their children to go see it which is a huge advantage for a film, that parents can say, ‘Hey, it’s cool. My kid can see it.'””

  • James

    I love how people said GI Joe had terrible CGI and then they see this shit and dont say beep about it.

    This is clearly fucking atrociously poor CGI.

    • Dragonslayer

      I personally think the CG isn’t all that great.

    • Persia Owens

      James, I thought GI Joe’s effects were fantastic. Movies I missed were The Green Hornet, and Battle Los Angeles. Do you know if they were any good?

  • Jeremy K.

    Oddly enough, there were also no Persians in the game. Just a bunch of 3D characters! What’s up with that? I also don’t remember any Persian accented voice actors either. The game also had lots of cheese dialog. Had a blast with the games, especially the most recent. The new art style was amazing, though it can be complained the game play was a bit repetitive… luckily that did not bother me. Sure they could of deviated from the games a bit and brought in some real Persians and used more proper accents… but as a fan of the games, I think this looks great.

    • CSGabriel

      Agreed sir. Don’t quite understand why people are hating on the movie so much. Seeing him slide down the falling wall with a epic backflip, reminded me of playing the game. If the movie can hold onto that sense, I’m all for it. I can’t wait to see this.

      • Jake

        You honestly don’t know why people are apprehensive when it comes to the way this film is apparently turning out? Here are some quotes from the posting of the first trailer:

        “Weak villain, confusing plot, endless CGI, dull setpieces, and cliched banter. Sounds like Disney has another Race to Witch Mountain on its hands.”

        “I have to admit, I’m not blown away by the trailer, but I’m still excited to see this when it releases. I’m a huge fan of the PoP trilogy this movie is based on, and while they’ve retained the look and overall feel of the games, the biggest thing that concerns me is the inclusion of side characters who seem to serve as little more than comic relief. In the games, there is roughly only four or five characters who get speaking roles which keeps the story centered around the main protagonist and his struggle to seal the sands of time once and for all, but here we have the fat comedic tag-along, the strong African bodyguard and Badguy McImadouche. While it’ll probably make more sense in the movie, one of the best parts about the game was the prince’s inner monologues and lack of needless characters.”

        “Dude, it looks awful. The reason the plot for the game was so good was because the concept of the passing of time and it’s manipulation wasn’t just a gimmick; it was a central theme that drove the story’s sequence of events. When you strip all that away, you’ve got nothing but the gimmick.”

        All rational concerns. As for the epic backflip, good choreography does not make a movie, and is completely unrelated to the real things people are worried about.

      • Rodney

        Jake, those are quotes are not mine, nor do I fully agree with them all.

        I am not John.

      • Jake

        Um…okay? With respect, Rodney, I guess I fail to see the relevance. Understand that I’m not saying that you or John agree with any of these quotes; I’m just pointing out that they are more-or-less rational concerns. By the way, these are from the comments section rather than from the actual post. I guess I didn’t make that clear.

      • Ifaz

        @Jake: You’ve quoted about a lot of things just based on one trailer.

        •“Weak villain”-you saw the villain for like 0.5 seconds.
        •“confusing plot”-you want to get the whole plot in a 2 min 30 sec trailer.
        •“endless CGI”-it’s a Prince of Persia movie, what did you guess.
        •“there is roughly only four or five characters who get speaking roles which keeps the story centered”- it’s a movie goddamn it.

      • gypsydreams101

        Complete agree with Ifaz, wtf? Give it a damned chance, guys!

      • Rodney

        I agree with Ifaz, there is a LOT of statements being made without substance.

        You can guage your anticipation with a trailer but you cant pass judgment on the movie as a whole.

  • Apostrophe

    The British accents are also in the game.

    As for the trailer itself, less is more in this case. The other trailer felt like it was telling me, in order, everything that happens. I felt like I was getting a summary of the movie without actually paying to see it. Here’s hoping they decide to scrap the previous trailer in favor of this one.

  • RonSalon

    I don’t know… If that is supposed to be a real accent used by Gyllenhaal, it’s lacking. And what is with the wig he’s sporting? Perhaps they should have used one less CGI shot and hired a more qualified hairdresser. I might watch this on DVD, but this second version of the trailer, like the first, doesn’t make me want to see this movie in the theater.

  • Mykrantz

    Much better than the domestic trailer…

    • Jake

      I know. I’m less scared to see it, now.