Donald Glover in Spider-man Homecoming?

So reports has come out that Donald Glover will appear in the newest Spider-man film. No reports has come out describing his role. Which left us fans playing the guessing game. Who is he going to be? How big is his role? Do you think he’s a Villain? Do you think he was cast as Miles Morales? Personally I don’t care, I like Donald as an actor, writer, and or rapper. He’s talented and that’s all you really can ask for when someone involved in a franchise you enjoy. However, since we are playing the guessing game it is only right I join in the fun too. My hypothesis…..He’s playing a teacher in Peter Parker School. I can see Glover playing a quirky science teacher that Peter looks up to or have a connection with. My second hypothesis is he’s a science at Oscorp who has a heart of gold, but works for a bad company. My third hypothesis and the most unlikely out the three. Donald Glover is the school Bus driver. I can see him being a pothead hippie who drives the kids to and from school. Giving the children useless tips on life. Any one of these I would be perfectly fine with. However, it’s important to note I probably be okay with any choice they choose. Why? Because Marvel is running Spider-man now. Not Sony, Fox, or God forbid Warner Brothers, but Marvel. We are in capable hands believe me. Who do you think Donald Glover playing? Is it a preexisting character or a brand new one? Let me know down in the comment section.

P.S #Donaldforspiderman


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