I just learned that Japanese film premieres are, like, really weird.


Scrolling through my RSS feeds I came across this article on Cinemablend where they wrote something I don’t often see discussed on most film blogs: The Japanese film premiere. I never gave it any thought in the past as I assumed that they probably weren’t all that different from American film premieres attended by dozens to hundreds of high pitched screaming ment and women, photographers, and writers. Boy was I wrong. One of the stars of Jurassic World, Nick Robinson, offered his first hand experience of a foreigner experiencing first hand culture shock:

…here [in the USA] you go to the movie premiere and people are screaming. There [in japan] it is dead silence..[but] everyone just waves at you. It’s crazy. It’s unlike anything I have experienced in my… life.

If you need a visual to go with the undoubted overworked imagination right now check out this clip they offered of Angelina Jolie at her premiere for Maleficent:

Now while I wasn’t able to find a premiere for Jurassic World in Japan either, I did find one that was sent to me for their Paris premiere and I uploaded it for everyone here:

for contrasts sake, here’s the Jurassic World US premiere:

Mind. Blown.



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