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Scarlett Looking a little more like Black Widow

By Rodney - March 28, 2009 - 17:41 America/Montreal

A couple weeks ago when we talked about Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in Iron Man 2, I mentioned that I had no doubts in her ability to act or maybe pull off the accent, but I just couldn’t picture it. She just didn’t “look” like Black Widow to me.

Well Screen Rant has an image that might set your mind at ease.

But at least as far as visually, things are looking up - When she recently showed up in London at Moet and Chandon: A Tribute to Cinema party, Scarlett was looking considerably more like the Russian spy that we’ve come to know.

Well my mind is at ease, but my heart rate isn’t.

Scarlett looks absolutely smoldering hot in that dark red hair and striking makeup. This is more like I would imagine Black Widow to look like.

At least now I am less worried about Scarlett in the role. I am confident at least that she can pull off the look.


  1. War-Journalist says:

    Let’s hope so. She seems a bit young to play the super spy. She’s never played a character like Widow before.

  2. HAZMAT says:

    Well at least shell look half as pretty as Gwyneth Paltrow

    Ironman, War Machine, Black Widow, Dynamo, Justin Hammer and maybe Blacklash…Sounds really good.
    But Justin Hammer is really lame…ugh….I dont know what theyre thinking about…Maybe theyll make him not look lame
    I say they bring in the death squad..only way ill aprove of Justin Hammer in an IronMan movie

    Hey Rodney how was the Anniversary?

  3. Matt K says:

    im not familiar w/ the character of black widow, but she looks like she would be great as her

  4. TigerClaw says:

    I just hope she can do a good Russian accent

  5. Jake says:

    Hey…not bad.

    “You-know-who” is going to have a fit. All that anti-ScarJo propaganda and whatnot.

    • Jake says:

      In fact, I normally don’t consider Johansson to be the kind of actress that would look cool, but this just might work.

  6. Anti-Septic says:

    Personally, I thought the casting choice is retarded. I am not one of those Scarjo people, I just don’t understand why they couldn’t cast a real Russian actress to play the part? I don’t wanna hear that bullshit about star power crap.

    Look, with Downey as Iron Man this movie has all the star power it needs. This movie didn’t need a name for Black Widow, it just needed someone who has an authentic Russian accent, looks good physically, and has a domineering personality.

    I guess either way I could care less. I will buy a ticket for Iron Man 2 on Robert Downey Jr’s name alone. Scarlett is just an afterthought.

    • Rodney says:

      Scarlett is a wonderful actress, and has played a wide variety of characters. I am sure that she will be able to pull off a Russian accent, looks good physically, and has a domineering personality.

      My only concern was her look (half of Widow’s presence) and after seeing this look of her I am convinced. Anyone can be taught an accent.

    • Anti-Septic says:

      [Scarlett is a wonderful actress]

      Ok, if you say so. I have seen her in several movies and I have never been so impressed with her myself. Like I said, this movie already has star power, casting a unknown Russian actress would have made more sense and saved those cheap asses at Marvel some green, that is all they care about anyhow. If the unknown Russian actress had played the part well, she would have been a household name by the end of premiere week.

    • Rodney says:

      If only big budget films were made by altruistic studios just hoping to give someone a chance to make their dreams come true and catapult a nobody to a household name.

      There is a LOT of talent out there that will never be seen because studios know there is no such thing as “enough star power”.

      If they can add a name to a poster and figure it will give them any sort of return, they will use a recognized actor instead.

      Doesn’t mean its right, but you can count on it every time.

    • EZELL says:

      I agree this looks like dumb choice. A waste of money for the production of the films budget to pay for her when they could introduce some young blood anyway. I want to see more rise of woman actress she is already there we need new blood.

  7. leeloo says:

    my obligatory olga post.

    • Rodney says:

      Which still makes no sense. She’s not as pretty as you pretend, and she can’t act.

      I’d pick Blunt over Scarlett, but this isn’t a bad move considering Blunt is off the table.

    • Matt K says:

      dont know why people want olga for everything these days sure shes hot, but cant she act, hell no

    • ken says:

      good post leeloo,olga will always remain the #1 actress who should’ve been black widow.although i’ve gotta say scarlett has grown on me.olgas mesmerizing green eyes will always shine bright as black widows,hopefully bright enough for a future black widow movie.

    • Slushie Man says:

      I’m sorry. I’d rather take someone that can actually act.

  8. probitionate says:




    The character ‘Black Widow’ didn’t ring any bells until recently. THEN I remembered her: at the time…early-mid 70s…she was a BABE. Frankly, it was a little jarring, looking at this woman on the page and realizing ‘She’s as much a turn-on as Playboy’s Miss May!’

    So the idea of ScarJo as this sultry woman is…well…

    Ugh. (Rinse and repeat.)

    Emily Blunt was PERFECT for the part. I will continue to grieve appropriately.

    Frankly, I wish Miss Johansson would go away. Permanently.

  9. Dragonslayer says:

    Screw Emily Blunt, Scarlett is so hot.

  10. probitionate says:

    ScarJo is a little girl, she’ll always be a little girl…and unless you’re a little boy, holds no allure, no fascination, no nothing. (However, she and Joaquin Phoenix and her should hook up musically. LOL)

    • Rodney says:

      Scarlett is 25, and far from “a little girl”

    • Marco says:

      You tell em probitionate. Totally overrated in terms of acting ability and attractiveness. Kinda ugly.

    • Rodney says:

      And you hope to generate credibility by naming an accomplished actress, and established Hollywood beauty “over rated and kinda ugly”.

      Good luck with that.

      You might not be a fan, but you are not scoring points with those assessments.

  11. probitionate says:

    “Scarlett is 25, and far from “a little girl”

    Your opinion. Age has nothing to do with it. To these eyes, she’s like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. Gormless. And has an acting range that has ‘pouting’ at both ends. Very much a ‘little girl’. Hardly someone who -again, to me- is convincing as an adult actress…and I’ve seen just about everything she’s been in.

    Anyway, this is about subjectivity. I’m not about to tell anyone, you included, Rodney, what they should like or not like. I’m merely saying that for me, ScarJo as Black Widow is the stuff of panto or SNL skits. Hilarious.

    • chris....the real one says:

      damn man calm down…u posted 3 comments about how much u dislike scarlett, what did she shot ur dog or something. do u think she is a bad actress or just bad for the part

    • chris....the real one says:

      shoot ur dog

    • Slushie Man says:

      “Scarlett is 25, and far from “a little girl”

      Your opinion”

      No, that’s FACT. Deal with it.

  12. John says:

    i like scarlett, but i’m doubtful about the chemistry between her and RDJ. i can’t imagine them two hooking up.

    • Rodney says:

      Well good, because they are not scripted as love interests.

      Widow attempted to seduce Stark to get close to his military secrets (she is a russian spy) but she was eventually romantically involved with Hawkeye of the Avengers .

  13. ken says:

    Black widows green eyes reflect olga to me. But i’ve recently seen a great deal of scarlett johansens characters in movies and she’s a greater actor than I gave credit for.(vcbarcelona,the perfect score,an the other boyelyn girl are all pretty good movies.i think scarlett will do great as the black widow.accent or not i believe she is coming into character nicely,looking at the comparisons displayed on the picture.go scarlett.

  14. Iknewthiswouldhappen says:

    she’s hot and you’re not.

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