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  1. @ SHANE…Spot On!!! That’s what I see in Will Smith in every signficant project that he is engaged to. I can’t see through the character more than a goofy persona that Will Smith is known for. Sometimes I wish they had another actor instead of Will Smith.

    One exception though is “I am Lengend”, in which he was good but towards the third act lost its footing. The only other movie that I liked him in was Enemy of the State.

    Nothing personal but other than that I see him just another sterotypical loudmouth, yo bro, watcha doin’, one of them bros.

  2. @Phil Gee

    Exactly. Charlize does not utter a damn word in the trailer. I know Big Willie is the draw here, but if you’ve read the advance reviews, the stuff that they are talking about in there is hinted at in this trailer. If you didn’t read them, you wouldn’t catch it, but there’s lines and shots here and there that made me a little nervous. I was hoping that those reviews were a fluke or that there was enough time to tweak the supposed story problems(one of which is an alleged total lack of chemistry between Smith and Theron), but it turns out that the stuff they complained about is remaining in the movie. But hey, like John says, film is subjective. Maybe we’ll watch it and love it. We shall see…

  3. I like Will Smith as a person a lot, I just don’t have any interest in his movies. Except for this one. And I, Robot.

  4. I have always liked Will Smith as well even though he have been in a couple of bad movies like many others before him. This trailer looks really cool and I’m looking forward to see this movie. I hope they will explain where he comes from and how he can have those superpowers.

    @Shane: Well, I kinda agree but Jake gave you an example and I’ll give you another: Will Smith in “The Legend of Bagger Vance”! I don’t like golf but I like that movie!!

  5. I’m loving the visuals of it but i think i can see the real movie in the trailer that they’re trying to hide, the one people are having issues with like Kristina says.

    Notice how Charlize Theron is in the trailer for a millisecond.

  6. Yeah, none of Will Smith’s films have ever really interested me. I wasn’t that impressed by Independence Day and everything else after that was just like, “oohh…it’s Will Smith…naww!”

    Actually, I DID want to see I, Robot but I still haven’t gotten around to it, so maybe that tells you something.

  7. @Jano no there’s not just pictures from the trailer…

    @shane yes i have to admit that most of the characters smith played were very similar but what about pursuit of happiness?? that character was way deeper than the others dont you think so? and i think he played him very good very emotional

    greets from germany

  8. To those who have a decent internet connection:
    Is there anything else after the black screen that says:
    “This black screen is to help Youtube process HD audio and video”?

  9. thats what I read as well kristina…..one of his “motivations” is a bit on the shifty side apparently….

    i trust peter berg though…loved very bad things…..fucking love friday night lights both the movie and the show…only vaguely liked the kingdom but he is a director I like and he isn’t afraid to push peoples buttons.

    I hate the entire test screening process anyway……

  10. Hancock looks weak sauce to me, but still it will be a hit because Will Smith is in it. The public loves Will Smith, and they will buy a ticket to anything he is in.

  11. The test screenings have been BRUTAL. Don’t want to spoil, but people are having major issues with some crucial plot points in this movie. From the way these people make it sound, this could end up being a big disappointment of the summer if it drops like crazy in the second week.

  12. You know what I don’t like about Will Smith movies? It’s like taking a really interesting concept, and then placing Will Smith smack dab in the middle of it. This looks like a really cool idea for a movie, except instead of just exploring the idea of an irresponsible superhero, we have to explore Will Smith as an irresponsible superhero. The man seems incapable of playing anyone who seems vastly different from the same character he is in all his films. The same mannerisms, the same attitude… and it’s wearing thin on me now.

  13. I enjoy Will Smith movies so I have faith this one will be good. I like the idea and Jason Bateman has definitely shown his comedic standing in past movies. So I do have hopes for this movie.

  14. apparently they did some test screenings and it hasn’t been getting very good feedback but I am with you john. The more I see the more I like it

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