The Macho Movie Review: Two Gladiators

My friend Wintle bought me a 50 pack of Sword And Sandal films before I left for Hollywood. He then bought a pack for himself, and we began discussion about going through the series together. Soon after we decided to share our journey with all of you; and thus the Macho Movie Review was born.

Over the next 50 weeks, we plan to have a short podcast for you discussing the Macho Movie of the week. We will be going through the Warriors Movie Pack made available through Mill Creek Entertainment. You can find the set for about 20-30 USD. We encourage all interested to buy the pack, and/or download the films that are public domain.

The Rating System: To go with the theme we will be rating the films out of 9. The hydra has 9 heads, so we will be giving each film a rating out of that number - and will post a picture. For those of you that wish to skip the podcast and are not that keen on buying the set - keep an eye on the hydra. If you you see a film with 7-9 Hydra heads - you may want to track that particular film down.

Today Wintle and I discuss the fifth film in the series: Two Gladiators

When Emporer Marcus Aurelius dies, his cruel son Commodus, a gladiator-prince rises to power and rules the land through treachery and fear. His days are spent feasting on wine, women and song while his subjects are forced to fight for beefy street rats. A Roman Senator, who years before had hidden the twin brother of the Emperor (after being told to kill him) now sets out to find him, with hopes that he can challenge Commodus for the throne.

Ladies and Gentlemen; it is my great pleasure to present our review of Two Gladiators:

To Listen To The Podcast Click Here

Wintle deems this film to be worth 6 Hydra Heads out of 9.

Nagy deems this film to be worth 5 Hydra Heads out of 9.


  • 1. BrDanzig replies at 4th March 2008, 5:34 pm :

    You know after all the reviews I have read I just might have to get this set. The Last Viking movie damn near sold me. I passed by it as Best Buy and almost bought it. I think I will have to do that now.

  • 2. dougnagy replies at 4th March 2008, 5:37 pm :

    JOIN US!

  • 3. Wintle replies at 4th March 2008, 6:57 pm :

    Join us, BrDanzig, and taste the blood of the goat!

  • 4. Pokimac replies at 4th March 2008, 7:10 pm :

    Two Wintle enter, One Wintle leave. Brother on brother spilling of blood for the Gods. I just ordered my set from along with the Adventure 10 movie pack.

  • 5. dougnagy replies at 4th March 2008, 7:19 pm :

    Wintles of the world unite in arms!

  • 6. BrDanzig replies at 4th March 2008, 8:00 pm :

    Arrrgh. How can I resist the call of the inner heathen? Seriously though why does Hollywood usually avoid movies like this and when they do make them, they botch them completely. 13th Warrior, Pathfinder? They should know that people like us need epics full of debauchery. I think they should make a viking movie where all the women are naked covered only by the blood of the victims of the plunder interspersed with 300 style bloodletting with the soundtrack courtesy of Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, and Gorgoroth. I am glad I found a site where a writer shares my tastes in movies and music.

  • 7. Wintle replies at 4th March 2008, 8:12 pm :

    Beware, Pokimac! Six of the movies in the Adventure 10-Pack also appear in the Warriors 50-Pack. Of those four, three of them are Tarzan movies.

    I would pay double the price of admission to watch your Viking movie, BrDanzig.

    I am glad to see that a few brave souls are purchasing the 50-Pack. Our dream of a macho film club is one step closer to fruition!

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