Forgotten Hottie: Jason Cerbone

Jason-CerboneOh where oh where has Mr. Jason Cerbone gone? A lot of you may not know who this actor is, but if you’re a hard-core Sopranos fan like myself, you know him as “Jackie Jr.” As soon as I saw this actor on ‘The Sopranos,’ I was instantly hooked on the show from then on in, and let me tell you, season 2 and 3 was much repeated on my DVD player.

Even though I was upset his character got “whacked,” I knew that he was on his way to bigger and better things, considering he had a few projects lined up and was mentioned in one of People’s notorious “sexiest men alive” issues.

Unfortunately his role in the underrated and ensemble cast film, ‘Shade’ as Sly Stallone’s younger self was put directly to DVD and forgotten about. He also gave a good yet hardly seen performance in the film, ‘Deepwater.’

Since then, Jason has only been appearing in guest star roles in popular television shows like Law and Order:Criminal Intent, Third Watch, and CSI. (All shows I watch, yet episodes I missed! Damn it!)

Jason Cerbone is an actor who I would love to see more of on the big screen, instead of seeing him in bit parts on the small screen. (There’s only so many time I can watch Season 3 of Sopranos!)

Do you think this actor deserves recognition? Comment away!

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