Netflix Cancels Will Smith movie Bright 2

Bright 2

Will Smith stars in one of Netflix’s first big-budget original films Bright, which was released back in2017. There were plans for a sequel for the film which would reteam Will Smith and Joel Kinnaman in another film. We’re learning from that Netflix is canceling the sequel in light of the Will Smith controversy.

The last update that was made about a sequel to Bright came last summer when a report reveal the script was being fine-tuned and that Netflix expected Will Smith and Joel Edgerton to return. Even director David Ayer was attached to return for a time but dropped out as development continued to stall.

The fallout from Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock at The Academy Awards continues to be felt with a new report from Bloomberg revealing more projects featuring the actor that have been delayed and cancelled. According to the outlet a new nature series from National Geographic hosted by Smith has been delayed until later in the year, but the article’s author Lucas Shaw took to Twitter to also add that “Netflix has also abandoned plans to make a sequel to Bright.” In his tweet he clarified that the cancellation of a Bright 2 was “unrelated to the incident,” something that has also been said about other Smith projects in recent days.

This is disappointing but not surprising that Netflix is deciding to cancel Bright 2. There are a lot of conversations online about Will Smith and studios distancing themselves from him. It’s odd to me that Hollywood is doing this, especially to a name like Will Smith. I don’t think the general public has given the impression that they won’t support Will but it seems like Hollywood is making up its mind.

This is especially interesting in light of other actors like Ezra Miller who is also making headlines but is getting a different result.

ANYWAY, that’s all I have for this one.

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