Must Watch Films On Netflix This Fall

With the dark and cold nights coming, and the summer fully behind us now, it’s starting to get to that time of the year where all we want to do is curl up in bed, light the candles, get a cup of hot chocolate and watch a good quality film. Today we have done our research to find the best films for you to watch this fall on Netflix.

One of our favourites that we have watch recently has been that of Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. This extraordinary film is based on a true story and tell the tale of a hostage exchange during the height of the Cold War. Starring Tom Hanks, it sees him play a US government official to attempt to swap with Russian operative client who is being held by the Soviet Union. This film broadcasts the story beautiful with dark yet dismissive scenes and a magnificent cold-war thriller which shows all aspects of the Cold War brutality.

The film that has taken Netflix by storm this year has certainly been the Social Network which tells the tale of the introduction of Mark Zuckerberg masterpiece Facebook to the world which unexpectantly becomes the most visited site on the planet and broadcasts the unstoppable rise of the social media powerhouse. This film is very playful yet witty and if you are a digital age fan like us then it is a must watch.

Looking for something with a casino twist on it? Why not check out 21 which is a glamourous American heist-film that certainly gave the critics something to talk about. The true story is about a band of incredibly intelligent math genius’ who study at MIT coming together to attempt to beat Las Vegas’ large casino world by card-counting in blackjack. The exciting plot twists and forever drama really make this the glossy casino tale that you desire, why not have a go on an online casino yourself here at CNOG.

And now for an all-time classic from our childhoods is that of Space Jam – the greatest of all-time basketball super star Michael Jordan stars in a mash up with the Looney Tunes cast list. The best thing about this film is that it is a film for everyone from children who love the Looney Tunes aspects and also for the sports fans in us to watch our childhood hero put on his charismatic style to ensure we are entertained throughout.

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