What Movies Would Make a Good Slot Game?

Movie-themed slot games have been popular ever since the first such game appeared. Once providers noticed that this type of slot game enjoys high praise in the gaming community, they started developing more slot games based on popular movies and even TV series.

That’s why these slot games have their category that includes titles such as Superman, Game of Thrones, The Godfather, and many more. However, if you’re both a movie and a slot fan, you must have noticed that so many great movie interpretations haven’t yet got a designated slot game.

With this in mind, we will talk about several movies that could look good if used as a theme for a slot game.

Harry Potter

By scrolling through numerous slot machines on PrimeSlots and seeing different magic-inspired slot games, one simply can’t help but notice that the greatest wizard of all time is missing.

If you think that this fictional character is only known to children and has no reason to be put on the slot reels, feel free to test the theory and ask any adult about Harry Potter. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who not only know but also adore the boy with a scar on his forehead.

The combination of Harry Potter and a slot machine would be great mainly because there are so many items that could be used as symbols. Apart from classic magic-related items like wands and brooms, the Golden Snitch can be a high-paying symbol.

Of course, there are so many characters that would make the game hilarious if used as symbols — just imagine Professor McGonagall bringing you a nice hefty jackpot, and you’ll start counting days until someone releases a Harry Potter slot.

Legally Blonde

According to some research, slot games seem to be more popular among female players, while males prefer table games and betting. Now, don’t get this wrong — both men and women are free to choose whatever venue and game they like.

No one will say anything if you decide to play any kind of online slot on the ICE36 UK, or even any land-based establishment. However, slot providers don’t target female players that much, at least not when it comes to movie-themed slots.

That’s why the next recommendation for a movie-themed slot is Legally Blonde. Dressed in pink from head to toe, a beautiful blonde, Elle Woods, decides to go to Harward to get back the love of her life.

Designing this slot would be a piece of cake, as it should only include different shades of pink all over the place. Speaking of symbols, Elle’s dog named Bruiser Woods, a chihuahua in designer clothes, definitely deserves to be the most prominent one.

Inside Out

Our last proposal for a movie-themed slot is Inside Out, an animated movie that perfectly represents how our emotions work, as well as how people deal with each one of them.

Here, the symbol options are clear straight away — we’ve got the representations of joy, fear, sadness, disgust, and anger, as well as Riley, a girl playing the leading role. Considering how colorful the movie is, there’s no doubt it would look amazing in the form of a slot game.

Finally, thanks to the evolution of mobile apps described in this text, we’re now able to do everything on our smartphones, and playing slot games is one of those activities. Still, very often, doing so is a tiresome process as finding the best movie-themed slot takes a lot of time.

Therefore, apart from designing games, software providers could also develop apps that will help you find the slot you like quickly, so you don’t lose interest in the process. Hopefully, we’ll see all three movies mentioned in this text online soon.

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