Movie Geeks Love Playing Online Slots

From the standpoint of profit, there are only a few industries that can compare with film-making. Even though it’s often a very expensive and complex process, movie production eventually pays off. It also draws a lot of attention. People like to see and hear a good story, and they often fall in love with famous movie characters. They wear shirts with their favorite actors’ faces printed on them. Many imitate their behavior and adopt their opinions.

Perhaps one of the best examples of the enormous influence the movie industry has is the movie-themed online slots. That’s where we can see that some successful movies irreversibly changed other, seemingly unrelated industries. The number of movie-based online slots is constantly growing, and people gladly play them. Consequently, the popularity of online casinos is experiencing steady growth.

In some cases, people who play movie-based online slots don’t even care about other casino games. They play slots because they remind them of their beloved movie heroes. However, what are the most wanted online slot games among movie geeks? And, what makes them so much better than regular slots? Check out kasyna bez depozytu and Let’s take a look!

Game of Thrones

GOT stands for one of the most-watched series ever. Its audience is measured in hundreds of millions, and its fans live in every time zone. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that the series-based online slot game was also very successful. Ever since it first appeared in 2014, it continued to attract players of all ages and sexes. This masterpiece was created by Microgaming, probably the most prominent software development company.


There aren’t so many movies that managed to attract such a big and diverse audience. It would be rather difficult to find a movie fan who doesn’t like Gladiator. This is one of those beloved classics everyone loves. What’s even better, the slot game based on the movie is equally popular among gamers. Or, should we call them movie geeks? It seems that, in this case, they’re the same people.

The game saw the light of day back in 2008. Initially, the software developers at Playtech didn’t have high expectations, but it turned out they were too modest. The game was quickly recognized as one of the best on the market, and its popularity went through the roof. Today, it is available on every major gambling platform. For example, you can try online slots on Mega Casino, together with many other great titles.

Holmes & the Stolen Stones

The story of the talented detective who can solve even the most complex crimes is known by pretty much everyone. This online slot game is based on the adventures of the resourceful Sherlock Holmes. It’s all about dangerous villains, small clues, and big profits. Created by Yggdrasil in 2015, Holmes & the Stolen Stones is one of the most wanted games in Great Britain.

Beauty and the Beast

Demon looking Beast

Equally popular among younger and older generations, the tale of a girl that falls in love with a monster stands for the most romantic story ever told. Millions across the globe saw both Disney’s cartoon and the famous movie remake with Emma Watson. The online slot created by Asylum Labs in 2018 carries some of that amazing atmosphere from the movie.

Planet Emoji

The online slot based on the Emoji Movie quickly became one of the most wanted games in online casinos. It was created by NetEnt in 2017, and it’s still widely popular. Some claim that it reminds them of the famous Fruit Shop slot, a title adored by bettors around the world. It’s full of well-combined, bright colors, has awesome background music, and tends to be very profitable. What more can a player ask for?

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