The Best Streaming Services as of 2019

The days of buying expensive DVDs or having to tune in to watch your favorite shows and films are close to being a thing of the past. Nowadays, booting up a streaming service is the easiest way to access your favorite on demand movies or shows. With a plethora of different platforms and subscriptions to choose from, finding the right service for you can be tricky. To this end, we’ve scoured the internet and dug a little deeper to help you find which platform best suits your needs.


In you’re looking for a reliable service to stream Network TV but don’t fancy investing in a HD antenna or a cable subscription then Hulu is a good choice across the board. The service provides you with access to most of the major network shows (except CBS) and a select few cable shows the day after they’ve aired. In terms of cost, Hulu is also one of the most inexpensive platforms to subscribe to. at $5.99 a month. The only real downside to using Hulu is that even with a paid subscription, you have no choice but to sit through commercials. However, they are far fewer than you’d have to endure if you watched the same shows on cable TV.


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Amazon Prime Instant Video

In terms of shopping, Amazon Prime is an absolute no-brainer at $119 a year, and this gives you access to Amazon Prime Instant Video. Amazon have a deal with Viacom, which controls MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. This gives the service a wider range of children’s programming and comedy than it’s competitors. In addition to this, Amazon users have access to the extensive back catalog of HBO classics such as The Wire and The Sopranos. At $12.99, if you decide to pay by the month, Amazon Prime Video isn’t overly expensive but be warned that watching current movies is an a la carte service and will cost you extra.

And What About Premium Packages?

Premium and VIP services are common throughout many different industries, from ancestry and employment-oriented services to banks and online casino. With regards to the latter, Club Royale from Mr Green gives the user access to a number of bespoke promotions and one to one concierge service, for example. In this same vein, many streaming services now offer VIP packages in order to give their premium customers access to exclusive features. Premium services from platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix are generally worth the money - the difference in the Netflix basic plan and premium plan is a mere $7. However, Hulu’s premium package (Hulu + Live TV) costs an eye watering $44.99, and for the removal of ads and a few extra channels, you’re probably better off parting with 6 dollars for the basic package.


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Final Thoughts

The best streaming services will always vary considerably in price. Of course, it depends largely on whether you’re looking for - if you’d like something extra in addition to your regular programming then services such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video. The more expensive premium packages out there such as Playstation Vue or Hulu + Live TV are generally for those who want cable replacement services. As far as we can tell, Netflix is still the best value for money streaming option around.

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