Movie Stars Synonymous With Casinos

Celebrities are no different to us casual casino fanatics, and they love spending their free time by playing some poker or roulette. That isn’t much of a surprise considering the ever-growing popularity of online casinos. The sector is becoming crowded with new casinos being brought to market every year. Celebrities may prefer to use online casinos to stay out of the limelight. Players can find the best casinos by using websites such as

However, while some of the stars that play casino games have been able to keep their time spent at the roulette table a secret; some are not so fortunate, and the world knows about their love for playing games at the casino.

Tobey Maguire

Spiderman himself is a keen gambler and he is often seen at high-stakes poker matches. On one of these occasions, he was reportedly tricked by a fraudster called Bradley Ruderman. The player attempted to settle his debts with Maguire by using the $311,000 that he had stolen from other victims. Maguire is also referred to in the poker-related book ‘Molly’s Game’ which the true story of a woman who works at high stakes poker games.

Ben Affleck

Continuing with the superhero theme, we get to the most recent actor to portray Batman. Affleck has admitted to learning how to count cards to win games of blackjack after becoming intrigued by the game at a young age. It was reported that Affleck was that good at the game that he was actually banned from various casinos in Las Vegas since he was winning too much money. Ultimately, this rumour was dismissed by both the actor and multiple casinos. Although he has admitted that he loves the buzz that comes with playing blackjack, he has stated that he has no intention of playing any other games as his heart only lies in that specific game.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The star of multiple blockbuster hits including Titanic, The Wolf of Wall Street and Gangs of New York is also no stranger to the casino. The 44-year-old is one of the most famous faces on the planet, but his love of gambling has never been a secret. He is often pictured at high-stakes poker tournaments alongside his good friend Maguire. For many years, DiCaprio kept his love for gambling under wraps and tried to keep it a secret from the press. However, once the secret was out, he was less concerned with keeping it away from public knowledge.

Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch star may have become more synonymous with spending her career on the beach, but it is in the casino where her heart really lies. She is a massive fan of poker, and it was rumoured that her marriage to Rick Salomon was the result of a lost poker bet against him. This wasn’t enough to deter her from placing bets in the casino, and she is often seen at establishments in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

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