NEW Atomic Blonde Trailer 2 W/ Reaction (WATCH)

This surprisingly enough is the first trailer for Atomic Blonde i’ve seen, as this had been one that just slipped through the cracks. . .

Since this was the case, I actually was beyond pleasantly surprised, as Atomic Blonde looks like a better plotted and upgraded choreographed version of John Wick.

Let’s coin it as. . .

John Wick with an actual plot and highly upgraded action. Highly upgraded action is saying a lot since John Wick is made legendary for it’s one of a kind action and hand to hand combat; but since this movie has the same director, I am not surprised at all (even though I still definitely am).

See it all for yourself below, as you get ready for some amazing action choreography in the Atomic Blonde Trailer 2. . .

Did you react as surprised as I did to the new trailer? Make sure to check out my Atomic Blonde Trailer 2 Reaction video below as I was as stunned as you were . . .

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See Atomic Blonde in theaters July 28th, 
and stay tuned for more movie fun!!!!
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