Starz is Releasing Some Intriguing Films

I’ve heard rumblings about Nick Jonas having a movie coming out. It was announced on March 10 that Starz has acquired distribution deal for that Jonas movie I’ve been hearing about called Careful What You Wish For. It stars Jonas and Isabel Lucas of Transformers fame. The trailer looks pretty lusty. Jonas reminds me a lot of Taylor Lautner, mainly on his look and potentially on his acting. Lucas always has reminded me of her fellow Aussie Teresa Palmer. Either way, this looks like a fun thriller. The concept has been done many times, a guy gets involved with a rich and powerful guys hot young wife. Sexy thriller with good looking people that involves an affair is never a bad movie premise. Even though the film was shot over a year ago, Starz Digital will be releasing it in theaters and VOD this June, followed by a later release on Starz.

Speaking of Starz they have been acquiring and setting up releases of some intriguing films. Recent releases Starz digital releases have included Boulevard, which was one of Robin Williams’ final film roles. Another one I enjoyed was the dark and suspenseful murder mystery Every Secret Thing with Elizabeth Banks, Diane Lane, and Dakota Fanning. Tumbledown which releases on Blu-ray/DVD on April 5 is a really fun movie I enjoyed starring Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis, more on it here.

Two films I’m curious about are One More Time, The Family Fang, and My Blind Brother. One More Time stars Christopher Walken and Amber Heard. Heard plays a pinkish haired rock star that’s forced to move back home and live with her former star musician father (Christopher Walken). Seems like a father-daughter tale of a former and aspiring musician. I’m usually not crazy about movies chronicling of failing artists, as it leads down the same path to inner discovery and career revival, but this one has some a promising cast and at least one character (Walken) with a big personality One More Time comes out in theaters and On Demand April 8.

I’m super excited for The Family Fang. As a huge Jason Bateman fan, I’m more than curious to see how he will fare in his second outing as director. I loved his debut movie Bad Words. Bateman stars in the film with Nicole Kidman, a nice pairing. The film is based on a Bestselling New York Times novel by Kevin Wilson. The wait won’t be long as the film releases in theaters nationwide and On Demand on May 6.

My Blind Brother is a romantic comedy that made some noise recently at SXSW Film Festival. It stars Jenny Slate, Nick Kroll, and Adam Scott. Good lineup of comedians. The release date for the theatrical and VOD release hasn’t been announced yet by Starz, but it’s arriving sometime in 2016.

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