NETFLIX & EDUCATE is a whole MOOD! And TMB is here for it!

Check out these informational films/TV series below.

Quarantine is not yet over and more people than ever have jumped into perfecting their skills, feeding their minds, and sharpening all the tools in the toolbox! Which films have taught you about life hacks, culture, and the environment?

Southern Survival | Official Trailer | Netflix

Disclosure| Official Trailer| Netflix

Okay, so maybe this next trailer is more of an honorable mention. Who says you can’t learn about space from Steve Carell?

Space Force | Official Trailer | Netflix

The definition of information is news or knowledge received or given. I cant begin to tell you the about the amount of times I have learned something from an accredited film. Information can be thought of as the resolution of uncertainty; it is that which answers the question of “what an entity is.” The above films will at the very least enlighten you on “what is”, ie., what people are doing in the world and how you can get involved. Let me know what you learned, fact checked, or unlearned through theses films in the comments below.

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