Title: 10 Memorable Movie Quotes




A great movie can be defined by many things: a phenomenal performance, a moving story, an impactful twist, or, these days, visual effects that stand above the rest. But sometimes the legacy of a movie can be boiled down to something much simpler: a single quote. It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then a great movie produces a line of dialogue that comes to represent the film as a whole. Sometimes, it even gains a greater place in pop culture and history. With that in mind, here’s a look at 10 of the most memorable movie quotes in cinema.


Don Corleone (The Godfather)


“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

The Godfather is one of the best films of all time in most people’s estimations, and this is the signature quote from not only the first film, but the entire trilogy. It’s also repeated and imitated so often that it’s become a sort of recognized phrase in society, rather than just a movie quote.


Maximus (Gladiator)

“Are you not entertained?”

Russell Crowe won an oscar for his portrayal of the rebellious general-turned-gladiator Maximus in the historical epic Gladiator, and this was his most memorable line. “Are you not entertained” hasn’t been imitated or immortalized to the extent of the Don Corleone quote or some others on this list, but it did manage to sum up the attitude of most every reluctant hero in historical fiction: are you not entertained? Is this not what you wanted me to do?


Maverick & Goose (Top Gun)


“I feel the need - the need for speed!”

Here’s another iconic quote that’s still all over the place years and years after the film. Perhaps most notably, the quote seems to have inspired the “Need for Speed” gaming franchise, which incidentally just had a film adaptation this past spring. There’s actually no definite link between the games and the Top Gun quote, but… who doesn’t know the Top Gun quote?


Lloyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumber)


“So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance.”

This is a line that was brought up a lot in anticipation of the Dumb and Dumber sequel (that unfortunately earned pretty terrible reviews). But it’s also one that’s repeated in sports, pop culture, and every-day life with incredible frequency. If you Googled this phrase once a day, you’d probably get fresh results. For example, just last month Fox Sports used the quote to describe, of all things, the playoff chances for the Cleveland Browns. That’s staying power.


Andy Dufresne (The Shawshank Redemption)


“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

This one doesn’t require a whole lot of explanation. The Shawshank Redemption is a mainstay on “best films of all time” lists, and this quote from Andy Dufresne is rough and poetic at the same time. It’s also oddly motivational.


Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)


“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

This has to be one of the most famous movie quotes of all time, partially because it’s so applicable to everyday situations and life lessons. And yes, the quote still pops up all over the place, 20 years after the film. It’s even used as a tagline for an Intercasino Forrest Gump-based slot machine game, for which it’s oddly appropriate. After all, when spinning the wheel, you never know what you’re gonna get!


The Joker (The Dark Knight)


“Why so serious?”

Heath Ledger won a posthumous Oscar for his outstanding and twisted turn as Batman’s arch-nemesis in The Dark Knight, and this was the quote that defined the role. It has become a very popularly quoted line, and though The Dark Knight is only a few years old, it’s easy to imagine this one sticking around for decades.


Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)


“To infinity… and beyond!”

Can you think of a more iconic or recognizable line from a single other animated film?


Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights)


“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

We’re cheating on this one, because this quote is actually from the Friday Night Lights television show, rather than the movie. But it only seemed right to have a sports movie quote, and there is a version of it spoken by Billy Bob Thornton in the film version of Friday Night Lights. Either way, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” became a sort of team motto for five seasons of television. It speaks loudly to the tradition of team building and unity that any former athlete can relate to.


Han Solo (Star Wars)


“May the Force be with you.”

The quote is actually first spoken by a supporting character named General Dodonna, but we’ll go ahead and give it to Han Solo, who says it later. More importantly, this quote has its own Wikipedia page! That about says it all.