Zack Snyder reveals the Batmobile…and Ben Affleck as BATMAN


Director Zack Snyder promised us the reveal of the Batmobile today and he made good on his promise and then some. Not only do we see the Batmobile above but we also get to see Ben Affleck in the Batman suit! The Batmobile has a more sleek and slender look compared to the Nolan universe, more closely resembling the vehicles in films prior. I also admit that I do like the suit on Affleck, you can definitely see Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns inspiration from the bulkier look and shorter ears.



Despite the rage from fans regarding casting, I think these pictures look rather promising for Batman. There is still a long road ahead but at least these images give the hope of the right path being taken. These images just give us a tease of what is to come and hopefully we will see more positive things like this.

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