TMB Remembers Paul Walker RIP

RIP 1973 - 2013
RIP 1973 - 2013


As many of you know, Paul Walker was involved in a car accident this weekend and was later pronounced dead. Many friends, fans, and acquaintances all had many kind words to say about the actor as well as many reminiscent references to his work. We at The Movie Blog would like to share our sympathy for his friends and family, as well as highlight some iconic roles he had in many well-known films.


Paul Walker may have never had Oscar recognition nor had he been in a film that received a lot of prestigious recognition. What Paul Walker did have, was a charisma that got him roles in some of the most generational and pivotal films of our time. He changed the way we viewed high school football, started a surge in street racing interests, and made every guy jealous when he had his hands all over some of the hottest actresses in Hollywood.


Lance Harbor in Varsity Blues
Redefined H.S. Football in Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues changed the way we viewed high school football by reviving its coolness for our generation. Walker played Lance Harbor, the stereotypical Quarterback heart-throb that high school kids worshiped as a God. While the film lacked critical acclaim, it received recognition on many “Top Football Film” lists and will remain a fan favorite.


Redefined street racing in The Fast & the Furious
Redefined street racing in The Fast & the Furious

The Fast & The Furious was more than a film, it was a film that spawned a franchise and influenced many people’s interests in street racing. Many films have sequels and a select few are a part of a trilogy, but rarely do we find a film so influential that it has a plethora of sequels and prequels surrounding it. With so many Fast & Furious films, it’s easy to say that the public can’t get enough of the franchise.


That lucky S.O.B.
That lucky S.O.B.

While Into the Blue may not be an amazing film, it amazingly has some of the best eye candy to be seen. Consistent tropical backgrounds along with Jessica Alba in a skimpy bikini, this is a film I own just for the visuals. I listed this film just to give Paul Walker a hats off salute for having his hands all over my #1 Hollywood crush. This film may have not been box office glory but I have to say if I got paid to be in paradise for a few months with my hands all over Jessica Alba, I’d call that film my greatest success.


Paul Walker you have been a memorable presence in Hollywood and influenced many with your films. You will definitely be missed.

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