Guest Post: How Much Do We Actually Love Superhero Films?


You can’t move for superheroes at the moment. Whether they’re super-humans or just super-rich, all screens big and small are currently overrun with caped crusaders seeking to save planet Earth from annihilation.


It would be really easy to get sick of superheroes now, but it seems we can’t get enough! According to a survey conducted by Ladbrokes Games, we’re a nation of superhero-lovers with a passion for all things wearing spandex and wielding gadgets.


Best movie of all time?

With the recent release of Iron Man 3, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Tony Stark was currently taking over the minds and hearts of superhero fans across the country, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The movie has received fairly mixed reviews by the critics, which seems to reflect the audience’s opinions too.




Unsurprisingly, when asked what the greatest superhero film ever was, the overwhelming response was The Dark Knight, followed by The Dark Knight Rises. Avengers Assemble came pretty close to claiming the prize as it was voted as the best by women, but audiences in general can’t get enough of Batman showing off his darker side.



Christopher Nolan’s trilogy is so adored, in fact, that an overwhelming amount of you guys said that you didn’t want to see another actor take on the role, or another director tackle the franchise. However, if you were forced to choose another leading bat, you’d go for Ryan Gosling.



In terms of worst superhero films, no one will be shocked to hear that most of those surveyed considered Catwoman, staring Halle Berry, to be one of the worst films Hollywood has thrown at us. Completely destroying the awesome nature of Catwoman and trying to turn her story into an action-meets-chick-flick combo just didn’t work, and 22% of you guys agreed.









If superheroes were real…


It’s a pub argument which will never be over; which superhero would you date in real life? Well, Ladbrokes wanted to get involved in the discussion, and found out that 30% of men would love to wine and dine Catwoman over any other supergirl, despite the rubbish film. Another 25% chose Wonder Woman, the buxom beauty with a love of all things American.


Women also thought long and hard about the super-guys they’d like to get to know a little better, and the top three answers were pretty close. Iron Man came in on top with 20% of the vote, though 19% opted for the side burned mutant Wolverine, and 18% think they could cheer up Batman on a date.


Likewise, which gadgets would be totally cool to own came into question, with some interesting results. Spiderman’s webshooters, the kind seen in recent film The Amazing Spiderman, were chosen as the best gadget by 38% of those surveyed (after all, they’d make the morning commute go a little faster at least).


This was a competition Batman didn’t win for once, with only 5% of people opting for the Batarang… Never mind Bruce, you can’t win them all!



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