New Photo of Tom Cruise from Oblivion

OBLIVION exclusively in IMAX® April 12, in theaters everywhere April 19


I just found this new photo of Tom Cruise from his upcoming film Oblivion and decided to share. I often see potential “news” pieces like casting announcements, or sometimes an unimportant new image to a film that I skip over as to not waster your time or mine. That said, the reason I’m sharing this is because I wanna say some things about Tom Cruise and that’s namely: I don’t think he’s crazy, and he’s been on an upward trajectory for the last 15 months or so.


Most people wrote off Tom Cruise after the couch incident. I did too. Now that I’m older and look back on the crazy life of Tom Cruise I see that the guy isn’t all that crazy but rather the world he lives in is not like yours or mine. I had a conversation with my new friend about Tom and she and I agree that he’s making a strong effort to be involved with projects he’s passionate about and is also trying to seem more sane. That’s not to say we expect to see him living it up gambling his fortunes away at but rather he’s making an effort to attract a specific audience to his films as a means of regaining public acceptance. We talked about how when someone is passionate about a project then it’s typically noticeable in their responses to general questions about the film, and with Jack Reacher it was noticeable that he’s not passionate as he didn’t bother to show up to the premiere and only did limited press for the film. Compare that with a Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained who not only was heavy in the press for his film, but very enthused to answer questions about the role.


Tom Cruise is getting involved in projects that seem relevant to PoP culture and for all intents and purposes, its working! After a succeful return of the Mission Impossible franchise he got involved in Rock of Ages which appeals to a specific audience, then Jack Reacher which has its own fanbase, and this next film is Oblivion which looks like it wants to attract anyone who saw Prometheus. It’s a smart idea and I’m not upset because now we’re getting a lot of cool films with a great actor portraying all of these roles that would otherwise be filled with others who may or may not have the same level of talent of Cruise.


I’m looking forward to this Oblivion movie thanks to Cruise and it actually ranks higher than some other Sci-Fi’s coming out this year like Will and Jaden’s After Earth. This movie with Cruise just looks more interesting and I genuinely can’t wait to see another Tom Cruise film. WTF.


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