X-men First Class sequel follows ‘Days of Future Past’ storyline

Days of Future Past


Comic book geeks rejoice! Bryan Singer, Producer of “X-Men: First Class,” has confirmed that the storyline for the sequel will be based on the very popular “Days of Future Past” saga from the original comics. The “Days of Future Past” storyline involves the 1980s X-Men team so I am curious as to what elements they will incorporate into a film that contains such a small sample of that original team.


In a video sitdown with IGN, Singer says that the movie — currently being written, and set to start shooting “in a few months” — will be called Days of Future Past, which is also the title of one of the most memorable X-Men story arcs ever.

Via: Entertainment Weekly


I have a feeling that the storyline will be very loosely based on its original because Singer is known for putting his personal stamp on comic book adapted films. “Days of Future Past” was an awesome story arc that had a slight “Terminator” feel to it as it surrounds mutants being hunted by machines in the future. One of the most interesting parts of the storyline was Wolverine being one of the few survivors due to his healing factor and its suppression of his aging. If they are doing flashbacks it could be an easy way to incorporate new characters into the story without much of an origin explanation, so hopefully there will be some more of the key characters and they won’t corrupt the original storyline.


If they do stick to the original storyline there is a possibility of linking the other X-Men films to the First Class films by incorporating the same actors/actresses to reprise their roles. I think this will be highly unlikely due to scheduling and costs, but it would be awesome to see Hugh Jackman as an aged Wolverine. Another possibility is that we could finally see the Sentinels in action rather than some Danger Room facsimile as seen from “X-Men: The Last Stand.” If the story is properly incorporated and Singer/Vaughn do it justice, this could be one of the best X-Men movies made. Let’s hope for the best!

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